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Bartoli (Wine)
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Bartoli (Wine)
Bartoli (Wine)
$315 USD
Operettas | Bartoli [Wine]
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Imagine your favourite bootie - the Giulia boot, but better! So bring on the tights, skinny jeans, or the dress you've been waiting to wear because the perfect accompaniment is finally here. The soft Baccarat Patent leathers, soft rubber soles, and with a 2.5" (5.5cm) leather wrapped heel; The Bartoli is so comfortable you almost, almost... feel guilty for skipping school so early in the semester. Your Love Makes Me Sing.

Half sizes available.

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From the fit experts:

Tanya from our Calgary store says:
The Bartoli fits true, but people with longer toes may want to go up half a size, and the lace-up is great for those of us with a high instep!

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Posted by Marie:
Amazing boots!

I love these boots! I find it so hard to get shoes to fit me: I have bunions, and all high heels hurt, but these boots don't. The leather has so much stretch to it, I can wear these all day and my feet don't hurt. The red colour is yum yum yummy too. They are really cute with leggings for the fall.
Posted by Cary from Boulder, CO:
I wish you'd make these as knee highs too! I'd buy them!
Posted by Kelly from Seattle, WA:
These started an Operetta trend...

I've loved Fleuvogs for years and have a couple pairs bought secondhand. I hadn't been to the downtown store in years (grad school does a number on one's budget.) But school's over, and these beauties got me back into the swing of things. The wine color brought me in from off the sidewalk! I'm a size 9M, no special issues, and the 9s fit like a glove. I walked away and dreamt about them that night...then went back the next day to get them. The Operettas are all spectacular. Since getting these Bartolis, I've nabbed the Viordots and the Fiorenzas. They're all in constant rotation of wear; they're beautiful, they're comfortable, and they're worth every penny. Now I just need something from this family in pink...John: are you listening? P-)
Posted by Lavender from Vancouver:
Best boots ever!

I've been a Fluevog gal from a long time ago when it was still Fox and Fluevog. Always love the shoes. Each new pair becomes my latest fav and these boots were no exceptions. I was just saying to my sister that I was looking for a pair of granny boots and her reply was that you wouldn't want any old pair. I remembered seeing these in the store last time when I stopped in and had to come back to look. They were perfect! There's something true in your saying that Fluevogs are soles for the soul...you really do feel special wearing them.
Posted by Jen from Boston, MA:
Shades of Awesomeness

I wore these with skinny jeans to mother's day and my Mom loved them...they are so comfortable and my 4th pair of Fluevogs! ,-)
Posted by triflegrl from Phoenix, AZ:

I went to a Christopher Moore book signing at our local indie bookstore last night, and was approached by several women who asked "Are those Fluevogs?" We then proceeded to exchange tales of our Fluevog habits! Thanks for making such a beautiful boot!
Posted by Linda Oborn from Signal Mtn., Tennessee:

My daughter came to visit from NY and the first thing I noticed was her incredible boots. I asked her where she got it and she said "Fluevog" online. I was feeling deflated after that since I had no luck in ordering online. To make the story short, I told her I was going to try to log online and look for "fluevog" one last time and I ended up ordering the Operetta Lace ankle boot. I got the boot yesterday and Lo and behold it was totally out of this world. The color was perfect (red/wine) I ordered a size 7 a half sizes bigger than my normal 6 1/2 and the fit is perfect and soooo comfortable! Even with the 2 1/2 heel, I don't noticed it at all, it is like walking on air and since I have a high arch, I can tell that the boot and I are going to be real buddies. I am so very happy to have found you, you just got a customer for life. The added bag is wonderful, it makes packing it much easier. Thank you so much, Mr. Fluevog! You make a lot of feet happy and thank you again for sharing your special gift with us.
Posted by triflegrl from Phoenix, Az:

My hotly-anticipated Bartolis arrived today. I made an extra trip by the office to pick them up after class, as I had them shipped to work. OMG! They are even more beautiful than on the website, and amazingly comfortable right out of the box. I ordered them 1/2 size larger than I usually wear, due to wide feet and a high instep. They fit beautifully. They look awesome with jeans, and I can't wait to wear them with a long dress on Saturday night! Another winner from Fluevog!
Posted by The Jenny from Sacramento, CA - USA:
Oh wow!

Such awesomeness contained in a red bootie. Such comfort. Such incomparable style. Usually wear a size 7, got these in a size 7.5 and they fit to perfection. Look out world! :-D
Posted by Hapto from Boston:

These boots are beyond. beyond stylish, beyond classic, the sexiest color of red I've ever seen, and dare say, hugely comfortable. I'm 230 pounds, and its rare to find a heels that looks stellar and supports me well, and comfortably. The heel feels grounded - and sturdy, and is just... dynomite.

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