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Giulia (Wine)
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Giulia (Wine)
Giulia (Wine)
Giulia (Wine)
Giulia (Wine)
$315 USD
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Operettas | Giulia [Wine]
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Already a Fluevog classic, this 2.5" heeled bootie with soft Baccarat Patent leathers, soft rubber soles, and a leather wrapped heel has won the hearts of millions of Fluevogers around the world. With a wide toe box, cute buttons, and a comfortable sole, this functional bootie promises to be the love of your life. Your Love Makes Me Sing.

Half sizes available.

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From the fit experts:

Alice from our Los Angeles store says:
A perfect fit for a perfect shoe!

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Posted by Cassandra from Toronto:
Great boots; small problem

These were my first and they are so incredible, and i love them. Did size up half a size. HOWEVER: a button fell off the SECOND time I wore them, and I was sitting in a conference all day so not doing anything strenuous. I have emailed John Fleuvog twice, with no response. I have taken them to two local cobblers around me, but they don't have a matching button and I don't want to ruin the look with a different button. So now they sit in my closet, having been worn twice.
Posted by Feather from Seattle:
Almost made for me!

Earlier this year I needed shoes for a wedding I was bridesmaid-ing in, and I decided on the black leather Giulia. The style was well-suited to the theme of the wedding (as well as the rest of my everyday wardrobe), the heels were comfy enough to wear all day and well into the night, and they were almost guaranteed to be unique among the wedding party and guests. The only thing I would have changed about them was the color of the buttons (the wedding had a red and black color theme). The kind and ingenious Willy put forth the idea that I COULD actually have the black buttons changed out for red ones, which I immediately agreed to. I shrieked (quietly) like a little girl when I finally got to pick them up: they were absolutely perfect and just what I'd hoped for! They did, indeed, last all day and night, and my feet weren't too unhappy with me when I finally made it home. Thank you Willy (and John!) for giving me the perfect wedding boots!
Posted by Linnea from Saskatoon:
I love my Operattas! Couldn't make up my mind on color - so bought 2 pairs - size 7.5 in wine and black. Bought last spring, this September when it cooled off - decided to wear the black pair - they are "just too big". On a positive note, I love my other Fluevogs, have several pairs - most recent - my CBC Radios in blue! Plan to also get the boot version, just have to decide on a color!! ?:-)
Posted by Audrey-Jane from Connecticut:
I love Operettas, I have 3 pairs of Malibrans and just bought my first pair of Giulias. They fit my short (size 6) wide foot like a glove. No breaking in required. I have a bunion on one foot and the Operetta toe box is perfectly comfortable. The heels are so well shaped and the shoe so well balanced I feel as though I am wearing flats, they are so comfy. Every Fluevog salesperson I have dealt with has been very polite, knowledgeable and helpful. These shoes are worth every cent. They are so stylish but not trendy and very well made. The Giulias are great with pants but really shine with skirts and tights. Please John, we need Malibrans and Giulias in navy blue and purple!
Posted by jen from new jersey:
My 5th pair?

I've lost count. Anyway, got these in the gray first -- SUPER comfortable. Summer trip to San Francisco -- freezing (duh) -- needed something not sandals. Marched into the brand-new JF near Union Square and didn't think twice about these in the black. My first Fluevogs in a conservative color, and they're great. IF I had to nitpick, I wouldn't mind if the cutout in the front were a teeny bit higher -- even the littlest ped sock shows in the summer. But adorable with tights. I love the whole Operetta family - perfect heel height and thickness for running around all day. Do use a shoehorn -- I'm lazy sometimes about it, and I kick myself every time. Want these to last forever!
Posted by shoegirl:
my first pair

these were my first pair of fluevogs and i love them. they were comfortable from the outset, and go with everything (i got the black). i love how they add a little sassiness to my conservative work wardrobe.
Posted by Erin from Minneapolis, MN:
Every January the man and me go through this crazy shoe hording phase, spending our tax refunds before they even come on well crafted amazing (and expensive) shoes that we normally can't afford, and this was the year I decided to splurge on my Fluevogs. After much debating, I decided to go with the red Guilias in my normal size 10. They were pretty tight, but after wearing them around the house all weekend and rubbing lots of leather lotion into the areas where they were the tightest, they broke in very nicely. A week later I was still drooling over the black ones so I called the wonderful people at the Chicago store and had them ship me the black ones - this time in a 10.5. The 10.5 fit a little better....less breaking in time then the 10....and I could wear them all day right out of the box. I would definitely order up a size if you don't want to go through the trouble of breaking in a tight pair of shoes (and believe me, these are so cute and attention grabbing that you will want them on your feet immediately and all day long!) :-D
Posted by Elisabeth from Vancouver:
I am in love

...with these boots! Actually I am now in love with Fluevogs in general. Until recently I had never owned a pair, although as a born-and-bred Vancouverite I have seen and admired them on other people's feet since my teen years. Then I bought the Giulias (pearl gray with brown buttons) and my feelings about the the Fluevog brand went from casual appreciation to fervent support! These booties have it all: style (sweet yet sexy), versatility (they go with pretty much everything I own) and above all comfort. (I generally don't wear heels because they are often uncomfortable, but you could almost go jogging in the Giulias. Really). Oh, and for those of you who are interested, these fit me perfectly in my regular size, which is 6. On the strength of my love for these booties, I went out and bought a pair of Malibrans and Libby Smiths, which are also awesome but deserve separate reviews.
Posted by Susan from Portland, OR:

Absolutely LOVE this short boot. I didn't need any shoes at all, but came across the Seattle store and couldn't resist. They're not only stylish and fun, they're comfortable beyond belief and also very quiet. I am a total Fluevog convert!
Posted by luv my vogs!!! from New York:

Went to they gym at lunch today and arrived back at my desk to see a wonder, my new Giulia's. Took off my pointy toes immediately and slipped into red heaven for the rest of the day. Going to be a great year!!!! ]:o)

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