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Giulia (Rouge Vin)
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Giulia (Rouge Vin)
Giulia (Rouge Vin)
Giulia (Rouge Vin)
Giulia (Rouge Vin)
$315 USD
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Operettas | Giulia [Rouge Vin]
GROUPES:   Botte   Décontracté   Femmes   Meilleurs Vendeurs   Talon  

Déjà un classique Fluevog, ce bottillon avec son talon de 6 cm et son cuir verni Baccarat, ses semelles de caoutchouc et son talon enrobé de cuir a déjà conquis les coeurs de millions de Fluvogueurs à travers le monde. Avec un bout large, de jolis boutons et une semelle confortable, ce bottillon très pratique promet d'être l'amour de votre vie. Your Love Makes Me Sing (votre amour me fait chanter).

Demi-pointure disponible.

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From the fit experts:

Alice from our Los Angeles store says:
A perfect fit for a perfect shoe!

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Posted by Mindy from Yellowknife, NWT Canada:

I love and adore these ridiculously comfortable shoes! I have other Vogs in my collection, including a pair of tall boots from the Operetta family. They are also VERY comfortable. The Operetta family is fantastic! Sadly: My first pair of Gulias lost a button cap (leaving the metal below exposed, and thus, leaving the shoe unwearable), and just recently, one of the elastic straps broke on my second pair! I'm still trying to figure out how to fix that... As mentioned in one of the other reviews on these shoes, do note that they take some working in if you have a high arch. I DO have a high arch, and I figure this is why I was struck by the tradgedy of a broken elastic. (:`( NO problems with the soles on either pair #1 or pair #2. They are fantastic for summer (yes, we do get summer here...and quite warm, thank you very much!) and/or for a Yellowknife winter. Gloriously beautiful shoes. Despite issues, they are marvelous!
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Oh the lovely Giulia boots. We love them too. :)

All of our stores have cobblers than can fix and repair Fluevogs, and I would recommend you contact, and send your shoes to one of our stores. They have the replacement buttons, and can fix the elastic quite easily.
Posted by Cecilia from Sydney:

Yep - its official. These are my all time favourites. We're coming into summer now though so I may have to give them a well earned rest. I have worn them to death for a year and just had new heels put on so they're ready for another year when the weather cools down. I wore them just about every day. They seemed to suit every occasion - casual, formal - I wore them to a wedding with a black embroidered wrap skirt and I wore them to the shops to get a coffee! These shoes know no bounds!
Posted by Gabriella:
Love this bootie, had to have her in RED. Super comfy and classic. I can dress up or down and ware them for hours and hours. Only problem is they are so cute I look at my feet instead of where I am going....
Posted by Brianna from Montreal:
Love 'em, But need to replace soles!

I love these shoes sooooo much, I have worn them 6 days a a week for 1.5 years. Unfortunately, I need to resole them already and Fluevog only sells the heel replacement, not the entire shoe sole replacement. I am debating whether to pay a cobbler to hand-make another pair of soles, or to buy a new pair. Buy these shoes, but be warned: you will need to replace them in 2 years if you wear them everyday.
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Hello Brianna - so glad you love the Giulias so much (Fluevogs love to be loved). As you know, the Operettas have a soft rubber sole, which makes them outrageously comfortable, but also can wear quicker than a harder sole. Any cobbler will be able to resole them easily with a thin, soft Vibram sole. If you have any questions on how to do this, or to have one of our Fluevog-approved cobblers do this for you, contact one of our stores.
Posted by teresa:
worn down soles

I LOVE these boots too, but I too have had problems with the soles. they are totally worn down, which is a major bummer considering they cost $350 and just got them last year. `:O buyer beware. they are my favorite, but i am definitely having second thoughts about buying another pair - even though I LOVE THEM!
Posted by Aasha from Pittsburgh, PA:
For all Fashionistas!!!

I bought these in Wine and then in black and was so excited to see they brought out 2 new colors!! I have had SO many complements on these. I have worn them all over Manhattan and in San Fran and Chicago, with cute dresses and skirts and textured fishnets - I LOVE clothes. I am ballet dancer who had an injury and these are really comfortable but have been stopped in places like Barneys, the Coach store etc and asked where my great boots came from. Fluevog is not necessarily known for high fashion shoes/boots and yet these are SO GREAT. I also have worn them out in the snow and yet they still look brand new after a whole winter. Everyone should rush out and buy them!!! In Winter when you can't wear heels with your cute clothes I live in these and they totally make the outfit and feel great too. I about to order the grey. Oh and as far as fit, I think they are true to size but are a bit more 'foot shaped' and know that the inside leather is smooth so your foot with tights will slide - when mine first came I thought they were small as my toe slide to the end but then I wore them and they were fine. I can't wear Fluevog tall boots as they are too big for my calves, but these are ankle boots so of course they fit. Know also that the little buttons and elastic are snug over your instep if you have a high instep. The good thing is though that with wear the elastic hasn't stretched out - at least on mine, which I was worried about.
Posted by Jessie Sandoval from Oakland:
Like wearing cupcakes on your feet!

I love my booties. I bought these about 2-years ago, but only wore them for 1-year because the heal wore off too quick. I finally took them to a shoe repair shop and got them fixed, only to find out that you can get the replacement heels from Fluevog. I love these shoes, but the only problem is that the sole is too soft and wear down very quickly. The leathers are forever, but not the soles. Alas, it's a paradox. Jessie
Posted by Ruth from Saskatchwan:
Love them!

I wear them almost every day, and still am getting comments on them after a year of owning them!
Posted by TC:
this is the best bootie in the world! it's so comfortable even with a high heel. I wear it everyday! B-)

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