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Michael (Black & White)
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Michael (Black & White)
Michael (Black & White)
Michael (Black & White)
Michael (Black & White)
$99 USD
Reg $189
CLEARANCE | Angels: Michael [Black & White]
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This wing tip shoe is for all occasions. A three eyelet lace up with contrasting top-stitch and brogue details fits comfortably between everyday and all night. Original Angelic Sole, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Resoleable. Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

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Posted by Philip Saunders from Canada:
Colour coordindation awesome

The Black wing tips and the ox blood/red upper is a fantastic mix. The soul did not work for me...if you could change the soul and make the colour the same, I'd buy three pairs. Best shoes I've ever owned and I wish I had bought three pairs at the time. I notice you still carry them, but again. A different soul, I'd buy multiples...so loved those shoes, the wearing was off because of the elevated soul and a such died too early.
Posted by T M from Texas:
Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue, Satan... and High-Speed Impacts! (Sort of)

I've wanted Fluevogs for years. A committed barefooter, they were the only fancy shoes I'd ever consider. I finally bought them about a month ago, and got to wear them all of a dozen times. Tons of compliments, great for all-day lab work. I got size 7s, and they fit tight at first, but became smooth as butter and never did me any harm in the breaking-in process. Broke in in about two days. Then I was t-boned. The entire passenger side crunched. Door gone, passenger seat crumpled, glovebox crunched into what remained of the door and the seat. My only passenger was the pair of coveted 'Vogs in the front seat...and they were firmly entrenched in the mass of plastic and metal. The other car leaked fluids onto them, and they're a little warped- not quite as comfortable or beautiful as they were yesterday- but they survived. So did I. It's just a pair of shoes... but it made a bad day just a little bit better. (Also, since they're the departing Black & Whites and were the last in my size, I'm real glad they made it.)
Posted by KathyD from Dallas:
Best Shoes in the Universe!

I saw a colleague wearing the Angel Supervog Blues... Love at first sight! I ordered a pair of the Angel Michael black and white wing-tips, got them a few days later and have worn them to work every day since then - MEGA compliments, and on a personal level they are so very comfortable; my days are often 10-14 hours, most of that time standing (retail) and my feet are so happy at the end of each day!
Posted by Kristi from Edmonton, Alberta:
I love My Angel Soles!

I've just sent my aged mother off to Vancouver in search of the Fluevog store to find me a new pair of Angel sole Michaels. I've had mine for three or maybe four years and they have been through wars; Hiking in unbroken forest, marching in street parades, dancing at clubs and keeping my feet dry and Satan-free! A friend recently admonished me for wearing such nasty, broken down shoes and I had a closer look at my feet to discover that, indeed, my shoes have seen better days! The fine stitching has come apart, the soles are thinned out and the once glorious leather is tattered. I still love them and will continue to wear them until a new pair finds their way to me. Good luck, Mom!
Posted by n. benjamin from michigan:
great service, horrible shoe

ordered a pair of these for a wedding. when they arrived the shoes seemed to be two different sizes. equally difficult to accept - especially on a shoe at this price - was the absolutely shoddy workmanship. glue, both white and black oozing from seams that were themselves not tight. eyelets on the left shoe were not even properly lined up. how it passed inspection at the factory, much less the store is a mystery. the staff, however, were great in dealing with the problem. they overnighted me a pair so that i could wear them at the wedding i had bought them for. they were kind, understanding and really helpful. they did tell me that fluevog is looking for a new factory in which to produce these shoes because they have had quite a few complaints. I think this is a great idea. especially as the new pair they sent me has the same finishing problems and, in addition, the welting of the sole is done incorrectly. great service. good people. sorry product.
Posted by Melisa from Baltimore, United States:
Sexy Wing Tips? Not an Oxymoron!

I adore my red/black Michaels! Besides pairing them with slacks and blazer for a more corporate look (if I must...), I wear them with black fitted turtleneck, short red/black plaid skirt, and black tights. HOT HOT HOT and I've received many compliments of the "Hey, great look, great SHOES!" variety. I expect to be rocking these babies right up to the executive suite!
Posted by Nathan from Vancouver:
Comfy as hell

So I bought a new pair of the Michael in Burgundy and black in Gastown today. Originally I went in to buy a pair of Supervogs but these both seemed better looking and better made. The Supervogs by comparison were already covered in creases from being tried on. I suspect it's just a matter of there being too much going on over the top of the pair and the relatively hard leather just didn't seem to be dealing with all that stitching holding it in place. Perhaps a result of using different leather vs the originals and moving production to China? Conversely, all that seems to have benefited the Michaels. I am staggered at how well these have broken in over a timeframe of...a couple hours? I've never had a pair go from feeling very rigid and structural to feeling like socks in practically no time at all. Credit goes to the angel sole which is very soft and flexible. It definitely helps the shoe mold and settle around your foot in record time. As for the looks, how could they not garner attention? Colour and shape combine to catch everyone's eyes. I'm also pretty stoked I don't have to worry too much about what I wear to pull them off. Pretty much the perfect shoe. The only downside to buying these was that it took me 3 attempts before finally pulling the trigger. The first two times I went into the Fluevog store on Granville the staff absolutely sucked. Standoffish, kind of snobby and definitely didn't want to be there. Definitely not who you want repping the brand in Van. So I figured I'd try the Gastown location. I got a wicked salesman named Andrew, all the staff were really nice and the stock was a bit more complete (at least for what I was looking at). Done deal.
Posted by Tim King from Bloomington, IN:
I got hitched in these shoes

I'm not big on gushing, as a general rule, but felt moved to say something about my Fluevogs. I bought a pair of solid black Angels (US size 11) in 1995, while preparing for my wedding. A savvy sister-in-law said they were the best and well...she wasn't lying. Although they're a little softer and the passage of time can't be denied, they still hold a place of honor among the shoes in my closet. That's right: after 17 years, they still look and feel amazing! Thanks for making something so great. Cheers.
Posted by Justin from Canada:

I ordered a pair online, but they were sized a little too big. Returned them, and was able to pick up a pair that fit properly in San Francisco. They chewed up my feet like crazy--several silver dollar sized blisters. X-) Once my feet healed, I wore them for a day with damp socks--when the socks dried out, wet 'em again. Did that maybe 8 times. By the end of the day I could tell they fit better. The next time I wore them, they were the best fitting and most comfortable shoes I have ever had. :-B I just found a pair of the b&w Mikes in a thrift store for $7, but sadly, too small to be able to stretch. If they come back, though, I would sell my mother for a second pair. :-D
Posted by Marc:
MIchael's The Arc Angel of Boots

I got these boots for Christmas in 1998 after my stepfather Michael died. My mom ordered them off of the then burgeoning internet from the San Francisco store. They've been pounding urban pavement all over; Montreal, St. Petersburg, Vancouver, L.A., Savannah, Detroit, and Baltimore to name a few, and through countless rock shows, including playing at the Fleuvog store in Wicker Park, Chicago. I've glued the heels back on a few times now and I finally have to break down and get them resoled, although I am still wearing them as I write this. I had an incident in Brooklyn this last fall where I had to double back a few blocks and miraculously found my missing heel. I was a bit blotto at the time. These are the best possible answer as far as shoes are concerned, especially at their price. I've trucked through disgustingness in The Tenderloin and then worn them to the office. I've been in the pit at rock shows and then worn them to weddings. Their classic wigtip design is sophisticated and tough. I've had three pairs of 'Vogs in my life, all of which were great, and have stories of their own, but these have managed to never get stolen because they have never left my side. I love these boots. They've become a sartorial signature of mine. They are truly wonderful and the only thing I would want to replace them with are new ones just like them. PLEASE keep making these.

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