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Open Source
Elif (Vert Olive, Gris & Violet)
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Elif (Vert Olive, Gris & Violet)
Elif (Vert Olive, Gris & Violet)
Elif (Vert Olive, Gris & Violet)
Elif (Vert Olive, Gris & Violet)
$299 USD
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Minis | Elif [Vert Olive, Gris & Violet]
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C'est dans le cadre du programme Chaussure Source Libre de John que Elif, originaire de Vancouver, a conçu cette chaussure. (Quoi? Vous ne connaissez pas ce programme, mais cliquez sur la source libre Fluevog). Dotée du classique Fluevog qu'est le talon Mini, cette chaussure inspirée du style Charles IX, a une large courroie de cuir aniline tanné au végétal qui saura bien s'ajuster à toutes les formes de pieds. Le concept de Elif a attiré l'attention de John qui a décidé d'en faire un design « choisi » du programme CSL. Go on, fall in love. We dare you! (Allez-y devenez amoureux. On vous met au défi!)

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From the fit experts:

The Gang from our New York store says:
The Mini Elifs are a fantastic heel that fits like a dream. Some people do go half of a size down in these darlings.

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Posted by Secure Fluevogger from Innisfail:
Favorite Fluevogs!

Okay maybe second fav's, could also be a tie which is saying alot since I have alot of shoes. So why these, partly because when I got them my dedicated spouse couldn't get them in size 6.5 - he was buying them as a congratulatory gift and when he couldn't get them online, he called every store listed on the website until someone somewhere said she could check her computer for other stores stock. :-} Thank heavens for great staff at Fluevog. Anyway, hubby went off to work with narry a word and I got these stunners in the mail, oh happy day. They never fail to get commented upon & even the president of my workplace stopped me in the hall to say - hey where'd you get those shoes? Women comment often, but you know you've got killer footwear when the men are prompted to actually look at your feet instead of - oh never mind. They are comfy like slippers, I can run in them if needed without fear, stairs are done at the same pace as in a pair of runners. Awesome home run shoes!
Posted by Lisa from Brunei:
More Perfect Minis

Minis... I love them all. This is my 4th member of the Mini family and is the best fit I've had yet... I have always found the 6 a fraction small and the 6.5 too big, but these in a 6 are sheer perfection. The ankle strap keeps the foot firmly back in the shoe, as well as curving sexily around the foot, and the green/gray/purple colour scheme is simply fabulous. Probably now the most comfortable shoes I own and they look amazing too!
Posted by Alicia from Phoenix:
Mini Elif - Olive, Gray, Purple

OK - so I love the Mini's! The first time I wore these shoes I was traipsing through the Seattle airport and a table of 4 women tracked me (stalked...truer to what they did) down to ask about these shoes. They're comfortable, great for those on your feet, need good shoes days. Again - the Seattle folks rock in their ability to help with sizes!
Posted by Stacey from Houston ,TX:
Best. Shoes. Evar.

I vacillated for months on whether or not to get these shoes. I'm a SAHM, I don't do super-awesome stuff anymore so I wondered if it would be worth it. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? I haven't worn high heels since before my son was born 5 years ago, but I wore these all day without any problems! Why didn't I know about Vogs back when I had to wear suits and still schlep servers all over a giant hospital campus? Bottom line: you will NOT be disappointed with these shoes. BUY THEM NOW!
Posted by Dany from Canada:
DO NOT get these shoes if you do not like compliments and stares!! I didn't get them last year and my size sold out, so I was beyond happy when it was restocked. I go the green/grey/purple ones in a size 7 like other minis I have. I still have to use gel inserts as my feet are very narrow. Love the curvy strap across the foot and the colour is gorgeous. I'd love another colour combo, maybe the black and white ones. Awesome shoes and awesome service from the Vancouver store.
Posted by Petra from Calgary:
At last

I was originally trying to track these lovelies down for my wedding and you guys tried so hard to find me a pair in the olive, purple and grey but serendipity stepped in and I got a different set of your fab shoes. However the day I was picking up my wedding shoes, these were back in begging to be tried on. Thank god for layaway. I am so happy to be sporting them and will wear them as my honey moon shoe!
Posted by Kim from St.Gallen, Switzerland:
More than I asked for

First of all a big thanks to Paul at the NY/Mulberry Store. He's the best - and I hope to meet him sometime when in NYC! So...my (olive, grey, purple) Mini Elif's arrived within a week and I thought I'd give them a go tonight while out in town. They turned out to be a huge hit - friends were amazed and the compliments poured in! These are fantastic shoes! They fit to regular size - are a fantastic color combination, not to mention - extremely comfortable and I'm sooo glad I got them. Thank you Fluevog!! Thank you Paul !
Posted by Joanne R. from South San Francisco:

I was one lucky gal when I won these on International Fluevog Day. These shoes are pure perfection - something that definitely applies to the Mini family. I have the black/cream ones. While I usually wear a size 9, I typically go with a size 8.5 in the Minis. The color is classic and goes with pretty much anything. Also, be prepared to turn heads in this shoe. @>-
Posted by Shannon from san francisco ca:
what to do

I bought these beauties in green...got home and after 3 hours of wear the inner sole slid and peeled away from the back of the heel so i exchanged them without an issue and the next pair did the same thing....was a bit disappointed this happened twice. I own 10 pairs and this is a first time ive had trouble...they fit great so i dont understand. a little bit bummed out (:`(
Posted by Audrey-Jane from California:
Need smaller sizes!

I love these shoes but even a 6 is too big for me. I was in the LA store recently and tried them on and they are fabulous. All of the Mini styles are too big for me and I am so sad! I have 10 pairs of Fluevogs, all Operettas except one Wearever and I wear them constantly. I want a pair of Minis badly so please John, could you make a few pairs in a size 5 1/2? Please?

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