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Sunny (Tan)
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Sunny (Tan)
Sunny (Tan)
Sunny (Tan)
Sunny (Tan)
$189 USD
Reg $309
Hopefuls | Sunny [Tan]
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The Sunny sandal wants to take you beachcombing ocean side tidal pools, on or to a picnic in the grass, or just to a sun-drenched spot where you can close your eyes and take in its peaceful warmth. This Hopeful beauty is made in Portugal with soft, matte leather and designed with a 2.25" heel and three straps that perfectly place the foot onto a cushioned footbed. Let Sunny be your stylish, comfortable footwear companion for those warm, soul-hugging days. F is for all things Hope.

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From the fit experts:

Catherine and Team from our Washington DC store says:
Sunny's three adjustable straps make this a winning sandal for almost everyone!

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Posted by Kevy from United States:
OMFG LOVE them and the name on the buckle!

I ordered these during the sale. They showed up at my office overnight. I effin' LOVE them so much. Perfect sandals. The soft leather straps and suede insole area make them instantly comfortable. I will wear the Fluevog name on the buckles proudly. My coworker tried them on then immediately went online and bought her first pair of Fluevogs. Same ones as me! We have another convert.
Posted by Tara from Montréal:
Cobalt blue rocks!

These are such awesome comfortable sandals! Love the heel height, the soft leather, the adjustability and the rockin' cobalt blue colour! Runs true to size. The Montréal staff were awesome as usual, getting me a perfect pair in my size from the Calgary store. Woot!
Posted by Belinda from WI:
Sized same as Rosy

The blue are GORGEOUS! Did want to add a fit note that for me these fit a little small and I had to go up a half size just as I did with the Rosy boot. Super cushiony and comfy, though!
Posted by Chris from Calgary:
Great Fit

Walked out of the store with the Blue sandals. What's wrong with the logo? NOTHING... it's great to have adjustable straps at so many levels. The blue is striking & rich, these would work even in the office in summer. Only issue is the transparent sticker that says "genuine leather made in...." stuck internally which I had to remove. PLEASE DO THIS GENTLY TO AVOID TEARING the delicate internal leather. Would the shoe-makers please stop sticking these stickers at such a delicate area?? :)
Posted by Daisy from Chicago:
Don't you love your Vogs?

I have not purchased these yet, but was extremely surprised at the number of comments complaining about the logo on the buckles. I am not fond of logos myself, but these are Fluevogs! Don't you love your Vogs enough to want to spread the love and let admirers wonder where they too can get some Fluevogs?? I'm hoping to try these on soon because I love the blue and these might be the perfect addition to my Fluevog family.
Posted by Phyllis from Boston, MA:
Awesome and so comfy

The buckles - guys, it's no different than any other brand (LV, Chanel) that wants to prevent counterfeit knock-offs as much as possible. In person it's not at all noticable. BUT more importantly the color is bright (I have the cobalt blue), vibrant and the fit is perfect. Can't wait to pair these with my fave pedicure colors!
Posted by SW from Toronto:
Great Sandals!

I love that these sandals were designed with 3 adjustable buckles on the front and one buckle to adjust around the back of the foot. I struggle to find shoes for my narrow foot. These work. They have a perfect heel height for walking!
Posted by babette:

I glimpsed these blue beauties on my way to dinner, and dragged my dear husband into the store to take a look. No way. The name on the buckles spoiled them. I'm waiting for a revised/reissued edition.
Posted by Ginny from Bungendore:
Vulgar & obnoxious buckles ...

Sorry, but the name on the buckles is pretty vulgar and obnoxious. Why not those "runes"? That would be much more fun. I loved the way JF put his moniker on the SOLES of his shoes, the equivalent of a nice lining in a coat. So that the quality signalling stands on the actual quality, and not needing "signage". I won't be buying these ...
Posted by lc from NYC:
Agree on buckle obnoxiousness

I love fluevogs and own many but the first thing i noticed about these was fluevog's name on the buckles and i thought that was obnoxious. If these go on clearance making a buckle replacement worth it...I might buy because the blue is beautiful. I agree with the other comments--I don't even like the subtle fluevog stamps on shoes...this one is really obnoxious!

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