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Michael (Black & White)
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Michael (Black & White)
Michael (Black & White)
Michael (Black & White)
Michael (Black & White)
$99 USD
Reg $189
CLEARANCE | Angels: Michael [Black & White]
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This wing tip shoe is for all occasions. A three eyelet lace up with contrasting top-stitch and brogue details fits comfortably between everyday and all night. Original Angelic Sole, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Resoleable. Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

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Posted by Shalane from Auburn, WA:
No comparison

Hands down these are the best shoes I have EVER bought in my entire life. Ever. I will soon be buying another pair as my previous set got destroyed in a house accident :-( . I miss them more than I care to admit about shoes. I am still mourning the loss of my black and white ones.. I wore them for years and years and would have continued to wear them if I had them still. They are the epitome of comfort (not a blister or tender foot in sight after a long day), and they go with everything! I could wear them to work, and then jeans and they are still fabulous and the highlight of my outfit.
Posted by Burnsie from MInneapolis, MN:
Great Shoes and Great Comments

I've gotten more favorable comments about these shoes than any other shoe I have owned, Fluevog or other. These comments are from people who range from 14 to 65 years old. Simply, these are great, great shoes, all the way around!! Now build a store in Minneapolis and I'll be really happy!! ,-)
Posted by Monique from Cambridge:
Angel: Michael

@>- I have two of these. In the black and pink: and the violet and pink. I always get notice wearing these shoes. Comfortable, like walking on a cloud.
Posted by BLU from san francisco:
I bought these shoes in mid 2008. I thought they were a little expensive, but I wanted to treat myself to something nice. Let me tell you, these shoes are like magic to the ladies! :-D I am an average looking guy, and a little bit shy, but when I wear these shoes I get tons and tons of complements from girls. They look at me, they smile, they say those are some nice shoes. I can't believe it! I'm broke. I'm laid off from work, and yet all types of girls give me complements. They just walk right up to me and smile. wow!!! I have been tearing through my closet looking for junk to sale just to purchase another pair. fabulous and extremely, I mean extremely comfortable to wear! worth every penny. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't give a positive review so as to not increase the competition with the ladies.
Posted by DAve Grow from Salt Lake City , Utah:
Styling Shoes

I was given a pair of Michael Angelic Sole Shoes from a friend. His son gave them to him but they were to big for him. How lucky I am !!!! I have had nothing but complements from many people . My son-in-law would like a pair but the colors are reversed. They are Burgundy on the toe with black by the tongue and the heel. The new ones are reversed and are good looking also but was wondering if the older style would ever come back. Just a man that loves the look , comfort & versatility. Please let me know if this will ever happen in the new future. Dave
Posted by stEn Ryason from Seattle, WA:

My RED shoes. I have often gotten "cool shoes" comments from total strangers. These are big, heavy, chunky shoes that are yet very comfortable.
Posted by dennis marcenko from east van:
I Bought these shoes at the beginning of September/08 at the Granville St. location. At first in the store they seemed a bit tight and the size up from them were a tad loose. I opted for the smaller size but had great concern when leaving the store. I wore them home and they felt tight for the rest of the day but seemed to improve and relax a bit by early evening. The next day they were quite comfortable and by the end of day 2 they fit a lot better..... A week goes by and now they feel like slippers.... Wow, I knew that leather, especially quality leather like this, would stretch and start to fit nicely. How these shoes catch people's eyes is what I like. I get a lot of comments on them and I love them a lot. Thanks for making a great pair of shoes!!!

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