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Simon (Floral)
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Simon (Floral)
Simon (Floral)
Simon (Floral)
Simon (Floral)
$249 USD
i Believe High | Simon [Floral]
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Handmade in Mexico, The Simon features tough Barcelona leathers unlined for simplicity and comfort. With their old-gold, over sized eyelets and leather laces, stained Goodyear welted leather soles, 2" stacked leather heels with rubber lifts, and a JF custom shark-nosed last with a structured toe, The Simon holds a unique and suave look. I Believe.

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From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
The Simons are longer in length and wider in width, so some people prefer to go down a half a size for the perfect fit!

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Posted by Melissa from Canada:
Everything Monkey said about these shoes is true. But the part about 'feeling them up', is very, very, very true. Trust us, you want these boots.
Posted by Marie from New York:
I only wish that the "I Believe" inscribed on the sole was in a place that didn't get worn off from wear.
Posted by Monkey from Nyc:
These shoes are hot

Wether there's a girl in you or a guy in you, you're gonna want these shoes. My try on was bit rough in that the right boot was hard getting into, but what do you expect when you have one foot larger than the other? So ignore that comment. They're a little tricky in that they hate ankle socks (they slip to and fro while breakin in and wearing), so you better be prepared to free foot or have amazing socks that you aren't ashamed off. But good lord, I love them! I wear them w skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, ANYTHING really. They smell great and they look damn sexy on the ankle. You want these boots. Trust me. I'm feeling them up right ow as I type this...and I'm in a bar in NY during Fleet week. Use your own judgement on that comment, but I assure you you want these boots.
Posted by Marie from New York:
Oh Hi

....Ive never met a Fluevog that I didn't love, and here is no exception. The only surprise is how excited I get to wear them and then when I can't- the leather sole is preventing me from wearing them as much as Id like to in this raining Spring weather. To be a little more clear about the comfort of these shoes, I recently injured my ankle and I am finding these shoes to be excellent support during this time. When I wear them I feel no constrictions. Id like to give a huge shout out to the guys in the NYC store, as they are always excellent and made sure I knew how to properly break in these shoes. Thank you guys, and gal!
Posted by elizabeth from Queenstown, New Zealand:
Fabulous fabulous fabulous

These boots are .... well...fabulous! They look great, feel great & fit great. They look superb with tights and skirts and fit perfectly around the ankle (I have skinny ankles & sometimes find it hard to winch shoes/boots in enough - but don't fret if you are sturdier in the ankle, there is plenty of room for all sizes!). I wear a US 8.5 in Mini Qtees and a US9 in these boots, Convictions, Guides & Munsters. Thanks again to Keith in LA for his patience with my indecision as to colour - in a perfect world I would have got both but ended up opting for the black.
Posted by LJR from Cambridge, ON:
As soon as I saw these boots from the shop window on Queen St. W. in Toronto, I knew it was over. This is my 2nd pair of Fluevogs (my first are black Malibrans with the groovy wooden heel) and, like the first, they've surprisingly comfortable - even for a girl like me who scarcely wears heels. I like these boots best with jeans or a long skirt and, in addition to the soft leather and beautiful colour, the leather laces are a wonderful touch. I fear that Fluevogs will be a guilty pleasure for a long time to come! :-D
Posted by Laurel from Canada:
Not Funny

So disappointed I don't know where to start. These just arrived 1/2 hr ago and they are not new. I received shoes that have been worn! :-O Bend in the toes, worn on the tongue, and worn on the leather soles. Also, the right boot was so tight across the stitching at the bottom of the laces I broke a blood vessel on the top of my foot putting them on (:`( They were probably returned because someone else had the same problem. The left shoe fits like a glove. These are my 5th pair of Vogs and I believe this company is the best shoe company on the planet. Just so disappointed with this particular purchase. :-(
Posted by Sommer Powers from San Francisco:

Best ever! Just bought three pair of Vogs in San Francisco at the Union Square Store. These are so wonderful. I get comments all day long ,-)
Posted by Katherine from Denver, CO:
portland treasure

Since John won't bring his genius to Denver, I treat myself to a pair each time I travel to a Fluevog-friendly city. I tried on this pair in Portland and fell in love. Crazy comfy, like the leather was wrapped around my own feet for the fitting...and super cool, I must say. I am officially addicted to the Vogs, a true devotee...
Posted by Angela B from Redmond, WA:
Walk for miles

Stunning. Comfortable. Gorgeous. Remarkable. Unique. This is my 10th pair of Fluevogs and possibly the most comfortable pair yet.

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