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Simon (Floral)
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Simon (Floral)
Simon (Floral)
Simon (Floral)
Simon (Floral)
$249 USD
i Believe High | Simon [Floral]
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Handmade in Mexico, The Simon features tough Barcelona leathers unlined for simplicity and comfort. With their old-gold, over sized eyelets and leather laces, stained Goodyear welted leather soles, 2" stacked leather heels with rubber lifts, and a JF custom shark-nosed last with a structured toe, The Simon holds a unique and suave look. I Believe.

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From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
The Simons are longer in length and wider in width, so some people prefer to go down a half a size for the perfect fit!

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Posted by Jen from United States:
Gorgeous and comfy

I have the Simon in black and it's hard for me to resist wearing them everyday, but I want them to last as long as possible. The squared toe gives them this lovely boyish look. I adore the brown soles and the old looking metal. The heel is comfy enough that it can get me through a day bustling around lab, and is soft enough that it's quiet, which I appreciate. My only worry with these is that the leather soles aren't terribly happy when there's surprise rain. I'll probably bring them in to a store to have a rubber sole put on.
Posted by allison from toronto:
great looking, but killer uncomfortable

i have lots of vogs. love them. can't believe i found a pair that did not meet my expectations. i had coveted the brown leather simon for months, looked at them online all the time and then finally bought a pair last summer. The first day they were really uncomfortable and I hoped that the leather was just stiff and would soften, but the boots are so painfully uncomfortable that I haven't been able to wear them at all. I would really caution any interested in buying these to wear them for a long time in the store before purchase - make sure that you get a pair that allows you to bend your foot! the high back looks great, but it doesn't give, so it digs into your Achilles. i see that some have had good success with the floral, so maybe it is just the brown leather that is problematic.
Posted by Dixie from Tucson,AZ:
Loving These Boots

I have been looking at Fluevog shoes for quite sometime, enchanted with the beauty and uniqueness of them. When I saw these boots in the floral pattern they immediately pulled strong and hard on my heart strings. The other thing that made me think this was it, I have to try these shoes, was that they were noted to run large. I have a big foot and run between a B to a C in width and often have a horrible time finding a boot to fit. When these arrived, I took them from the box and loved the floral design in person with deep, deep love. Then came the moment of truth, can I,aka "Big Foot", get these on??? The answer is a resounding YES! I adore these shoes. Since I live in the Sonoran Desert and we have embarked into 4-5 months of 100 degree temps, I will be saving this beauties for the fall but gazing often and thinking, "Life is Good".
Posted by Tara from Montreal:
Love the flowers!

I had a hard time with my first pair of brown High Simons, they were stiff and not all that comfortable. But when I saw the flowers, I HAD to try them on, and this pair was much more comfortable - softer leather and better fit. Bought them immediately! They are so beautiful and fun to wear.
Posted by Victoria from Tacoma WA:
These are so cool!

I made a list of Vog shoes to try on in the store, however, these weren't on my list. But, when I tried on a similar boot that just didn't work, the sales person suggested these in brown. I fell in love as soon as I put them on! I get so many compliments, almost always from men - which I think is funny! (The new floral is beautiful - uh oh.) I have a med width foot and think the fit is perfect. I didn't even think about the back of the heel until I read the other reviews. Also I really like the heel height - not too high for a tall person. Thanks for another great shoe.
Posted by Tina De Suza from Auckland, New Zealand:
Is it lust or love, or both?!?

My floral beauties just arrived, and I am totally in love / lust already! Been Fluevoggin' since I lived in Yaletown back in 2002; the moment I pressed my frozen nose to the store window, I was hooked!! Gorgeous workmanship, totally bitchin' style! These boots will be a winter fave for me!
Posted by Sherri Lea from Near Philly:
Love my Simon booties!

I probably would not have entertained these until I saw them in person! They are the wonderfully sturdy leather that I loved in my Frontiers and are probably from the same boot factory in Mexico. I would love to see more shoes/boots made there, because they are AWESOME! I got a 10, which is my Frontier size, but I do take a 10.5 in Cece and hopes to name a few. I probably could have gotten a 9.5 in these, but now I have room for a thicker sock in the colder winter. I did not have any issues with the shape on the back of my ankle, but I may have thinner ankles than some people. I got the flower version.
Posted by Kelly from Vancouver:
will the back of boot soften up?

I love these but am wearing them around the house before I decide they are keepers :) Most of my Fluevogs are amazing out of the box but these not as much. I bought the tan colour, I sized down from a 7.5-8 to a 7 as the toe box is large and I have narrow feet. I have found that the angle of the leather on the top at the back angles in. It kinda digs in because obviously an ankle does not have a forward bend, this is uncomfortable :( The leather seems soft so am wondering if it will "give" and be ok? Anyone else have this problem?
Posted by Maria Bravo from puerto rico:
super pretty

These boots look awesome in brown, super natural look, they are soft and comfy. I ordered them in 9, because I tought the shoe box will be tight but they certainly run larger than others, still will be nice w socks..
Posted by Sian:
I'd eyed these boots on line for a while, not having a shop nearby, but finally I could resist no longer. I had to know how they would feel on my feet. So I ordered from the website and they came lickity split fast. I was sent size 7.5 instead of a 7 due to a mistake from the actual factory where they had put a size 7.5 in the size 7 box. I called the store and they fixed it right away. Sent back the boots; Fluevog paid the shipping and I received my 7's in no time at all. They are ... just scrumptious in every way. Beautiful, soft, thick leather; perfect walking heel and truly versatile. I love these boots!

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