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Michael : Hommes (Brun & rouge)
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Michael : Hommes (Brun & rouge)
Michael : Hommes (Brun & rouge)
Michael : Hommes (Brun & rouge)
Michael : Hommes (Brun & rouge)
$99 USD
Reg $229
7th Heaven | Michael : Hommes [Brun & rouge]
GROUPES:   Vente   Chaussure   Hommes  

Il y a près de 25 ans, John lançait les premiers Fluevogs au monde avec la semelle Angel! Depuis, les semelles Angels ont fait partie de différents mouvements sociaux et stylistiques, et furent souvent nommées les semelles les plus confortables de la planète. La collection 7th Heaven des semelles Angel s'ajoute au mouvement, offrant toujours le même confort auquel vous êtes habitués, et la possibilité d'être ressemelée. Afin de célébrer cette nouvelle collection de semelles Angel 7th Heaven, John a fait une production limitée de la chaussure bout à ailettes Michael, avec la doublure en cuir et la semelle rembourrée déclinée dans une palette étonnante et inhabituelle. Fabriquée en Europe, la chaussure Michael 7th Heaven résiste toujours à « l'alcali, l'eau, l'acide, la fatigue et à Satan » et sera confortable entre tous les jours et toute la nuit.

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From the fit experts:

Victor from our Vancouver (Granville) store says:
True to size, and so comfortable!

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Posted by Kelly G from Seattle, WA:
Red, white, and blue. And brown...

Two more pairs of "men's" Fluevogs that I love! These shoes are obscenely comfortable right out of the box. I find them to be true to size; I wear a size 9 women's, no special feet issues. The 7 in men's fit perfectly. They look awesome with both work pants or blue jeans, and you can run around all day. I love the different colors that coordinate with plenty of my wardrobe. Slainte, Mr Fluevog! You've done it again! Thanks as always to the fantastic Seattle crew.
Posted by Dave from Vancouver:
I own 2 pair of these..brown and light brown and black and white. The black and white are fantastic shoes..retro / rock-a-billy. If you have these on you WILL be dancing !!
Posted by Graham from Vancouver, BC:
Love these!

I bought the Michaels in Red/Brown - I wasn't sure about them, but from the moment I slipped them onto my feet, I've been in love! They're comfortable, cool, and get me compliments everywhere I wear them! I'll be looking forward to the next pair I buy - and reaching outside of my comfort zone!
Posted by David Overstreet from Spokane, WA:
Still in LOVE with Fluevogs, might need an intervention?

I currently (not including pairs worn to the grave) have 13 pairs of Fluevogs...hence the possible intervention. I purchased the brown/brown pair of this style. LOVE them more than the picture. I moved back to Spokane, WA about 1.5 years ago and appreciate the taste that these shoes are elevated to here. I also went a big Vog crazy prior to knowing I was moving back. I had my original Swordfish repaired after more than 20 years and heavy wear; now like NEW (btw, cost more than I originally paid = "old skool"). Which helped me decide NOT to buy "crappy disposable" shoes again. I love that I can have these shoes for many years to come and simply have them reSoul'd! I miss my buddies at the downtown SF store; Jenna and David. Buying online is not really the same. "...yes it might be an addiction, no need for an intervention." Thank you JF!
Posted by Fire from Vancouver BC:
Be bold or go home

It took me a while to wrap my head around buying red shoes, once I made the decision I did not look back. People compliment me every time they notice my shoes... They also look awesome with a suite
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