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Amie (Patent Lilac)
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Amie (Patent Lilac)
Amie (Patent Lilac)
Amie (Patent Lilac)
Amie (Patent Lilac)
$99 USD
Reg $229

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Integrity | Amie [Patent Lilac]
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Named in honour of the amazing, adventure seeking Amie (last we heard she was drinking champagne with Barons and Duchesses in some remote villa in the Swiss Alps), we bring you the ultra-super-mega-awesomely-comfy Amie ballet flat! John designed this unstructured slip-on ballet flat using soft leathers in earthy matte tones or in electric* patent colours, elastic toplines, and walkable rubber soles & heels that allow The Amie Ballet Flat to mold to your foot. Truth and Integrity... Since 1970.

* Due to the remarkable fact it is scientifically impossible to express visually how intensely-bright the Neon Orange (Pantone #811C) is, you'll have to trust us when we say you can stop traffic in the middle of the night!

From the fit experts:

Ali from our New York store says:
The Arabella sizes true, but the width can be a bit narrow. It is a ballet flat, so it can be a little snug.

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Posted by Megan from Toronto:
Traffic Cone Orange

I bought these on the first day of the sale in neon orange and I wore them 3 days in a row, including being on my feet all day at Toronto Pride. These flats have great support and the elastic isn't a bother at all. I might have to go get them in turquoise too.
Posted by Jill from Winnipeg:
Beautiful shoe, found a solution for the heel

I bought these in Montreal and fell in love as soon as I saw the berry colour. I was a little nervous to get them because when I tried them on, the heel rubbed like a lot of people have mentioned in previous reviews. I spoke to the salesman and he suggested shoe trees, which work like a charm. As well, he used his tool to soften the backs a little. I did have to break them in, but they've gotten much better. At first I could only wear the shoes for an hour before my heel was raw and killing me and I would switch. Whenever the shoes are off, I put the shoe trees in and keep the heel part up of them up a little so that the elastic gets stretched out more, and now I can wear them all day. While they do offer a little arch support, my arches are so high that the support doesn't really make a difference. That being said, I love the shape, colour and patent. I wish they had designed the shoe so it didn't bother peoples' heels, but if you're worried, just put a shoe tree in there whenever you're not wearing them.
Posted by LOUISE from Regina, Sask:
Great Shoes

I just got delivery of Amie in the berry colour. The size is right and after I ordered them online, the store from where the shoes were coming from, called me to check shoe size. They are great looking shoes and they will be worn today as they do need to be shown off.
Posted by Johanne Belisle from Montreal:
Love these shoes but can't seem to break them in!!!

I bought these in Aqua. and I absolutely love them, they are very cute and comfortable, EXCEPT that after 3 weeks of wear, they still rub my heel raw. I tried buying a cushion stick-on for the inside of the back heel, but I still have to wear 2-3 band-aids, and even then, it doesn't help. I thought they would soften up and break down a bit after a few hours of wear, but still they hurt! is this a design flaw? Help! Any advice??
Posted by Donna P from Seattle Eastside:
Sizing can vary wildly

I bought the black from Amazon in an 8. Lovely, comfortable and soft, except that they were too big, so I sent them back and will get the 7.5. So this past Monday I went to the Seattle store to pick them up in the amazing orange color, which will be better for summer wear. Unfortunately, they were very tight and rubbed against the back of my heel quite painfully. I tried on 8 and 8.5. The back of my heel was still getting rubbed raw, just from wandering around the store, although the shoe itself was too long. So I recommend you try on the actual pair you plan to purchase; it may make a huge difference to you.
Posted by Kara from Halifax, NS:
Super Comfy Flat

I bought these lovely little flats last summer in the Berry colour. They're great with skirts, pants and leggings. I walk all the time and find them extremely comfortable - even though they're flat there is arch support. The leather is very soft. And as it often rains unexpectedly in Halifax, I find the patent a good option. I'm planning to buy one the of the nice new colours for this year. I did buy a half size smaller than usual on the advice of the Fluevog rep - a 7 1/2 instead of an 8. I will buy the next pair in the 8 as I think the fit will be a bit better.
Posted by Marlene from Campbell River:
Comfy and Gorgeous

Love these shoes. Walked miles in Vegas the first day I wore them and not a tender spot on my feet to be found. YES! Please offer more colors in the leather.
Posted by Gina from Canada:
Aqua Amies

I just got these in the mail a bit ago. I already own the cream Amie's and now have the patent Aqua (really more of a green turquoise colour...not bright aqua as depicted but still gorgeous). From the initial few minutes of wear, the cream (non patent) Amies are definitely more comfortable. The back of the patent shoe rubs somewhat painfully up my heel and that does not happen in the regular leather ones. I bought an 11, although I'm normally a 10 in street shoes, to accommodate for my wider foot. Brenna in the Calgary store couldn't have been more helpful. All in all, as long as they wear in a bit in the heel I'll be a happy camper. They're beautiful.
Posted by Pru from Boston, MA:
Pretty fabulous!

I visited the Boston store one fine April day hoping to visit the Liz -- but she was nowhere to be found. Boo. I wanted to try the Orange Amie, but had my heart set on the Teal Liz. Then I was very surprised to find Teal (and also Lilac) Amie on the floor, just arrived. Love at first sight. I have spent the last 3 days at work wearing Amie on carpet and getting used to the fit, and they are super comfortable and don't seem to rub or be painful at all. Seemed to fit true to size for me. I have a somewhat wide 8.5 to 9 foot and left with the 9.
Posted by Jasmine from Edmonton:

I ordered these shoes a couple of weeks ago in preparation for a trip to Paris next month. It was true love from the moment I opened the box, the shoe however did not love me back. It's taken two weeks to break them in nicely, at first they cut into my heel quite badly but now they're great. And the sizing is quite accurate, I usually wear an 11.5 and I ordered a 12 in these and the fit is great though they may be a touch wide. My only complaints are that the left heel arrived with a small hole (like maybe made by a tack) and everytime I walk it hisses and releases air. This doesn't affect the functionality of the shoe, it's more annoying than anything. My other issue is that the right sole appears to already be lifting in areas... I'm hoping this isn't the case, I really am, but they might have to make a trip to my cobbler soon.

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