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Open Source
Zaza (Black & Beige)
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Zaza (Black & Beige)
Zaza (Black & Beige)
$285 USD
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Minis | Zaza [Black & Beige]
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Named for and designed by San Franciscan Samantha Zaza for John's Open Source Footwear Program (OMG! If you don't know about this click on Fluevog's Open Source). Built upon the Fluevog classic Mini heel, this spats inspired wide strap with three cutesy buttons attached by elastic is sure to fit all shapes of feet. Samantha's design made John stand up and take notice, and he declared her design an OSF "Chosen" design. We hope you are as excited as John is. (To find out more about Samantha and her shoe the Zaza.) Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

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From the fit experts:

Jessamy from our Boston store says:
The fit of the Zaza is on the long side. The strap is not adjustable, so the fit might be loose if you have a low instep or a very narrow foot. Many go down half a size in this style.

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Posted by Lisa from Wheaton:
Now this is one slick shoe! I own it in the black & cream...and adore the style. These shoes can take the most dull clothes & make you look like you've got class :-D My first time out in them, I worked in a friend's gallery for about 8 hours. They did make the balls of my feet hurt, but I haven't given up on them yet...
Posted by Lisa Moore from san diego:
Happy Birthday to me!!!!

I've been part of the Fluevog family since 1988 or 89. It is my tradition to buy myself a pair for my birthday every year. One year my husband bought them and he said "these shoes or a bike?" of course I said "the shoes!!!" ha-ha-ha. I lived in Seattle for 12 years and one time I left the store with 4 pair. Awesome sale! I shop in Vancouver & L.A. too. Love you John. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Stephanie from Philadelphia:
First Pair

This was my first purchase of Fluevogs. I have never been able to wear heels without falling. I slipped into these beautiful shoes and said wow :-O ! I'm a 8 1/2, I went down 1/2 to a size 8 and they fit like a glove. My expectations were far exceeded and I am so happy I took others' comments to heart or I might not have purchased these! I never buy anything without trying it on or feeling the fabric, I am glad I took a chance. Can't wait to buy another pair, Thank you!! :-D
Posted by Jesseca from Humboldt, CA:
Totally in LOVE!

Thanks to my boyfriend who enables my Fluevog addiction, I bought these in green/brown and they are my 3rd pair of Fluevogs! I love them! Not only are they just as comfortable as all my other Fluevogs, but they are so fun and funky! I wore them out for the first time to a Farmer's Market and within 45 minutes, 6 complete strangers had come up and told me how much they liked my shoes! I also ran into a few friends who knew I'd been looking forward to them and they were all impressed as well!
Posted by alexandra moore from Schenectady:
Second Vogs

I bought these in the NYC shop after lots of hemming and hawing. It took me a while but man, they are so cute. I love them. @>-
Posted by Maureen from Ny, NY:
Cool Looking AND Comfortable!

I usually wear a 7 1/2 wide width and these fit wonderfully in size 8. They fit like a glove and the rubber sole makes you completely forget you're wearing heels. I have such a hard time finding shoes that fit well AND look cute, I am officially hooked! Fluevogs, my new obsession! @>-
Posted by Margo Shea from Montréal, Québec:
Looking for advice

I absolutely love my purple and orange Zazas, and want to wear then every second of every day. I've never owned such amazing shoes. However, after a month of fairly frequent wear, they are still rubbing the skin raw where the outside lip hits, right about where the spat begins. Is this a quirk of my foot, or did anyone else have this probem, and if so, are there any solutions?
Posted by Tiva from Louisville, KY:

I got to go to Chicago for work and I knew I had to hit the Fluevog store while I was there. I've been wanting a pair for a while now but was worried about ordering them. So, this was perfect in my mind, work and shoes! I went with the thought of getting one fun pair and one more sedate pair. I did, and these are my fun pair. They fit perfectly and the only color in my size, purple and orange. How could I say no??? Very comfy, very stable even with a 3 inch heel. Fit true to size, no need to go up a half size even with the heel height and my wider feet. I'm in love! @>-
Posted by Julia from Texas:
Soooo Cute!

I recently received the Zazas in black and beige and I adore them. The spat style reminds me of something out of a Fitzgerald novel and they are as great at a garden party with a flowing dress or flirty skirt as they are with a more conservative suit and button down shirt. My basic wardrobe comprises jeans and mini-skirts with t-shirts and cardigans in black or grey, plus a few dresses and a little white or pink thrown in for variety. Very boring, I know, but my Zazas have the power to transform the most basic pieces of clothing into an "outfit" worthy of attention and jealous stares. This is my second pair of Minis and the wonderful Leah at the Seattle store helped me pick the right size. I wear a US 7.5-8 or a European 38. I have a pair of Qtees in size US 7.5 and they fit like a dream. She suggested that I go down half a size in the Zazas and the US 7 is perfect. The strap across the top of the foot is not as tight as I would like, but I suppose if were tighter it would be harder to slip the shoes on. I did notice a little bit of slip in the right heel when I walked so I purchased a heel cushion at the drug store and problem solved. Our first outing together was a day long shopping expedition and they were fantastic. I gave ordering information to three sales assistants in a very snooty department store - the kind that sells $2,700 shoes by designers much less interesting than John Fluevog. I've worked retail and have spent all day on my feet in my Minis and I cannot overemphasize how comfortable they are even with a 3" heel. Of course they are not your favourite sneakers - they're MUCH sexier than that - but the way the insole and platform heel are designed keeps your foot in a more natural position than other high heels. The athletic-style rubber sole provides excellent cushioning and traction while the wider base makes them very stable for walking or even running if you have to. I love these shoes and can hardly wait for my next pair - Gorgeous!
Posted by Kristine:
LOVE these shoes

I found this store in NY while walking around on a long weekend trip. I almost walked by but had to turn around and try on some shoes. I am so happy I did. I wear a very large size and this store has shoes that are so comfy and cute in my size. I could wear these shoes all day long without any problem and every time i wear them people tell me how cute they are. I will tell you any shoe here is worth the money.... your feet, back and inner fashionista will thank you.

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