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Rockafellah (Black)
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Rockafellah (Black)
Rockafellah (Black)
Rockafellah (Black)
Rockafellah (Black)
$309 USD
NYC | Rockafellah [Black]
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The NYC Rockafellah is inspired by the creative, young designers of New York City, who are all in the big city "living the dream" and following their hearts. It's made in Portugal with beautiful Italian leather uppers, a leather wrapped 3.5" heel, and a durable tunite sole. While keeping the same rock star attitude as The Swordfish Family, John lightened up the last. The result is a killer sandal that's equally edgy but better suited for strutting the warm, summer streets of NY.

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From the fit experts:

Kate from our Los Angeles store says:
The Rockafellah is perfect! It's very comfortable, cushiony, amazing, gorgeous and it runs true to size!

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Posted by Kneener from Bay Area:
Great.... but long!!!

These fit like a dream.... and run long. That means that instead of my usual 11, I selected, with the help my endlessly patient and helpful and cheerful Clerk, a size 10. Otherwise, there would have been 2" of empty leather at the toe which for clumsy me might have been a trip hazard. She pointed out that they were built on the "Swordfish" last, and other would-be wearers had the same issue. These are: Elegant, urbane, revealing enough to look summery without being overly casual or common, and just a little naughty. I also have the world's ugliest feet so these provide a sandal style without exposing my meaty paws to the world. Great with dress, shirt or tailored slacks, slipping effortlessly between today's more moderne looks or something vintage-y. Obviously well-made and thoughtfully designed: The laces mean the width (already generous) can be individualized to fit a funky bunion-foot or other issue without compromising style. My favorite Vogs yet- and I have 10 plus of 'em. Just consider going a size down if your heel can handle it.
Posted by Tara from Montréal:
Awesome shoes!

These have a high heel but the footbed liner is padded and the leather is very soft, plus the laces make them very adjustable so they were comfortable right away. They run true to size. Love the style!
Posted by Tess H. from SC:
Fabulous New York Quirkiness!!!

The shoes reflect me, the quirky old chick from NY.I'm extremely happy with my new NY Rockafellahs.They are very comfortable, they accomodate my wide feet and they are just quirkily fabulous. Thanks for designing this shoe!
Posted by Judith Petruccio from NY:
Rockafellahs Really Rock!!!!

RIGHT out of the box comfortable with soft, exquisite leather, this is my FIRST FLUEVOG and I am in LOVE!!! They are insanely comfortable!!!! I am a 9 and that's what I ordered and they are a perfect fit. I think that because they're a lace-up they'll adapt to various widths. I want to plan my wardrobe around these shoes, they're that fabulous!!! Thank you John Fluevog for your incredible design and workmanship.
Posted by wrapbracelets from granville:
bought with no hesitation

i was at JFs on Granville St., Vancouver. i purchased two pairs of JFs. upon seeing these JFs displayed for the first time, i absolutely fell in love with these shoes and had to buy them. i would never splurge on the spot; usually i'll leave the store to think about it. but with these shoes, i could not walk out the store without purchasing them. they are adorable, so soft leather, amazing detail. i always take 6.5. these shoes do not come in half sizes, so i got the 7s. they fit and look great. oh, yes, my 2nd pair were adriana boots in aqua. i uploaded the pictures to my instagram: wrapbracelet check them out.
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