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Open Source
Elif (Noir & ivoire)
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Elif (Noir & ivoire)
Elif (Noir & ivoire)
Elif (Noir & ivoire)
Elif (Noir & ivoire)
$299 USD
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Minis | Elif [Noir & ivoire]
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C'est dans le cadre du programme Chaussure Source Libre de John que Elif, originaire de Vancouver, a conçu cette chaussure. (Quoi? Vous ne connaissez pas ce programme, mais cliquez sur la source libre Fluevog). Dotée du classique Fluevog qu'est le talon Mini, cette chaussure inspirée du style Charles IX, a une large courroie de cuir aniline tanné au végétal qui saura bien s'ajuster à toutes les formes de pieds. Le concept de Elif a attiré l'attention de John qui a décidé d'en faire un design « choisi » du programme CSL. Go on, fall in love. We dare you! (Allez-y devenez amoureux. On vous met au défi!)

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From the fit experts:

The Gang from our New York store says:
The Mini Elifs are a fantastic heel that fits like a dream. Some people do go half of a size down in these darlings.

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Posted by Terra from Oregon:
Attention Grabbers!

Within 10 minutes of wearing the lime green Elifs out in public I had a shocked smiling boss, a stunned co-worker,and 2 complete strangers that LOVED them so much they had to write down the website address to check out all the cool Vogs! I just love these shoes and they were comfortable enough to proudly wear all day long :)
Posted by Julienne from State of Jefferson:
Duck Feet?....Best Fit Ever!

No exaggeration...as if the last was made from my foot. I have toe problems and despaired finding a heel that I could wear for more than 15 minutes. On a whim, I tried these in my usual size 7 and found them to be too floppy and large, sized down to 6.5 and they were perfect...enough wiggle room for my duck feet without having to worry about that extra inch in front that I trip over and that great curved strap..Wow! Works perfectly for my narrow ankle. The sole is cushiony so I can stand/walk pain-free for hours. If you are similarly duck-footed and think you will never find a heel that fits, try these. I will get another pair or 2 of these...I'm not taking a chance that they won't be made for a few years.
Posted by Christina from Columbus Ohio:
More Birthday Shoes

YEAH, love the green color way, my friends call it Christina green, since I own/wear have so much of that color. The shoes fit great, I wear a size 6 but I have wide duck feet, which means I don't have to stretch them out. I've got just a few pair of Vogs, I don't dare count them, then I couldn't justify buying more, but I always find that they are true to size when I buy them. At least for me they are.
Posted by judy from tx:
size 5 please

i received these in a size 6 but they are too big PLEASE bring these in a 5 i bought both colors but have to return so sad
Posted by Julia from Texas:
Beautiful and Flattering

I have these in grey and green and they are, like all my Fluevogs, fabulous. I ordered my regular Mini size (7.5) and they fit well but the inner sole is a smooth leather and my foot slides forward a little bit. Easily remedied with a ball of foot insert. This style is extremely flattering to the foot and ankle. It reminds me of some shoe designs I've seen from the '20s and and I can imagine myself wearing them to a garden party at Gatsby's estate. The curve of the strap is beautifully slimming and they do not look/feel "chunky" at all. I'm a huge fan of the Mini heel and it looks amazing in green and grey, respectively. These were my first forays into different colours (I generally choose basic black) and I can't recommend them highly enough. As with all Fluevogs, I get compliments everywhere I go.
Posted by Julie from Maryland:
Fire Truck Green

I just got mine! I admit I laughed when I got them out of the box, because they are BRILLIANT. The color of the leather is more like fire truck green--a greened yellow--than what I was expecting, and yellower than the heel itself. They are wonderfully comfortable, though, and if you're going to Vog, then VOG, right? :D I love them.
Posted by S. from CT:

If you heard a sustained squeal reverberating throughout the tri-state area tonight, that was me trying on my new gray and purple Elifs. SO. MUCH. AWESOME. Thank you, fabulous people in the NY store! And as a big-footed person, I am extra pleased to report that they do indeed run rather big and wide. I wear a 12, and often a Fluevogian 12 is more like an 11.5 or an 11, but these 12s are definitely solid 12s. They're even a little roomier than the rest of the Mini family. Usually I need to put my new 'Vogs in shoe stretchers for a week or so before breaking them in, but I am going to wear these tomorrow. Awesome, beautiful, comfortable, lovely, amazing. Yay!
Posted by Laura from Atlanta, GA:

My lime green pair just arrived last night and they are FABULOUS!!!! As some have mentioned they do run a smidge big, although I ended up keeping my size (an 11) because I fear my right foot would not be happy with a 1/2 size smaller. A big thank-you to Rebecca in Chicago who helps me with all my Fluevog needs and questions :)
Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
Much as I coveted the green ones, I already have two-tone green Qtees so practicality won out and I bought the grey/purple instead. The style is just adorable, and they do run a teeny bit big but I think that's due to the open side styling. The very helpful Denny at the Haight store measured the 7.5s for me and they fit perfectly. Compared to my other Minis, the Dollface in 7.5 and Qtee and Gorgeous in 8, I'd say if you aren't sure then call the store and ask for measurements. You can't beat Fluevog for extraordinarily helpful employees!
Posted by Kellie from Okotoks:
When I die...

When my six year old daughter saw my new green Elif's she said, "When you die I'm going to bury you with all your Fluevogs. Except these ones. They're mine". They are a little more limey in real-life (which is fab), fit a half size bigger then my other Fluevog's and were comfy right out of the box! I've been waiting for the perfect green shoes for years and I've finally got them...until John comes out with lime green, low-heeled, Fellowships...hint, hint.

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