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Derby Swirl (6 Oeillets) (Vert acide)
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Derby Swirl (6 Oeillets) (Vert acide)
Derby Swirl (6 Oeillets) (Vert acide)
Derby Swirl (6 Oeillets) (Vert acide)
Derby Swirl (6 Oeillets) (Vert acide)
$109 USD
Reg $265
7th Heaven | Derby Swirl (6 Oeillets) [Vert acide]
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Il y a près de 25 ans, John lançait les premiers Fluevogs au monde avec la semelle Angel! Depuis, les semelles Angels ont fait partie de différents mouvements sociaux et stylistiques, et furent souvent nommées les semelles les plus confortables de la planète. La collection 7th Heaven des semelles Angel s'ajoute au mouvement, offrant toujours le même confort auquel vous êtes habitués, et la possibilité d'être ressemelée. Afin de célébrer cette nouvelle collection de semelles Angel 7th Heaven, John a fait une production limitée de la botte classique Derby Swirl dans une version 6 trous, avec la doublure en cuir et la semelle rembourrée déclinée dans une palette inhabituelle. Fabriquée en Europe, la botte Derby Swirl 7th Heaven résiste toujours à « l'alcali, l'eau, l'acide, la fatigue et à Satan » et fera tourner toutes les têtes le long de votre périple. Comme le dit la languette : Don't Delay, Fluevog Today (N'attendez pas, Fluevoguez dès aujourd'hui.)

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From the fit experts:

Kate from our Los Angeles store says:
True to size, and incredibly comfortable!

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Posted by Sherri C from Near Philly:
Women who like room in the toes should try these!

I have the Mary Jane 7th heaven in size 10 women's and got the acid black in these in a size 8 men's, and prefer this fit. I love the look of these, nice mix of black, white, olive and plum, so they match more than you might expect! I take a 10W/8M in Frontier and a 10W in mini and a 10.5W in Hopes and a 10.5 in F shoe Cece just to name a few of my others.
Posted by Ty Papke from United States:
I'm Walking on Sunshine

I received my Derby Swirls in the mail last night and have been wearing them today. These are my first Fluevogs, and I am so impressed with these boots that I am having trouble expressing my exuberance! I own a LOT of boots. Seriously, it's a bit ridiculous. But, in the words of the late John Balance, "excess makes the heart grow fonder." They are mostly Docs, with some other various brands thrown in here or there. Somehow, I've gone all this time having never heard of John Fluevog. I have mixed feelings about stumbling upon this amazing brand. On one hand, I am excited to own a pair of these boots. On the other hand, they are so great that it makes me want to replace all of my other boots with Fluevogs! That would be a poor financial decision for me. There are so many great designs on this website that I want to own them all! Yet I digress... back to the boots I am reviewing... As soon as I took them out of the box, I could tell they are high-quality. The construction seems very solid, with a keen attention to detail. What's even more amazing than their design, however, is their comfort. I read that they are supposed to be very comfortable, but many boots claim this, so I took it with a grain of salt. Usually boots like this take weeks to break in, and I have to wear them in small doses the first few times to avoid blisters. I kid you not, these are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn, hands down. And they're not even broken in yet! I feel like I'm walking on sunshine! This poses a problem, because now all of my other boots are going to feel uncomfortable. These boots poses many qualities that are lacking in similar designs by different brands; such as a padded tongue, padded footbed, leather-lining, lace-loop on the tongue, and Satan-resistance. In addition to the quality boots, I also enjoyed the packaging, with all of its witty fine print. A very nice touch. Mr. Fluevog, I want to kiss you.
Posted by Gursk:
Why-O-Why no size 6!?!

My Derby Swirls have whisked me around the world. Far and away the most favouriteist of my 'Vogs. After 17 years it's time to get a more respectable looking pair, for formal events you see. Why-O-Why are they no longer available in size 6?!? Sadness fills my soles.
Posted by Shalena White from Austin, TX:
Acid Black

There are the coolest shoes I have ever owned. They seem a bit stiff right now but just need to be broken in I suppose. The sole is very supportive and the shoes seem well made. I bought 3 pair of vogs in the same day. These were great. The other 2 pairs need to be replaced because of defects right out of the box. I am disappointed that there wasn't better quality control on the other 2 pairs but the quality and beauty of these boots just might make up for it.
Posted by John S:

I got the acid black color and love them so much I just ordered the acid green so I can wear one of each. Know you're weird. No, you're weird.
Posted by jared from saskatoon:
Polish Derby Swirls:)

Purchased a pair 2 months ago, the quality is fantastic, i would highly recommend these boots to anybody looking for a quality pair of boots. A++++
Posted by Billy:
After Finding out these are made in China I will never buy Fluvog again.
Reply from Fluevog at Fluevog:
Our 7th Heaven Family are no longer produced in China. We've found a fantastic factory and moved production back to Europe (yay)!
Posted by Bob Williamson from Seatle:
HIgher quality

The lats two pairs of Derbies broke, literally after week. Must have them repaired 8 time each and my job is IT, not a harsh environment. Have note purchased Fluevog in two+ year. On a whim I stopped by the store recnelt and found out the sole quality has increased, the manufacturing is going o back Europa, etc. So i bought one of the acid wash red. Quite thrilled with the quality. Back to the old days Bob
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