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Bartoli (Rouge Vin)
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Bartoli (Rouge Vin)
Bartoli (Rouge Vin)
$315 USD
Operettas | Bartoli [Rouge Vin]

Imaginez votre bottillon préféré - la Giulia, mais en mieux! Portez vos jeans serrés ou la robe d'automne que vous gardiez sans votre garde-robe, car l'agencement parfait est à votre disposition. D'un cuir verni souple Baccarat, avec une semelle en caoutchouc, et un talon enrobé de cuir de 2.5" (5.5 cm), Bartoli est tellement confortable que vous vous sentirez presque, presque...coupable de manquer l'école si tôt dans la session. Your Love Makes Me Sing (votre amour me fait chanter).

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From the fit experts:

Tanya from our Calgary store says:
The Bartoli fits true, but people with longer toes may want to go up half a size, and the lace-up is great for those of us with a high instep!

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Posted by Hannah from Johnson CIty, TN:
Best Thing I Own!

These are truely an epiphany in shoe form. The red is a juicy colour that strangely makes me want to munch on them. Steel yourself up for compliments! People are drawn to these like flies to a particularly stylish bowl of honey.
Posted by Rebecca from Spokane:

After a weekend of scouring Seattle for "that special pair" of boots - I went to my favorite shoe store in the City - Fleuvog's store. With it being close to Christmas I was a little apprehensive of spending the money on myself, but my boyfriend saw how much I loved them - he purchased them for me! I wore them the remainder of the weekend, they were so cute (I got several compliments) and so incredibly comfortable I wish I had gotten them first thing. These are sure to be a favorite for years to come. I'm already plotting my next purchase. I'm a true fan!
Posted by Megan from Portland, ME:
Third Pair

As you can tell by the heading of this post these are my third pair of Fluevogs. When I first got the package in the mail I flung my shoes (also 'vogs) off and ripped open the packaging all the while saying "oh my god oh my god oh my god..." etc. Let me just say that THESE SHOES ARE AMAZING. I went to rehearsal tonight got bug eyes and stammering from my director because she couldn't believe how awesome my boots are. I got the wine ones and let me tell you they are sexy, chiq, and comfortable like nobody could imagine! (My boyfriend approves too =D) To those at the Boston store who sent me the shoes and Mr. Fluevog himself. You guys rock my world... I can't wait to get even more!
Posted by Kirsten from Toronto:
Bought these today

I went into the Toronto store today wanting to buy a pair of Libby Smith boots, but ended up smitten with these Bartoli boots instead. The heel is a comfortable height and they look adorable on me. They even fit my orthotics, which I hate having to wear, but I might as well give in and do it when I can do it in such great boots!
Posted by Erica from Vancouver:
Beautiful Boots

Sophisticated and sexy. These boots fit true to size and highly recommended to anyone who needs a wider toe-box. This is my third pair from the operetta family, 14th in the collection. The whole line is amazing if you are looking for a comfortable shoe and you need to be on your feet all day. Heels are replaceable.
Posted by Janis Steinberg from Daly City Calif:
Operetta Bartoli

OMG..I received my boots yesterday and have them on today. May I say these have to be the most awesome boots I have ever owned and I have alot of shoes. My co-workers were freaking out today when they saw them. All I can say is thank you Mr. Fluevog for making such an exceptional pair of boots.
Posted by Liz from Vancouver:
Heels I Can Wear

On a lark I tried a wine pair of these on in the Gastown store because I was already buying the wine-coloured Operetta tote and I thought it would be cool to have matching shoes. Once I got them on, I could not believe that wearing heels could be so comfortable and solid. Several years ago I suffered an ankle injury that prevents me from wearing any shoes other than lace-up flats (or so I thought). Lucky for me, the sides of the Bartoli support my ankle sufficiently, the laces hold my foot in place, and the Operetta heel is low enough, wide enough and cushioned enough to make wearing these gorgeous shoes a delight. I love that it feels like these shoes were made for me personally. I am totally smitten with my two purchases. Thanks, John!
Posted by May from Winnipeg:
I just got my Wine coloured Bartoli Boots from Gastown. They are everything I wanted: style, colour, comfort and very unique, of course. I get so many compliments or whispers "Look at her boots" so I stop & tell them all about the wonderful John Fluevog shoes.
Posted by Betty from vancouver, bc:
the only thing that sucks about these boots is that the pair that i own the tongue on the right shoe feels thicker than the one on the left like its been together differently and it presses up against the bone on my foot and rubs it so it hurts. so, i need to slide the tongue all the way to right which makes the boot have this weird indentation and wrecks the leather :-( but at least it doesnt hurt that way. other than that the boots are awesome.
Posted by Louise Ostensen from Vernon,B.C.:
Soooo comfortable

These are so classy.They feel and look great.Can't even tell you are wearing a heel

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