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Liz (Pink & Yellow)
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Liz (Pink & Yellow)
Liz (Pink & Yellow)
Liz (Pink & Yellow)
Liz (Pink & Yellow)
$189 USD
Reg $309
Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom | Liz [Pink & Yellow]
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The Liz Mary Janes are a delicious recipe combining the fit of The Hopeful Family, aniline leathers from The Mini Family, rubber soles from The Hope Family, and a modified 2.5" Wearever heel. They're so comfortable and stylish, that they were selected (in custom colours) as the official uniform shoe for all female flight attendants on Air Canada rouge! We challenge you to name another fashion shoe brand that is so dependable, it's been chosen to fly so high. With contrast piping, double buckles, and a new attitude, let The Liz be your sidekick on all your Fluevog adventures (in the air or on the ground).

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Watch the production of The Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Liz!

From the fit experts:

Ali from our New York store says:
The Liz is great for wider feet, but please go up at least a half size! These little beauties have been running on the short side and mostly everyone has gotten a half size bigger then their true size.

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Posted by Julie from Wisconsin:
I love you Liz.

Just wanted to add my 2 cents! My normal Fluevog size is 11. I have a few 11.5 (Hope Promise) and 10.5 (Mini Elif) thrown in. My feet are slightly wide, I have high arches and long toes, and lately my feet have a tendency to swell at the end of the day. I bought an 11.5 pair of the blue Liz and the day after arrival (before I could really break them in or even try them out for a short trip), I took a leap of faith and wore them to a convention the next day which involved a lot of walking. It was a 12-hr day, and the shoes were an absolute dream. Although my big toes just slightly made contact with the front of the shoes, the heels are low enough that my toes did not get painfully crammed into the front as I walked, which I feared. In fact, I wore them barefoot and my toes had enough wiggle room that even though my feet got a little swollen, I didn't get a single sore spot or blister at the end of the day. This is absolutely unheard of for me! They fit my particularly odd feet so well that I am thinking I might sell off a bunch of other rarely-worn pairs to pick up another color. (Of course, they also look super cool, which is nothing to sneeze at.) I normally wait until pairs go on sale before picking them up, but I am SO glad I ordered these on Fluevog Day!!
Posted by Natasha from Los Angeles:
New Walking Shoes!

I go to London every year for 10 days and walk until my feet nearly fall off. These are going to save me this year - they're comfy & stable enough that I can spend the entire day running around on cobblestones, but fashionable enough that I can wear them with a dress. I love traveling the world in my Fluevogs. A big hug to the staff at Melrose - Ive bought so many shoes there, they feel like family!
Posted by Montserrat from New York:
1/2 size up

I have to agree I purchased those on Fluevog's day. And went I tried them at home again they were a little short. I went back to the store and is always a great pleasure and I made the switch and now are PERFECT ready to roc.
Posted by Noveltea from Oakland, CA:
Maybe I do like heels

I never wear heels. I have had bunion surgery in the past, too, and low arches, so it's just a bad combination all around. In fact, a good shoe to me is usually a pair of sneakers that last a few years. Then I heard about Fluevog. Then I saw these. And then I needed a pair of shoes for my wedding. The one where I have to dress fancy but still want to be able to run around on the grass kicking a ball. So that was my excuse for these adorable teal shoes. I went to the SF Union Square store and they were super friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, the size 6.5 was a little too small and they were out of size 7s. And comfy! Comfy heels! Ten minutes later and I was ordering it online. And now I am going to wear them before my wedding, because they are too fantastic to be boxed up.

I just got home from Fluevog store.Like always is a lovely pleasure to stop by. All the crew are fantastic but my favorite is Paul. Always take very good care of me and everyone else. Sooooooooo happy with my new shoes. Thanks for the lovely and happy soles.
Posted by Sherri Hutton from New Orleans:
The Surprise of Blue

I love these with all my heart. People stop me and exclaim, "Oh lawd those are so beautiful". I just say "Yes indeed they are" and beam with happiness. I am the coolest middle aged woman in New Orleans when I am wearing these shoes. I want the black ones. Then my happiness will be complete. I have many pairs of JFs These are my favorites.
Posted by Leslee from Los Angeles:
So Comfy!

I do not wear heels. As I told Kimberly, the lovely employee at my local store, I live in flip flops and Converse. But I had had my eye on these shoes for a while--the peacock blue ones to be specific--and decided to treat myself to a special present. I tried them on in all three colors but let's be honest, they are all friggin' cute. But I stuck to my original feeling and wore my new shoes last night. So comfortable. I danced up a small storm and had happy feet all night.
Posted by kim oliverio from United States:
if price was lower i would recomend, but not until

I love the shoes, but they are way to expensive for the normal working people, need to lower the price some..9ysds
Posted by Janet from Whitehorse:
Strange Fit

Like many people who've already posted here, I adore these shoes. Sadly these are the strangest-fitting Vogs I've ever tried on and they don't seem to work for my feet. Based on advice from the store, I ordered a 10, which is a full size larger than my usual Fluevog size. When they arrived and I excitedly slipped them on my feet, I found that my toes were right up against the inside of the shoe, but I had a 3/4 inch gap at the back, causing them to slip when I walked. Also, these are a wide shoe (too wide for my average sized foot). I think it's best to buy these in person so you can try various sizes and find the best fit. I've had to return mine.:-(
Posted by Mary from Virginia:
oddball sizing but great shoes

yeah I am usuall a 7.5-8 in Vogs, but had to go up to an 8.5 (thanks Chicago!) to get the right fit.. fortunately first time out of the box. Comfortable, gorgeous, so many comments. MORE TURQUOISE!

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