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Malibran (Black)
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Malibran (Black)
Malibran (Black)
Malibran (Black)
Malibran (Black)
$279 USD
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Operettas | Malibran [Black]
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This legendary 2.5 heeled maryjane was inspired by Maria Malibran, one of the most famous opera singers of the 19th century, who was known for her extraordinary flexibility, range, and power. With soft leathers in Baccarat Patent or matte Dragon, soft rubber soles, and a leather wrapped heel, this shoe could possibly be the most functional and comfortable Fluevog ever. The Malibran will be your everyday, dress-up, dress-down, favourite pair of shoes perfect for anything and everything (which is almost impossible). Your Love Makes Me Sing.

Half sizes available.

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From the fit experts:

Ali from our New York store says:
The Malibran will get you to where you are going with ease and style! This last runs as true as you can get! The toe box can be short on some people with longer toes, so maybe try a half size up if you think you may fit that description.

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Posted by Chris from Calgary:
Happy feet!

My feet is always happy in the Operettas, they are the perfect shoes - they are the reason I'm addicted to FLuevogs... I got these in Wine. The colour just 'pops' and it's great with my little black dress! True to size and fits right out from the box. Please make them in more colours!!
Posted by Jennifer:
I have wanted these shoes since 2008

When I got married in 2007, I wanted to be married in a pair of Fluevogs. At the time you still had your wedding line, and I chose the Mini Lily Darlings, well, even after much practice walking in them at home, I managed to walk down the isle in them and pose for pictures, that's it. I've never been a heels girl! When these shoes came out shortly after my wedding, I had wished I had these instead! They would have worked perfectly with the deep red in my colour scheme! Only now I'm SUPER grateful that I didn't have them then ... the marriage lasted 21 months and I sold off the other shoes!! I purchased these for myself as my 14th year anniversary as a graphic designer and they are FABULOUS! I've been wearing them practically every day. I can walk in them, and they are so unbelievably cute. I ordered the red, of course. I would love it if you brought back the olive green, that would be perfect ... my two favourite colours!
Posted by Heather from Edmonton, Alberta:
pretty .... comfortable

Have 2 sets of these and love them in a 1/2 size up (recommended). An all-day-long-at-work set of heels max in comfort and cuteness!
Posted by Dana from Michigan:
Stunning Shoes

These shoes are so perfect that I've decided to wear them as my wedding shoes. They are stunning. I wear size 8 US, so I went with a Fluevog 9. They fit beautifully, are unbelievable comfortable, and go with everything! If you can, buy them. You won't regret it.
Posted by Torres' mom from Eastern Sierra:
Salvaged and shiny new too!

Thanks to Brit and John for great service. I was looking for a replacement for my Sandra mary jane chewed up by my husky. They offered replacement heels my local boot maker was able to fix. He even commented on the quality of the shoes. Almost good as new. I rewarded my frugality with a new pair of black Malibran. I am usually a size 8 and these are just roomy. They accommodate my wide forefoot post 2 pregnancies and bilateral bunion surgeries. I ordered by phone Monday, John sent them out quick, they were on my feet 2 days later. Amazing. My colleague nearly fell over ogling them. Thanks for a fabulous product and personal service.
Posted by Winki from Idaho:
Lovely Lavender!

Love my green ones and was so excited to see the Lilac for Spring! These really are a beautiful soft pastel shade! It delights me to see how Fluevogs shake up my wardrobe! :-)
Posted by Sara from Sweden:
My story of being sent the wrong colour.

So, after eyeing these for a looong time, I eventually had enough money to buy them. I was extremely nervous, since I couldn't try them on before purchasing. (Please start a Fluevog store in Sweden?) They arrived, everything looked good, except.... they sent me the wrong colour?!! I contacted the store that sent them to me, and after two months (god damn the snow here in Sweden) I got my deliciously wine red shoes, and I LOVE them. I actually got complimented on them by a stranger, and that's kinda awesome since it takes a LOT for people in my country to randomly talk to strangers. Might just not buy from Fluevog a second time, not before I get to an IRL store, because I feel like there's too much money at stake...
Posted by Kirsten from Minneapolis:

Gotta say up front: I absolutely love the ladies at the uptown store. Janice, Sheri, Bree and Jamie are the BEST! Fabulous taste, fabulous at matching shoe to personality. When I first walked into the store in December, Janeine actually pulled out the wine Malibrans for me to try. Alas, I lost my heart to the low heel and library sass of the burgundy Promise. :) However, the ruby red Malibrans haunted me. I finally went back, tried the Elif and Kitchy Kitchy Boom Boom in teal (!!) tonight, but the Malibrans came home with me today! Bonus: I was wearing rust colored tights. Holy mackerel, the contrasting lace bits matched my tights! John, I don't know how you do it... But keep on working your magic! @>-
Posted by Melissa from Okanagan Valley, BC:
Absolutely adore!

These were my first pair of non-black Fluevogs as well as my first from the Operetta family years ago. The heel and sole needs repair as does the buckle, but I still rock them as they are so comfortable and never fail to get compliments. With each pair of Fluevogs I fall more and more in love and it's so awesome how there's an instant bonding with fellow 'Vogers! Thanks to a husband who truly gets his woman, I even wore a 40th Anniversary re-issue of the Hi-Choice Vanny in black and white (with the very fitting quote on the sole, "To Love or to hate, the Choice is yours - Choose Love!"). The only challenge is trying to decide my next Fluevog pairs of happiness! Thank you John and the wicked team you have. You never fail to help and inspire! If you're contemplating buying your first pair of Fluevogs - stop hemming and hawing and just get a pair!!
Posted by Leigh Ann from Los Angeles:
I went to the LA Fluevog store today on a mission to buy a pair red Together Hi Benatars but ended up buying a pair of the Malibrans in the wine color instead. The wine color on these is way more red then the picture looks on the website which I liked since I was hoping for a true red colored shoe. As far as size goes I am a 6 1/2-7 in the mini shoes (size 8 in the boots) and have very, very wide feet. The Mini family are what I usually go far since they are so perfect for a wider foot but these fit well though a bit narrower then the minis. So far I have walked two miles in them to break them in and they do pinch a bit at the pinky toes but I am sure they will stretch beautifully as do all my Fluevogs after a week or so.

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