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Danke (Black)
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Danke (Black)
Danke (Black)
$325 USD
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Wearevers | Danke [Black]
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During a recent trip to Berlin, where John was initially drawn by the burgeoning modern art scene, he found himself mesmerized by the ultra-functional urbanity. After seeing many architectural inspirations, John drew up the designs for a simple, but functional chelsea bootie on the comfy custom molded Wearever sole. Featuring smooth grained, veggie-tanned leathers and a pebbled strap on a sturdy 2" heel, the Danke will walk with you, wearever you roam.

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Posted by Jane from Toronto:
Best multi-taskers

This is my go-to shoe/boot for work travel, presentations, funky restaurants. They slip on & off, so they're great if you're going through airport security. They're comfortable enough to run in to get to the streetcar stop in time. They're just conservative enough to present to bank clients, and different enough that someone will ask you about them. I've worn them so much I had to resole them, and they're still in regular rotation.
Posted by Patty from Charlotte:
Best Shoes Ever!

This is my third pair of Fluevogs and by far my favorite. I love the looks of my others but the comfort and fit of these takes the Danke's to another level. I've never had any shoe that fits so well and is so comfortable right out of the box. Thanks to the Minneapolis store for the great service and the spot-on sizing suggestion. YES!!!!
Posted by Sahara Briscoe from The Bronx, New York:
The Boss Beauty Of Your BOOT!

Your boots are so comfortable, I can put them on in the morning with the assurance that I don't have to miss an event or carry some humungous handbag to put a pair of flats in. And with the quiet heel tip? When I stumble in late all tipsy, I don't make the "clopping sound" that wakes up my downstairs neighbor. You really understand! This is why I've been a fan from back in the day!
Posted by Kristina H:
born again

I wore my first pair of these boots to the point where the leather gave out and my feet were rolling off the sole of the shoe. Like, I had to throw them away. Tried buying the replacement style, returned due to fit. I am weeping with joy and relief that these have been resurrected. I may buy two pairs just in case.
Posted by Holly from New York City:
Danke Boot

Thank you so much for bringing back this boot! It is a favorite of mine. I order it one-half size larger than I normally take, and it fits perfectly. I can walk all day in these boots!
Posted by Wendy from St. Paul:
Feet heaven

Walk on them all day. Go up a half size from normal. Wonderful
Posted by Victoria Jones from Australia:

The first time I saw these I knew I had to have them. They were calling me, they are my kind of shoe! And now, well, they are so very comfortable & stylish. I'm a teacher & have worn them on excursions where I've walked all day & then into the evening. They scream style and comfort. More colours please.
Posted by Ginny from Melbourne:
Cool as

As an Australian RM Williams boot tragic, I'm hard to please when it comes to elastic-sided boots. These are really elegant and fit like a glove. I love the "round" elastic bits! I think people with wide feet might not find them wide enough. They're true to size for me, a bit roomy at the narrow toe. Now I want them in brown! They could have done with a front tab to match the back, as they're fairly tight to slip on. Thanks John!
Posted by Cherelleski from Toronto:
Love them

The Toronto store didn't get these for some reason (??!!) so I had to order them sight unseen and untried. I love them. They fit true to size and don't crowd my toes. They're very comfy, stable and stylish. My favourite shoes until I get my Adrian Nuni's (I hope they have those at the T.O. store!!!) @>-
Posted by Dianna from Oakland, CA:
I get more mileage out of these boots...

I bought my Dankes about 3 years ago when the style was first introduced (mine are dark navy with smoke gray heels). I went into the SF store thinking I was getting a different pair of 'Vogs, but these won out over 15 other pairs that I tried on. I was NOT disappointed! I have worn these to dinners, concerts, meetings, traveling... they just keep on going! The heel height is *just right*, even for standing and walking for long periods of time. They look great with tights, socks, dresses, slacks, jeans... whatever. I just purchased the Wearever Tav sandals because I love the last and the heel shape / height so much that I wanted a pair to wear during warmer weather. LOVE THESE!! My favorite Fluevogs EVER in my 16 years of collecting and wearing 'Vogs!

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