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Brightman (Noir & beige)
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Brightman (Noir & beige)
Brightman (Noir & beige)
Brightman (Noir & beige)
Brightman (Noir & beige)
$199 USD
Reg $289
Operettas | Brightman [Noir & beige]
GROUPES:   Vente   Femmes   Talon  

Cette adorable chaussure de style salomé avec un talon de 2.5" ( 6 cm ) souhaite apporter du confort à toutes les chanteuses d'opéra au pays de Fluevog, surtout lorsque vient le temps d'atteindre ces notes aiguës difficiles. Avec deux boucles ajustables, un cuir Baccarat souple verni, des semelles en caoutchouc qui pardonnent, la Brightman sera votre "sonate du printemps". Your Love Makes Me Sing (votre amour me fait chanter).

From the fit experts:

Rebecca, Dustin & Laura from our Chicago store says:
A really fun and easy shoe to wear. Chunky heel and rubber sole make this heel about as comfortable as it gets. Easy to dress up or down, pants, trousers, skirts, dresses... you kinda feel like a starlette in a black and white movie.

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Posted by Diana Daggett from Canada:
My First Operettas

I was completely enchanted when presented with this fab new Operetta. I have a higher than usual arch, due to the fact that I have custom orthotics that I must wear at all times...which usually means dreadful, functional monstrosity shoes. But never at Fluevog! The awesome Montreal team added a quick extra couple of holes to accommodate the fit, and I wore them immediately that weekend to work...a full eight hours on my feet, feeling that I was walking on a cloud. Who else but Fluevog can make you feel well grounded as you walk on air? Thank you thank you thank you!
Posted by Kicks:
Happy Birthday shoes for me!!

I have had my eye on these green beauties for some time, so when they went on sale I was tickled then dissapointed when I saw that the 9 was closest size to mine (8-81/2) I have a size 8 pair of Malena's However, when I tried on the Brightman's they fit beautifully - maybe because it was a hot end of day and my feet were in their'real size'. So now I have a lovely pair of early b-day shoes and they are soooooo purdy. :-)
Posted by cristyv from Los Angeles, CA:
Love this shoe!

I originally saw these in the green version, wanted to buy them, but so glad I waited until the black/beige version came out. I bought a 7.5, and its true to size. All of my Operettas are a 7.5, these fit just as perfect. The color combination is absolutely stunning. I love T-Straps, but this shoe reminds me of the styles of the 20's and 30's ... Totally see old vintage Hollywood in this design. Thanks John and Staff ... you all rock!
Posted by Onyx from Long Beach, CA:

I celebrated the new year with a trip to the LA store and walked out with these beauties! (Literally, since I loved them so much that I wore them home) I've got wide feet and can't wear a heel that's too high and these are perfect and very comfortable.
Posted by Rose Currie from Victoria:
new colour

I'm excitedly waiting on a new colour in this shoe. Love!
Posted by Julia:
Falling in love all over again

I have about 15 pairs of Fluevogs. They are all outstanding in terms of quality and beauty and these are no exception. They were comfortable right out of the box and true to size/maybe a little smaller. The toe box is wide, sort of like the Minis, the heel is very stable to walk in, and the leather is supple and beautiful. I have the green ones, olive verging on brown with putty greyish trim and they go with everything. I highly recommend them because they are perfect.
Posted by shirley from SF Bay Area (East Bay):
i puffy heart the operetta brightman

i LOVE the operetta family, so i was excited to see the brightman for this spring '12 collection! typically i am more of a size 6.5 (although i do have a size 6 malibran), the size 7 (the 2nd time around) worked best for the brightman. i am providing this comment on the 2nd day after the brightmans were received by the SF stores. on thursday evening, i tried sizes 6, 6.5, and 7 at the SF haight street store (thanks denny and jim!). the 6 and 6.5 felt the same kind of "snug" fit; the 7 was a smidge roomier than i'd like. determined to have a pair, on friday, i tried sizes 6.5 and 7 at the SF grant street store (thanks karen, eric, and ash!). THAT size 7 fit fabulously, and they came home with me. no second thoughts. (by the way, i LOVE the green/grey color combo and the t-strap. i will be wearing these saturday and sunday. why wait?!)
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