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Nebel (Black)
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Nebel (Black)
Nebel (Black)
Nebel (Black)
Nebel (Black)
$189 USD
Reg $319
Tolerance | Nebel [Black]
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The Nebel is living the dream; here is a boot that was lucky enough to find that coveted balance between work and play. Built with the feeling and durability of a welted work boot and carefully detailed to resemble a dress shoe, this hybrid was placed on the last of The Tolerance Family. Made in Vietnam with Portuguese pebbled leather and Italian suede, with a leather midsole and rubber outsole, this is a boot very content with its life.

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From the fit experts:

Shea from our Calgary store says:
The Nebel are a touch tight in the toes; I found that going up half a size was beneficial. The leather is stiff at first, but wears in perfectly!

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Posted by Ty Papke from Grand Rapids, MI:
It's the little things that make a difference...

I finally got a big promotion at work, and immediately ordered these, having lusted over them for some time. My order was placed on Wednesday afternoon, and my email receipt informed me that it could take up to a week for them to ship, and up to two weeks for them to arrive. I'm a patient person, so this was not a problem. To my surprise (and elation) it was mere hours later that I received an email with a UPS tracking number, and less than 48 hours after placing the order that the boots arrived on my porch. How freaking cool is that!? These boots are everything I hoped and more. I absolutely love the style, and the quality is flawless. However, it's the little things that really make a difference when ordering a pair of Fluevogs. I own two other pairs, but purchased them from amazon.com. With this pair being purchased directly from the Fluevog website, it came with a whole bunch of fun extra things in the box. A cloth bag, a Fluevog newspaper, a business card, Laffy Taffy, Sweettarts, and lots of other randomness. Although the boots are what I purchased and what I am most excited about, these other perks really made the experience fun and special. I'm a loyal customer.
Posted by Teresa Sinderson from United States:
Awesome! Style!!!

These are quite well made as all Fluevogs are!!! They style and workmanship are as previously mentioned outstanding!!! I found these on another website at an incredible deal. Did the research and found they do run a tad bit narrow. So, deceided to go up 1/2 size. Great decision as they are perfect. Very narrow in width! So glad John makes these boots for all us people with narrow feet!!!
Posted by Hikeshi from Gatineau:
Great boots I must say!

I have been a Fluevogisti for almost 2 decades, and have never been disappointed with the fit and quality. But this pair of boots is outstanding. I bought the brown colour, which was rich and deep. The stitching and brogueing were all straight and even, excellent workmanship. The materials were all top notch and the fit...unbelievable! Instantly comfortable, no break in time needed. Even without the angel sole, which I usually buy, they are very easy on my feet. The nonslip material on the soles makes walking on icy sidewalks much less treacherous. Keep it up, in a world of mediocre crap, Fluevogs never disappoint.
Posted by Mick by the C from Denver:
Good Vibrations

A funny thing happened to me on the way home from a concert in Denver. I just purchased a pair of Tolerance Nebel's and I felt like showing them off so I stopped into a local Irish pub and as I bellied up to my perch, the bar keep asks us what we want to drink, well the lad sounded like a fella I spoke to over the phone a couple days before in the Denver store while inquiring about my new kicks, and sure as sh@t its the store manager Anthony. Talk about crazy. Christening my Nebels with a pint of Guinness and the store manager what a way to break in my new Vog's!! Needless to say Anthony went above and beyond to make sure that I knew when my new "snug" (Irish slang for pub/booth) runners would arrive for a night on the town. Gotta love the vibe Fluevog's bring to your day. My new lucky shoes!! Sláinte
Posted by Peter Berglund from Denver, CO:
My feet are in heaven

These are by far the best-made (and most expensive) shoes I've ever owned. I've been walking in them for a week and my feet have never felt better - without the orthotics I have to use in other shoes. I got the black & red, and I'm getting shoe-envy from women. I've already decided I need a second pair of Fluevogs.
Posted by John S:
Fluevog equals awesome!

The Nebel is quite possibly the finest crafted shoe in the 21st century. Using 19th century techniques , Portuguese tumbled leather, Italian suede, with a Goodyear welt, built like a brick shit house. I never loved a shoe before but I love the Nebel.
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