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Babycake (Cherry & Black)
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Babycake (Cherry & Black)
Babycake (Cherry & Black)
Babycake (Cherry & Black)
Babycake (Cherry & Black)
$319 USD
Reg $425
Minis | Babycake [Cherry & Black]
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The Babycake boots feature luscious Aniline leathers in smooth and embossed finishes, decorative buttons, a rubber F-Sole, and the iconic 3" Mini hourglass heel for ultimate traction, durability and comfort. Named in honour of our baker friend Babycake who makes the most delicious cupcakes in Canada. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

Approximate Calf Measurements: Size 6-7 (11"), Size 8-9 (12") and Size 10-11 (13")
Heel Height: 3"

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From the fit experts:

Shea from our Calgary store says:
The Babycakes are an excellent, wide fitting boot with a fairly standard fitting calf and length. A fantastic boot for all kinds of feet!

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Posted by Haley Pearson from Alpharetta, GA:

I literally just got my first pair of Fluevogs today. I have been walking around in these boots all day... even in my pjs. When I put them on I actually started crying and here's why. You see, i have Cerebral Palsy on the entire right side of my body and without shoes being specifically, custom-made for my right foot, I am in pain most of the day no matter what shoes I wear. As soon as I started walking in these fluevogs tears started streaming down my face. They really are the world's most comfortable shoes. Thank you, John Fluevog, for being brilliance personified!
Posted by Jessica from Atlanta:
How could I say no?

Rachel in the Boston store pretty much greeted me at the door with these - I've bought five of my seven pair of 'Vogs from the Newbury Street store - and the minute I tried them on, I was a goner. Love these boots, comfortable, durable, and they make me - and everyone who sees them - happy. Thanks, John Fluevog!
Posted by Kay from NYC:
Very cute

I tried these on in the NYC store, ultimately receiving them from another in order to get the cute multi-color version. The opening at the calf was surprisingly tight. I don't usually have trouble fitting into boots in terms of calf width. The salesperson swore that it will loosen up considerably. Here's hoping because I really love this style!
Posted by Kimberley from Ottawa:
I'm converting all my friends to Fluevogs

In a conservative government town like Ottawa these sweet boots stand out like a beacon of hope to all fashionably minded souls in the city. Thank you for making me so darn popular Fluevog! Everyone loves my foot fashion (and of course I tell them where to find you) and I get compliments galore.
Posted by Veronica from Tacoma, WA:
Oh baby!

These have become my favorite (of seven pairs) of Vogs. (Although they are slightly less comfortable than my Hjordis boots, the Hjordis are too delicate to wear frequently due to the delicate patterned suede, esp in the Pacific NW.) I have these lovelies in black. They are comfortable, roomy, durable and badass! They are so stable that the heel is hardly noticeable. There is plenty of room for my calf and there is some foot and ankle support as well. I've had them for awhile and love them so much that I am seeing if I can justify getting them in Cherry & Black too.
Posted by Irina from Russia Khabarovsk:
A miracle!

I already had earlier 2 pairs: Libby Smith [Black] + Lover [Olive] Now, I ordered two more pairs online:Babycake [Cherry & Black] +Libby Smith [Grey & Burgundy] Consultants helped me to choose the size, and now I have everything right! (The first two I bought at random and they were large to me) Must take half a size larger than the US size. But sending lost somewhere before the New Year. It took another two weeks and I thought I would never see them again. I asked Santa Claus: Please give me my favorite shoes! And in the morning brought me the parcel: a miracle! The most comfortable, most beautiful, fun and eye-popping! Awesome John! Thank you! I'm your forever!
Posted by Jodi from Canada:
Everyday boots

I LOVE these boots! They were a Christmas present last year (my 3rd pair of minis). They are my everyday go-to boots from early fall to late spring and probably get worn 4 times a week. They are so super comfortable and I can easily get in my average 10K steps in them without any discomfort. I am in between a 10.5 and 11 in all my Vogs, and these ones are a 10.5 and perfect. You don't need a super skinny calf, but they are form fitting on my leg - I wear them both under pants and over leggings or tights comfortably.
Posted by Emma from USA:
Simply love them!

I cannot express how excited I was when I first saw these boots on the internet. I bought them from Amazon in order to save shipping cost. My eyes instantly lighted up when I opened the box and my roommate were so jealous of me! These boots are very uniquely designed and the leather is absolutely fine quality. I cannot wait to wear them on Thanksgiving!
Posted by Chris from Calgary:
Jaws drop

That's everyone's expression when I wear these babies!! Burned my wallet but totally worth it. I'm normally size 6.5 but I manage to fit wonderfully in a 6. It works perfectly with leggings / stockings - quite a stretch with my skinny jeans, it takes awhile to expand. Great with dresses or tunics. I can just feel the ENVY from everyone who's staring at 'em!
Posted by Ruby:
When I first spotted these boots in a magazine I fell immediately in love. I knew I couldn't afford them at the time so I saved for months until I could. I was weary about buying such expensive shoes without trying them on and there wasn't a store in my state. I happened to be visiting a friend in Seattle so I made a special trip to the Fluevog store and they let me try on several pairs of these boots to find the right fit. They explained since they are handmade they can all fit a bit differently. Sure enough, I had to take the left shoe from one set and the right shoe from another to get the perfect fit! And they are so comfortable even for someone who doesn't wear heels.

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