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Paris (Beige Devilfish)
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Paris (Beige Devilfish)
Paris (Beige Devilfish)
Paris (Beige Devilfish)
Paris (Beige Devilfish)
$129 USD
Reg $255
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Attentions | Paris [Beige Devilfish]
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Since the invention of the very first tiny black dress the classic pump has been the perfect accompaniment, and the combination even inspired the very first eyebrow raise from the Royal Court. John drew the Paris with an understated, timeless rounded toe with tunite soles and a sensible & elegant 4" curvy leather wrapped heel, complete with a small platform for comfort as you walk your small dogs down the Champs Elysees. Featuring leathers in smooth or faux-devilfish finishes, or in embossed patterned suedes, The Paris will attract unrelenting attention. Take notice, John brings back the true pret-a-porter experience!

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From the fit experts:

Rebecca, Dustin & Laura from our Chicago store says:
Stunning as always, the Paris is one sexy yet easy to wear heel thanks to cleverly hidden platform and incognito rubber sole. Very true to size in length with a delicate toe box that will need to break in. Stepping up in size is not recommended.

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Posted by Elisabeth from Vancouver:
Do they get more comfortable?

Can anyone tell me whether these soften up after a while? They are beautiful shoes, but I have to agree that they feel like steel-toed boots. Four-inch heels don't have to be painful....I've got Listen Ups that were super comfy pretty much from the outset, and the heels on those are just as high as the Attention heel.
Posted by mari from Durham, NC:
Sexy, Sexy shoes. On or off!

I'm going to agree that they aren't THE most arch supporting, foot loving shoe, but what 4" heel is? As 4" heels go, they're pretty good. The foot pad on on the ball and the heel are very cushy. The leather is a bit hard on the edges, but they're new. We'll see how that goes. It is leather. As for size: Generally speaking, whatever your in between sizes are, take the half up. Though I'd definitely prefer to be sitting with these on, I absolutely need to be seen in them. They're just gorgeous and they make me feel like a princess! ]:o)
Posted by Rebekah from DC:

This is a really gorgeous shoe, which is really too bad because I can't wear it!:-( My toes are smushed and the leather is very hard and ungiving/unforgiving -it (leather) is so hard I feel like I'm wearing steel-toed boots. X-) I did receive the right size, and even had to put in heal-grippers, so the shoes aren't too small. Like I said, really beautiful shoe, but I will definitely only be buying shoes from now on that I can try on, first. I do not recommend buying without trying in the store, unless you can afford the shipping costs to keep shipping items back and forth.
Posted by Cat from Edmonton:

Can anybody tell me how these fit? My beloved Malibrans are the only shoes I've ever owned wide enough for my big hobbit feet - I was able to fit an 8 in those, compared to a 9 in most other shoes. Is the Paris wide or narrow?
Posted by Deira from Palo Alto CA:
Comments everywhere!

I purchased this shoe in the olive. Absolutely beautiful. At a celebrity event in LA, this small town girl was saluted for her fabbo shoes!! Comfortable, unique and sure to get comments. I must have the pink now.
Posted by Lynn from Pittsburgh, PA:
Definitely grabs attention...

As soon as I stepped onto the elevator at work this morning, people started commenting on my shoes and were asking to try them on. They are high but very stable and easy to walk in. I went a whole size up, although normally I am just a half-size up in Fluevogs. Thanks Rachel in the Boston store. :)
Posted by Lori from WI:
I happen to love shoes that are unique & these most definitely fit that catagory.I ordered the pink and it is more a lavender color. I did go up from 8.5 to 9. The leather is substantial & will need to give a bit. Very sturdy heel. They are gorgeous ]:o)

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