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Operetta / Soprano Heel Lifts (Natural)
$4 USD
Replacement Parts | Operetta / Soprano Heel Lifts [Natural]

Can't find the replacement part you are looking for? Contact the nearest store to check for vintage stock replacement parts. Telephone numbers here... JF STORES

Replacement Heel Caps for your favorite Operetta and Soprano styles. All heel cap replacements are sent via regular ground post. Yes, you get a pair. One and two! NOTE: All replacement parts are shipped via regular post.

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Posted by Gina from Australia:
I asked the store twice to include these in my order - ignored!

Sigh - I followed up not one but TWO orders with a request to have these heel parts included. No reply, so I followed up with a second email. No reply, so I thought, cool, they just know I'll get them in the package. No such joy. Now I have to spend a small fortune on postage to get them to Australia. nb I have purchased literally dozens of pairs of shoes from Fluevog, so not getting a reply (presumably because it involved just an additional $4 or $8 transaction) was just not cool.
Posted by Denise M Montgomery from United States:
Thank heavens!

Somehow both of these loosened on my glorious red boots and I actually lost one somewhere. Imagine a woman in hot red Vogs hobbling around a parking lot, scrutinizing every last square inch, despairing. I'm buying two sets just in case.
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