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Nuni (Black)
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Nuni (Black)
Nuni (Black)
Nuni (Black)
Nuni (Black)
$295 USD
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Adriana | Nuni [Black]
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Featuring a men's swing toe last, eyelets and speedlaces, rubber soles, and 2" leather wrapped heels, The Nuni is both militaristic and feminine, making it a solid winter boot for ladies that will allow you to weather the elements effortlessly while still looking adorable. Combining the design elements of The Adrian Family with full grain Atlas leathers from The Radios that crease and patina, The Nuni boots will look great with age. Drawn as a Radio BBC boot meets a work site boot, The Nuni is named after our favourite deep sea diver with a "take no prisoners" attitude. A thankful person is a happy person.

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From the fit experts:

Petrea and Ali from our New York store says:
Great fitting boot for most people. Wider feet sometimes feel snug, but can be stretched.

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Posted by Nicky:
Love these, cute and comfy. Fair warning, I had to go 1.5 sizes up from my usual to get a boot that fit right! They aren't kidding about the narrow shape.
Posted by Karen from Chicago suburbs:
love these boots!

I got these boots in purple last December and wore them constantly during the cold, snowy winter. They're fabulous! The color is lovely and always cheers me up, and they held up nicely through the weather. They're size 8.5, which is my usual size, and they fit fine with medium-weight socks.
Posted by Tara from Montréal:
Love at first sight

The Adriana buckle shoes were just too narrow for me and I ended up having to give them away, but these boots are super comfy! No break-in required. I bought them in brown, purple and red - love them all!
Posted by Veronica:
Good little boots

I have these in black, size 10. I wear a 9.5 in the Minis and Operettas, but find in some boots going up to a 10 is a good call so my pinky toes have more room as these (as well as my KCRWs & Vera Ellens) narrow significantly at the end. The leather started out extremely stiff, but after a few wearings it has loosened and is much more forgiving. Even after going up to a size 10, I had to get these stretched to help with the pinching on the pinky toe. I may want to have them stretched a tad more in the front of the toe box. I think because of the heel that the foot tends to slide a bit further forward than in my flatter KCRWs. Still, these are an adorable and rugged boot that took me across Europe for weeks being worn every day without complaint. I find them to be a good little boot with a low heel that is decent to wear and looks nice.
Posted by Kaly from Toronto:
My first NEW Fluevogs!

I've scored a few second hand fluevogs on ebay and second hand shops around town, and so I have been in love with the style and quality of them. I've had a few of my second hand styles for years, and with a simple resoling they seem like they will be with me for a long time to come! Anyway, having started a career as opposed to being a poor student, I decided it was time to treat myself to a new pair, and what better time to do it than during the sale? ;) I bought these in the red, my feet aren't wide or narrow, and I found the width just fine. I love the leg lengthening the pointy toe offers (I'm 5'0, I need all the leg I can get) and how supple the leather is. I typically wear a size 8, and I purchased these in my usual size. The heel height is perfect, in that you can't actually tell they are heels. And I got them in RED which is super hotza hotza hotza. They definitely look like they will age beautifully and I can't wait to see the patina they will develop. I love that they are matte but not suede. They look super fantastic with skinny jeans but even better with a dress! Horray!
Posted by Shawn from Shuswap, BC:
Even basic isn't boring!

Poor Patrick (on loan from Gastown) who spent ages schlepping in unfamiliar stock room to get me shoe after shoe after boot! These weren't on my wishlist, but I am surprisingly happy with my 'rather normal looking' Adriana Nuni's. To amp them up a bit, of course I had to get purple. The laces only work for the grommets not the hooks, but that's the style- you're not supposed to lace them to the top of the boot, just mid-way. It gives a casual style, eh? I wear a 6.5 in most Vogs (ie Belleviews, Prepareds, Coffees) but as with my Adriana Beezies, I went up to a 7 with these. I can wear thicker socks that way. These are awesome with skinny jeans and casual skirts, particularly with funky leggings/tights/thigh high socks. So many compliments from all ages, with the astute observation that they match my purple hair. These are my 16th? Vogs in the last 2 years. I'm about to weather proof them. Wish me luck. Thanks, Patrick!
Posted by Allison:
Severely Disappointed

I waited months to purchase these incredibly cute boots. Although my store experience was wonderful, and the shoes are very comfortable, I am horrified at the quality of the soles. When I spend over 200$ on anything I expect it to hold up for more than a month. Alas! Within weeks, the soles of my boots began to separate. I then had to endure the inconvenience of taking them to a cobbler (not pleasant when it's your only pair of boots and it's COLD out), and then had to schlep back to SoHo to get re-embursed. And now, just weeks later, the soles are separating AGAIN. In spite of how attractive these boots are, I am seriously beginning to consider them a waste of time and money. :[
Posted by Sara:
Awesome :)

These were my second pair of Vogs, and after the first mini-disaster (with them sending me shoes in the wrong colour and me having to try and get my tax money back) I decided I don't have time and energy to have them sending the wrong pair of shoes all the way to Sweden again. So, I decided to try out Raspberry Heels, and oh my, never did I expect these boots to be on sale on their site! As if that wasn't enough, they included shipping, and because they are located in Poland I didn't have to pay the extra taxes either. They were really nice, and the boots were in my hands in little more than a week. Sadly, it's true that the shoe laces are way too short. But with them came an extra shoe lace, so I tied them together, and now they're more likely too long.. :) The boots are a bit snug for my very normal feet, but break in nicely. And they are soooo comfy! I take long walks in these without a problem. The heel is just the perfect height to give your legs that heel-look, without making you uncomfortable. Thank you for these amazing boots, John!
Posted by Kim from Buffalo NY:
Fabulous little boot

I'm a purple fanatic, and when I saw these online I had to have them. The color is great - a warm, muted purple - and texture of the leather is wonderful. I'm normally a pretty true Fluevog size 9, but I had to go up a half in these, partially because they are a bit narrow, and partially of my intention to wear them with winter weight socks. Thanks to Gabriel in the DC store for handling my order and exchange with TLC!!
Posted by Celeste:
These boots are really great and will clearly last forever. However if you have a bunion type foot be careful as they are fairly stiff and a narrow last. I'm hoping mine will break in more so that they will be as comfortable as everyone else says they are! Fingers crossed.

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