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Malibran (Wine)
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Malibran (Wine)
Malibran (Wine)
Malibran (Wine)
Malibran (Wine)
$279 USD
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Operettas | Malibran [Wine]
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This legendary 2.5 heeled maryjane was inspired by Maria Malibran, one of the most famous opera singers of the 19th century, who was known for her extraordinary flexibility, range, and power. With soft leathers in Baccarat Patent or matte Dragon, soft rubber soles, and a leather wrapped heel, this shoe could possibly be the most functional and comfortable Fluevog ever. The Malibran will be your everyday, dress-up, dress-down, favourite pair of shoes perfect for anything and everything (which is almost impossible). Your Love Makes Me Sing.

Half sizes available.

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From the fit experts:

Ali from our New York store says:
The Malibran will get you to where you are going with ease and style! This last runs as true as you can get! The toe box can be short on some people with longer toes, so maybe try a half size up if you think you may fit that description.

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Posted by kimmee Sweetgrass from Victoria , BC Canada:
best shoes EVER

I Have been in the angel sole derby for years, but had never branched out. Then I met a little red mailbran and it was love. I have high arches and a wider toe box. Not easy to fit in high fashion heels. These shoes fit a perfect size 10 for me. I put them and walked...really walked around Victoria for hours and have never had a foot, toe, blister issue. The heel height is very comfortable and they go with everything. I would have bought the teal as well, but alas I was too late. I need more.
Posted by Missy from SF:
Most comfortable shoes ever...

I love this family of shoes...it feels like you are walking around on clouds all day and this particular one also makes your feet look tiny. Love, love, love them!
Posted by Natal from Saskatoon:
Going back for more

I have these in black, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I wear them with slacks, I wear them with jeans I wear them with skirts - they truly are super versatile. I am going to go buy the red pair and click my heels together and chant 'there's no place like home' Because I can. ,-)
Posted by Gladys from southern California:
Sexy mary janes

I guess I'm just adding to all the love on the reviews for these shoes. I have them in black, and they are the sexiest and most comfortable mary janes I have ever had the pleasure to wear. They have that extra little edginess that gives me a boost of confidence whenever I need to mingle professionally. I might get them in another color one of these days.
Posted by Alexandra from san francisco:
LOVE these shoes

Very comfortable. Would have sized up half a size to do over again. Strap was tight at first, but is loosening up. You can walk all day in these and your feet will not hurt. Very attractive. I purchased in the blood orange. Very happy. :-)
Posted by michelle tovar from Azusa, California:
Amazingly Awesome Shoes!

I received a pair of these beauties in "Wine" for my birthday. I normally wear a size 5 1/2 or 6 depending on the shoe and the 5 1/2 in this style fit like it was made for my foot! I don't really wear heels because my feet usually start hurting after a few hours, but I literally wore these all night with no problems. I even wear them around the house; they are so unbelievably comfy! Also, I love that the color is darker so it is really versatile with all different colors and patterns of clothing. These are my first pair of new Vogs and I am forever in love!!! Thanks John for being awesome!!! ?:-)
Posted by Landers from Bozeman, MT:

The unveiling of my new wine malibrans was at New Years. Wore them with black and white striped knee socks. Not only could I dance in these all night (I haven't worn heels in over 6 years), I got tons of compliments! Lots of references to the Wizard of Oz (ruby slippers, wicked witch of the west's striped socks). They made my night! Felt invincible, supernatural, ecstatic! And so comfy that I can beckon those feelings back often. These shoes definitely have magical powers. And I love magic.
Posted by Landers from Bozeman, MT:

Is it possible for a pair of shoes to be the rebound replacement for a 6 year relationship? Maybe. :-} I find myself spying at these shoes across my bedroom every moment since they arrived, I imagine them with every amazingly sexy or inventive outfit I can create from my closet, how they'll turn heads, what I'll be feeling (something similar to invincibly sexy), and I also find myself wearing them doing the most mundane task, like folding laundry. When you feel like a rockstar folding laundry wearing such hot heels, you know you've struck gold. Just sayin. Maybe it's the rebound, but I feel really good about this one....
Posted by Jamesinica from Toronto, Ontario:
Best. Shoes. Ever.

These are, seriously, the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I have never been able to wear heels (hip and knee problems, etc.) but these shoes feel so stable (and are so beautiful) that I can wear them all day. They are worth every cent.
Posted by Elisabeth from vancouver:
Men love these adorable shoes

I've had these (in the wine colour) for about a year, and nearly every time I wear them, a guy will come up and say, "great shoes!". They must be just the right combination of sweet and sexy. And since they are also super-comfortable and go with everything, I think the Malibran is just about the perfect shoe.

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