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Giulia (Noir)
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Giulia (Noir)
Giulia (Noir)
Giulia (Noir)
Giulia (Noir)
$315 USD
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Operettas | Giulia [Noir]
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Déjà un classique Fluevog, ce bottillon avec son talon de 6 cm et son cuir verni Baccarat, ses semelles de caoutchouc et son talon enrobé de cuir a déjà conquis les coeurs de millions de Fluvogueurs à travers le monde. Avec un bout large, de jolis boutons et une semelle confortable, ce bottillon très pratique promet d'être l'amour de votre vie. Your Love Makes Me Sing (votre amour me fait chanter).

Demi-pointure disponible.

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From the fit experts:

Alice from our Los Angeles store says:
A perfect fit for a perfect shoe!

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Posted by Judy from Ontario:

My Giulia boots arrived today. They are amazing!! Because I have a high instep, I ordered a half size larger. Perfect! Also, as with any good shoe, use a shoehorn as to not break down the heel backs.
Posted by Hannah from Johnson City, Tn, U.S.:
First Flogs!

Dear goodness these shoes are genius! The grey have a strong character that none the less goes with everything. But it's the comfort which has me converting to the all Fluevog diet! Now, to get my hands on some more... :-)
Posted by Emily from Brooklyn, NY:
These boots stop traffic

Really, these boots stop traffic! I have them in red. On the way to work this morning, a car stopped, and the driver let me walk in front of him before he turned. Then he rolled down the window and exclaimed, "Nice Shoes!" before continuing on his way. They're also incredibly comfortable. I have a half hour walking commute and then am on my feet all day. I'm normally a size 9, but the 9 1/2s fit perfectly because this boot runs a half size small.
Posted by Charlotte from california:
awesome shoes

These are my first pair of Fleuvogs and I absolutely LOVE them!!! I ordered the brown pair and now that I have enjoyed them so far, I am in need of the wine pair! I can see how addicting they are. So amazingly comfortable and cute of course!
Posted by Michele Menard Ferazzutti from Toronto:
My Magic Shoes

I have these in wine, and they are magic. If I'm having a bad day, I'll actually go home at lunch and put them on, and my day is instantly better. Any day that starts with these on my feet is always a good day. They make any outfit look fantastic - I especially love dressing monochrome and thus ensure that all eyes are on my FLUEVOGS! I worked a trade show in these babies - standing and walking all day on concrete, and didn't have a sore back or sore feet at the end of it. I'd given up on wearing any type of heel at all until I found John. I've had people come up to me in restaurants asking where I got these babies. I keep calling them babies because I treat them like babies - wipe them off, wrap them up and put them in a little crib until the next time. My third in a year, and favourite so far, pair of Fluevogs! :-)
Posted by Susan from Oak Park, IL:

These are seriously the greatest shoes EVER. They go with everything and are super comfortable. I have danced on them for hours and walked miles. And they make any outfit look good. I'm in love forever.
Posted by Ingrid from Seattle:
My absolute favorite shoes

If I had to choose one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of my life, it would be these. I have them in brown, and they are incredibly versatile. They add stylish individuality to any outfit, and actually inspire me to wear cuter outfits. They're pretty but not too girly, and classy enough for a job interview. Like all my Fluevogs, they're 100% comfortable; I can walk in them all day without noticing that I'm wearing heels. I was wearing these when I met my boyfriend's sister, and she said, gravely, "oh. my. god. Those are the cutest shoes I have ever seen in my entire life." I feel the same way.
Posted by Jessica from Ottawa:
Comfy Happy Feet

I bought these shoes in wine several months ago now. They were my 4th pair of Fluevogs within a year and were the most expensive of my shoe purchases to date. Every time I wear these shoes I am reminded of what a great buy they were; they are comfy & stylish, and prone to getting jealous stares, regular compliments and, especially, squeals of delight from fellow Fluevog lovers. Worth every pennie. ]:o)
Posted by Sandy McKellar from Vancouver:
My favourite "all-day" shoes!

I love my Operettas - they are my all day shoes. The heel is in between high and low so they go with every pair of pants of own. I can stand in them all day! They are fabulous.
Posted by shirley from montreal:
I have 3 and still not enough

I have these in wine, black and red.. they look sexy with a little skirt and dark nylons. Just Love Them!

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