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Mentor (Aqua)
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Mentor (Aqua)
Mentor (Aqua)
Mentor (Aqua)
Mentor (Aqua)
$99 USD
Reg $249
Desires | Mentor [Aqua]
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Le désir est le feu qui enflamme l'action, et avec cette théorie en tête, John chercha à créer la plus confortable des chaussures à semelle plate. Les Mentors sont offerts en deux matériaux : un cuir perlé doux et souple ou un suède portugais ciré de couleur pierre. Les deux possèdent un col élastique et des surpiqûres étonnantes le long du bout. Avec sa semelle intérieure rembourrée, une semelle souple en caoutchouc, une forme de pied asymétrique qui suit la courbe naturelle de votre pied, vous ne pourrez que désirer également une paire de chaussures de style Mentor. Open your heart's door to see your soul's desires. (Ouvrez la porte de votre coeur pour voir les désirs de votre âme.)

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From the fit experts:

Geneviève & Dominique from our Montréal store says:
The Desire Mentor fits true to size but is a little narrow.

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Posted by Maureen from Santa Fe, NM:
On the fence

I got these to fit a fairly simple, easy to wear niche after I had my baby and was returning to work- needed a pair of beater shoes that still had a bit of Fluevog-flair. (I've been a loyal Fluevog wearer since the 90s...). I've tended to wear these w/o socks, and note two things: 1) the elastic totally thrashed my ankles while these broke in, which they did, eventually; 2) the inner leather sole liner things have come unmoored and have stretched, such that it's very hard to place them properly now, which is a bummer- they're not especially comfy with weird little ridges inside. A solvable problem, but not one I currently have time/energy for...
Posted by Sarah from Edmonton:
Good quality...but too tight!

This was my first pair of Fluevogs and they are really pretty. But the elastic at the back is too tight and it can be quite painful to wear these shoes all day. I've owned them for nearly a year and wear them quite a bit for work but I find I take them off at my desk. Not sure the elastic will ever be less tight.
Posted by J:
Really small

I bought the black ones, size 10.5, noting the true to size comments I felt good enough to order online as I have 3 other Fluvogs size 10.5/11. The shoes came and I squeezed them on my feet as much to my disappointment they were way too small, I have a hard time agreeing with 'true to size' and suggest buying a size up. Thankfully I was able to gift them to some one who usually wears a size 9.
Posted by Marianna from Richmond HIll:
comfy at first but in a couple of hours OUCH! cute enough to keep trying to break them in, though.

I like these shoes.I like them a lot. I range from 8.5 to 10 in Fluevogs, but these fit true to my standard size 9. The turquoise is gorgeous and they fit my narrow feet very well. That said, the elastic at the back is painful after a couple of hours of wear. I really hope it will loosen up because otherwise, I just can't fathom the kind of foot structure you'd need for these to be the most comfortable flats ever.
Posted by Mycatfredisfat' from Dallas, TX:
Super comfy once they loosen up...perfect as "not too crazy" work shoes!

I bought the aqua and I love them, the soles are very comfy. My feet are a little wide so they are the typical super narrow to me fluevogs. I'm an 8 and bought an 8.5, 9 would have been too long. The first few times I wore them it was honestly painful and I'm on about the 5-6th all day wear and they are loosening up enough to where I can tell they are going to be crazy comfy. My only complaint (besides the usual "too damn narrow") is that the elastic in the back in too tight and can be painful...I could really do without it all together. I went ahead and just ordered them in black too since they were almost gone...since they are perfect for work...with striped socks haha!
Posted by Theresa from Edmonton. AB:
it's a sad fluevog day!

I just came home from a glorious day in the Sun with my 3 girls to find my dog had chewed through my turquoise, almost perfectly worn in, 3 month old mentors. I am crushed. Buy these shoes, love them, but hide them in acloset if you have a dog :'(
Posted by Laura from Cambridge, ON:

Hard to contain in a few sentences how much I love these flats. These are my 3rd pair of Fluevogs and probably the most comfortable and soft ones yet - the added bonus is the fun & fresh turquoise colour that lends itself to almost any spring/summer outfit. Fluevog continues to make it a dangerous experience walking into their Queen St. store because, each time I do, I come out with yet another pair! :) I must also add that the staff at the Queen St. store are always friendly and providing options/advice.
Posted by Mandy from Upstate NY:
These are the most comfortable flats!

I was drawn to the description of "the most comfortable flats ever" and have found these words to be true. The soft leather is molding perfectly to my feet, and I am in love.
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