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Derby Swirl (5 Oeillets) (Violet acide)
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Derby Swirl (5 Oeillets) (Violet acide)
Derby Swirl (5 Oeillets) (Violet acide)
Derby Swirl (5 Oeillets) (Violet acide)
Derby Swirl (5 Oeillets) (Violet acide)
$109 USD
Reg $265
7th Heaven | Derby Swirl (5 Oeillets) [Violet acide]
GROUPES:   Vente   Botte   Chaussure   Décontracté   Femmes   Habillé  

Il y a près de 25 ans, John lançait les premiers Fluevogs au monde avec la semelle Angel! Depuis, les semelles Angels ont fait partie de différents mouvements sociaux et stylistiques, et furent souvent nommées les semelles les plus confortables de la planète. La collection 7th Heaven des semelles Angel s'ajoute au mouvement, offrant toujours le même confort auquel vous êtes habitués, et la possibilité d'être ressemelée. Afin de célébrer cette nouvelle collection de semelles Angel 7th Heaven, John a fait une production limitée de la botte classique Derby Swirl dans une version 5 trous pour femmes, avec la doublure en cuir et la semelle rembourrée déclinée dans une palette et des motifs inhabituels. Fabriquée en Europe, la botte Derby Swirl 7th Heaven résiste toujours à « l'alcali, l'eau, l'acide, la fatigue et à Satan » et fera tourner toutes les têtes le long de votre périple. Comme le dit la languette : Don't Delay, Fluevog Today (N'attendez pas, Fluevoguez dès aujourd'hui.)

Instagram @fluevog #vog_derbyswirl

From the fit experts:

Kate from our Los Angeles store says:
True to size, and incredibly comfortable!

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Posted by Jamie from NYC:
Lacy & Lovely

I went into the store with my heart set on the purple with polka dots, but when I got there the staff told me, "The lace ones are the ones you want". I tried on a few different patterns and they were right, the lace pattern was the way to go! They are beautiful and just edgy enough. Thanks to Paul at the NYC store for his help, and his insightful suggestion that the lace pattern would wear really nicely over time. The boots fit true to size and are so comfy, due to the lovely Angel sole. They are a little bit stiff, but not enough to chafe. I can't wait to keep wearing them and break them in!
Posted by Janet from Whitehorse, Yukon:
While I have quite a collection of Fluevogs, this is the first pair of Angels I have ever owned. They arrived today, on my birthday, and I was touched by the accompanying note that said, "John Fluevog wants to wish you a happy birthday." Not sure how the store knew it was my birthday...Facebook maybe? Anyway, I slipped on the lacy boots and wore them all afternoon with red tights, a black lace dress and a blue jeans jacket. It was just the right amount of bad-ass! Well played John, well played. One question: how do I care for these boots? I sprayed them with weather protectant but should I also polish them?
Posted by Madeline West from Riverside, CA:
I'm disappointed that my size of 7th Heaven | Derby Swirl (5 Eye)[Black with Dots] is out of stock. Sigh ....

I love the two pairs of Fluevog shoes that I bought at the store in Los Angeles. I have shoe shopped there with my daughter, and we had such and awesome experience. She has several pairs of Fluevogs, which I had always admired. And now I have my own Fluevogs. I love them. I buy comfortable shoes, because that works best for me. I walk a great deal. But just now I am very disappointed because I went online to order "7th Heaven | Derby Swirl (5 Eye)[Black with Dots]", and I see that all the size 11 shoes are sold out! I am very sad! I had been imagining where I'd wear them and with what outfits. I'd appreciate an email when you have more size 11 in just this style and Black with Dots. Thank you.
Posted by Connie from Grande Prairie, AB:
Carried On The Wings Of An Angel

These boots are indeed Heaven. Having them on your feet is like being carried on the wings of an angel. Every step I take I know I am carried. They are one of the most comfortable pairs of Fluevogs I own. I bought the purple dots. The coloring is amazing. Everyone should have a pair on your feet or in your closet for every day walking. Once again thank you to Preet and the entire Granville Fluevog Family. Some day I will make it into a store without always ordering over the phone.
Posted by Val of Toronto, CA from Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
I didn't know a 7th heaven existed until now. Was torn between the black and the purple but leaning towards the purple by all means! What attitude this boot has, hey ladies if you want to get your man's attention just stop by a store and pick yourself up one. The fit is a true 11 and the space in the toe box is generous, I should know this is my problematic area. Thank you John.
Posted by Sarah from Calgary:
Epic shoes!

I just bought the purple ones with spots! These are my seventh pair of Fluevogs and I couldn't be happier! They are so unbelievably comfortable and super cute on. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone!
Posted by Melanie from Vancouver, Canada:
In heaven!!

I have 10+ pairs of Fluevogs but this is my first pair of Angel soles. I am in heaven! These mean business but at the same time the lace is so feminine I feel AMAZING. Thank you John, you make every day a lovely shoe adventure! <3
Posted by Dayna Hercock from Auckland, New Zealand:

Nooooooooo, I am weeping with frustration and sadness! Saw the beautiful new Angels advertised and was so excited, I longed for a pair of purple polka dotted Derby Swirls all of my own. Alas I have size 11.5 feet and they do not go up to my size...I am devastated!

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