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Giulia (Wine)
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Giulia (Wine)
Giulia (Wine)
Giulia (Wine)
Giulia (Wine)
$315 USD
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Operettas | Giulia [Wine]
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Already a Fluevog classic, this 2.5" heeled bootie with soft Baccarat Patent leathers, soft rubber soles, and a leather wrapped heel has won the hearts of millions of Fluevogers around the world. With a wide toe box, cute buttons, and a comfortable sole, this functional bootie promises to be the love of your life. Your Love Makes Me Sing.

Half sizes available.

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From the fit experts:

Alice from our Los Angeles store says:
A perfect fit for a perfect shoe!

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Posted by Marieka from New York:
A Wish Came True

Looking on the website, among all the other shoes I was dreaming of, these hit me and I wanted to like them so bad, but I was turned of by the quality not looking so good,(which shocked me for John Fluevog shoes). I said, "Humph. I *wish* the material quality was better. Otherwise these would be mine!". So, I went on and put several others on my mental list of my next Flogs. Well, I finally went to the store today to try the numerous other designs I had picked out, and...um...well....it was this pair that I ended up leaving with. Although the material is not the best for Fluevog, it is much better than the picture shows. I am so ecstatic about these shoes. Wearing them this evening the familiar happy buoyancy that comes with all my other Fluevogs was most definitely there, just in shiny deep red! So glad the actual shoe is better than the picture. Thanks as always John and the NY team!
Posted by Anna from Calgary, Alberta Canada:
Most comfortable boots ever!!

I love these boots!! I bought them in a 6.5 and I usually wear a 7 in boots. They are so comfortable. I'm waiting for fall to come so I can wear them. They are so cute and the heel love the height and how sturdy it is. I swear I'm only going to buy vogs from now on :-)
Posted by Dayna from New Zealand (under downunder):
Hopelessly Devoted ...

Just bought my first pair of vogs these are comfortable, funky and so very unique. I have only owned them for an hour and a half and they have already been complimented in the grocery store...I don't want to take them off, might wear them to bed tonight... ,-)
Posted by Natasha from Qualicum Beach, B.C:

as a server hunting for fabulous black kicks that are comfy for work is a hard chase alas I found these and was given them as a gift and have since gone back and purchased (after saving $) other amazing vog boots so worth their while .. buzzing about in these waiting tables is a cake walk! not to mention all the complements received go john! Thanking you
Posted by Audrey-Jane from Connecticut:
The Best Shoes. Period.

This is my third pair of Guilias (black velvet) and my ninth (!) pair of Operettas. This from a person who never, ever wore heels because a) they hurt my feet and b) I always felt like I was going to topple over. Since Fluevogs came into my life thanks to my friend Deirdre, herself a serious Fluevog addict, I now wear heels all the time. One day my yellow Malibrans, the next my red Bartolis, the next my gray Guilias and on and on. I basically never wear anything else. People tell me all the time "cute shoes!" and I just smile and say thank you (and to myself thank you, John). I even had a woman follow me outside a building to ask me where I got my fabulous shoes. Every time I look at my feet I am so happy that these wonderful shoes exist and I am so blessed to own them. Simply the best footwear ever.
Posted by Julie:
I purchased these shoes in the fall of 2010 for work. These are my first pair of Fluevogs, and I have not been disappointed. I have a very low tolerance for foot discomfort, and thus, am usually found in flats. I can happily say that although I think comparing them to bedroom slippers with heels is a bit of a stretch, they are remarkable comfy for a shoe with a heel. I can wear them all day long without an issue, and I've never had so many compliments on my footwear. Based on my experience with these lovely shoes, I don't expect this pair to be my last pair of Fluevogs
Posted by Elisabeth from Seattle:
Even better than they should be

I bought the velvet ones, almost on a whim, when they went on sale. The very first time I wore them--to one of the biggest formal events in my community, where they went beautifully with my neo-Victorian brocade and velvet ensemble--I spent five hours straight on my feet, and then had to walk two miles on top of it. I won't claim my feet didn't hurt, but the wonder of it was that the boots kept me going even when they did, because they were so comfortable and good to my (slightly wide and usually cranky) feet. I really can't ask for anything more from a pair of shoes. And now I'm an Operetta convert, on top of all the other families I already love, so this will almost certainly not be my last pair in this line.
Posted by Lisarae from New Mexico:
Oh My Yes!

I looked at these gorgeous little black velvet boots for quite a while - content to merely ogle as I had just bought the Inges (also lovely but a different chapter to write later). Then miracle of the winter the little darlings went on sale and I no longer had an excuse. Thanks to the Chicago store for getting them to me lickety-split. Comfy, eye-catching and way too much fun. Dress 'em down with jeans (or dress the jeans up?) or pair them with a party dress. Too cute. Second pair of Vogs - this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship... Mwha! @>-
Posted by Emilie from Montreal:

After many adventures with the good people of Canada Post, I finaly received my red Giulias. I was so excited, I had a hard time unwrapping the box but finally, here they were in all of their magnificence, like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. They are a perfect fit for my size 12 (and large) feet and the larger toebox makes them sooo comfortable! Also, big plus, I haven't worn them thirty minutes yet and already received a dozen compliments on them! Thank you, Fluevog, for making my feet happy!!! @>-
Posted by Betty from US:

Like slippers with heels! I have these in velvet but I plan to get them in 1 or 2 other colors. These are my favorite, most comfortable of the several pair I own.

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