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Chapot (Burgundy)
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Chapot (Burgundy)
Chapot (Burgundy)
Chapot (Burgundy)
Chapot (Burgundy)
$129 USD
Reg $259
CLEARANCE | Adriana: Chapot [Burgundy]
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Featuring a men's swing toe last, rubber soles, and 2" leather wrapped heels, The Chapot is both preppy and feminine, making it a casual ankle boot for ladies that will allow you to weather the elements effortlessly while still looking sharp. With smooth, shiny Bottero leathers and an adjustable buckle, The Chapot booties are the fusion of retro and hip. Drawn as an equestrian-inspired prep school boot, The Chapot is named after the hall-of-fame show jumping family that have set the high mark of class and professionalism in equestrian sporting for over 50 years. A thankful person is a happy person.

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From the fit experts:

Sana from our Calgary store says:
The length felt true; however, it was a lot wider for me because I have a narrow foot.

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Posted by Jennifer from Calgary:
First Pair

These are phenomenally comfortable and good-looking boots. They go with everything, the leather is very high quality, and they didn't need any breaking-in time. They look fantastic with black straight-leg jeans. Fit is a bit narrow, but they stretch a bit. Length was true to size. Will definitely buy another pair (Rubens, I'm looking at you).
Posted by Elisabeth from The Jersey Shore:
Awesome style but definitely hard

The style of these is fantastic. I love the rough&tough menswear touches in a feminized style, and I adore how they look on my feet. As others have noted, this line runs on the narrow side (I'm normally fine in a 'vog 8 but these are still pretty snug), and they are especially tight across the the top of the foot. Breaking in is taking quite awhile as well, and I don't always like myself for wearing them the next day. But they just look so darned fine that I can't give them up!
Posted by Louise from Regina, Sask:
Couldn't Resist

I just ordered these green boots. I have been looking at them for the past week. With being on sale, it is a good deal. And the colour is a show stopper. Because they come in full sizes, they are likely a half size bigger than what I need. I ordered a size 9. I have a different pair of boots in the adriana line and they are a size 9. I used an insole liner in them and they work.
Posted by Amewakame from Oakland:
Fuckin sexy

I know that at first glance off the showroom floor, these are not the first ones that draw your eye. They're a little chunky, a little librarian-ish, and I fuckin hate the heel, or at least my feet do, the next morning. But on your feet, in profile and otherwise, they are breathtaking. I chose them mainly for the hunter green color, and because I knew that in the right light they would appear almost black, and anyone looking would have a moment of 'are those green?' Which, of course happened, a few hours after I walked out the door with them, and after receiving half a dozen compliments on them, as I went about my day, including a 'the shoes!' in passing from some older men who I would not have pegged to give a shit about things like that. They fit pretty snug. Wish I could get an 8.5. They only came in whole sizes, possibly because all the other sizes were sold out? I ended up with a 9, and was pretty satisfied with that, or would have been, if they had a lower heel. My toes do have a lot of wiggle room and feel pretty good, but I did notice throughout the day things felt more and more cramped. All in all, pretty happy. They're gorgeous and pretty well enough comfy and I will probably wear them a lot, although I will resent that heel for every minute of discomfort.
Posted by Starla from Saskatoon:
Like a beautiful, soft glove!

I have narrow feet and usually wear a 9 so bought a 9 in the Chapot. It fit like a glove. The instep piece across the foot is a bit snug but the more I wear them (10 hours a day!) the more they soften. The leather is beautiful and the workmanship of the boot is exactly what I have come to expect from my Fluevogs! These were made for me. I actually never considered these but Shea from the Calgary store suggested them. He REALLY knows his stuff. Besides all his Fluevog fit knowledge he has LOADS of patience. Thank you Shea!
Posted by Cheri from Vancouver Island, Canada:
Love Love Love

@>- I'm a 7.5-8 in most shoes with a wide foot and the size 8 fit perfectly. The toebox is wide enough but I find the instep (across the top at the base of the tongue) is a little snug. I'll be wearing them with thin socks until they stretch out a bit. The back of the boot is a little stiff and rubs on the back of my leg, but I know it will soften with wear. As someone else said, the heel clumps a bit when you walk, because is is wide and solid, but I don't mind that at all. They make a little noise when I walk, but that only draws attention to my lo I was looking for an every-day boot for our wet winter and this one is perfect. It is casual enough for jeans but also goes will with dress pants and leggings. A classic style that I'll wear for many years. P-) I got the Burgandy boots, and found some shoe cream in "Cordovan Red" to match for polish and to touch up scuffs. I rather like calling the boot colour Cordovan Red, rather than Burgandy. It seems to suit them better ,->
Posted by Kim from St. Louis:
First Fluevogs! Happy Dance!

I'm from St. Louis, Missouri, so one of my missions during my visit to Boston was to buy a pair of boots at the Fluevog store on Newbury. I decided on these boots in black, and I am thrilled with my first pair of Fluevogs! I desperately wanted the Nuni boots, but sadly, they were just way too narrow, even after being gently stretched. In length I am a 9, but I almost always need a 9.5 because my feet are extremely wide across the front. Any shoe with a narrow toe is bad news for me. Instead, I got a 10 in these boots, and they are perfect. PERFECT!!! Snug, but my feet aren't cramped when I walk. I have to thank Rachel, who was working that night and cheerfully spent an HOUR AND A HALF helping me find just the perfect pair. She showered me with Fluevog stickers and buttons when she found out it was my first JF purchase. I have long legs and wear cropped pants all the time. These boots look great with sheer socks and cropped pants. The leather is very buttery--great for dressing up or for a more casual look. For anyone considering other colors, the GREEN IS BEAUTIFUL in person. It would be a very eclectic fall boot. Thank you John Fluevog!!!!
Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
I was immediately entranced by the lovely deep green of these boots and their classic styling fills a need in my casual wardrobe very nicely. Like my Nunis and Lunas I found them comfortable straight away, though they wouldn't be my first choice for an epic walking journey; the honor for best walking boot ever(for me) stays firmly with my Coventrys. I thought the back of the heel might be bothersome but it's been fine, perhaps because I wear a medium sock with them. It's a narrow-fitting boot but I have average feet and as usual with Fluevog boots I went up to an 8 from my usual 7.5.
Posted by Lynn from Iqaluit:
Pondered and revising previous comment

I wrote in my last review that these boots are true to size. I've been trying to figure out what the problem is that I've been having with these boots and I think it's just that they're too small. They also have stitching in the heel that has caused me blisters. I have a narrow foot and usually wear size 11; vary rarely, in nonVogs, I've worn 10.5. I have another pair of Vogs that are 11 and fit like a dream. Not these. I have tried to make them wider and this has helped but I think these these narrow size 11 boots are more likely a 10.5 or even a bit smaller. They're particularly narrow in the toe box. I will keep trying to stretch them and i have to say the boots make your leg look a mile long when when worn with skinny jeans but they do fit small.
Posted by Lynn Peplinski from Washington:

(:`( I am new to Fluevogs but bought 2 pairs right off the bat. I really wanted to like these but find them poorly designed (for my feet). I don't find they give me a smooth walk; rather the foot kind of slaps down after the heel contacts the ground. Not a smooth roll- which is important for me in a good walking shoe. I tend to cover a lot of ground during the day and found these very uncomfortable. I added those small gel-type arch supports and I think I'll also try the same thing for under the ball of my foot. I wear a size 11 and these seem true to size and very narrow which I do like.

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