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Guide (Blue)
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Guide (Blue)
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Guide (Blue)
Guide (Blue)
$299 USD
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Prepares | Guide [Blue]
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The original inspiration behind the Guide was from when John was walking to the Fluevog Design Studio for a meeting, and was confronted by a Girl Guide selling cookies. John, feeling generous (and hungry), decided to buy many boxes of the tasty delicious cookies (the number was never confirmed) to bring back to his trusty, hard working employees. On his walk, his hunger got the best of him, and he started munching happily. First the box of chocolate mints... then the box of coconut cookies... then another box... By the time John got to the Design Studio, he realized he had eaten all of the cookies. He discarded the boxes and removed any evidence of what is now referred to as 'The Great Cookie Massacre.' Unfortunately for John, his story came out in the meeting when everyone remarked on his cookie crumb tie.

Chuckling to himself at the invaluable lesson he learned from his experience, John drew up a sexy ladies shoe that featured thick, soft leathers with pebbled surfaces, custom Fluevog buckles, a 3.5" curved heel, and a 1.5" hidden platform of recycled cork, all on a tunite sole with rubber grips. The uber-modern mary jane Guide provides you with a firm foundation for the challenges ahead (like not eating the entire box of cookies at once without a glass of milk). Prepare for the Future, choose well today.

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From the fit experts:

Karen from our San Francisco (Union Square) store says:
The angle of the toe swoop makes them fit a half size smaller.

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Posted by E from Halifax!:
Ok, so I have been wearing Fluevogs for years and have been creeping the reviews for each new pair I buy, but I have never written a review because well, I am not one to put it out there. HOWEVER: these shoes rock. I intially ordered size 9 1/2 which is what I wear in the Operettas. But they were too small. So I ordered the 10. Turquoise. Since they arrived yesterday afternoon, I have only taken them off to sleep. I have horrible feet - bunions, hideous monster feet - and these are so soft and so easy to walk in. The only problem is now I feel like I am cheating on all my Operettas. I think the Guide is my new bff.
Posted by Marcie from Ottawa, Ontario:
Orange ones are not orange- very sad

I bought the orange/red ones thinking that they would be as orange as the picture. Sadly they are not. They are a dull rusty brown- think 70s leather coat. Very funky, but not what is shown on the site. Colour aside: holy crap these are a lovely shoe. Too bad I have to return them. I may get the blue leather ones as I already own teal minis. (:`( (:`(
Posted by Anne from Switzerland:
I got these from the NYC store in turquoise - size 8.5. I hope the toe box will stretch as my second toe keeps hitting the edge. (I had tried on the size 9 but they were loose).
Posted by Cecilie from Norway:
These are my hands down favorite Vog shoe so far. I own 3 pairs (3 colors), and the turquoise are my favorite. They are my 'usual' Fluevog size 10 and feel like they were made for my foot, and my foot alone. They loosen up a bit after a few wears, but that just makes it easier to slip them on without undoing the buckle. Perfection! @>-
Posted by Sarah from Madison, WI:
Love, love, love.

Bought the turquoise in Boston on a whim - so comfortable from the moment I slipped them on I couldn't resist. The 7s (my usual Fluevog size) fit perfectly with tights or thin socks. (Haven't tried them barefoot yet.) Walked a good 3 hours around the city in them the next day, with no rubbing, no blisters, no problems at all (and my feet are finicky, especially in the toe area). Only wish the orange had been in stock. Now I may have to splurge on a second pair....
Posted by poetryrox from oregon:
LOVE LOVE LOVE Have em in turquoise Jeepers, they're COMFY and quirky and spiffy and amazing. I wear them with black and the shoes are the outfit.
Posted by Terri from Los Angeles:
Color, comfort, and style

I have them in orange. I have them in Klimt blue. And I have the turquoise on layaway. I know that sounds obsessive, but these shoes are great. They make me 4 inches taller, AND I can run in them! They're unfailingly comfortable (and my standards are strict, as I have some toe/pain issues). They're beautiful AND silly. Passers-by love them. They work with jeans, they work with dresses. These are my go-to shoes. They make me feel good, in so many ways. Such a nice creation.
Posted by kym from Seattle:

Just paid off my layaway on these, (been wanting them forever!) and worked 2 days on my feet, standing at least 8 hours each day. (I'm a hairdresser.) NO PROBLEM. I could have probably gone out dancing after work. As usuall, I normally wear a 10 with all shoes, but with Fluevogs a 10 1/2, and this is no different. LOVE!
Posted by Lisabeth from Waitsfield, VT:
Love the Guides

So my daughter is getting married this coming fall. As she is a costume designer, she wanted to know that I was dress appropriately for her special day! She indicated that I was NOT to wear Black, Pants or Clogs [as a chef, that's about all I wear] Found I dress in Gun Metal Pewter. I was happy with it. We went walking on Newbury Street in Boston for Thanksgiving. Tried on some of Fluevog shoes. Love, Love, The New England Yankee in me was a little leary of the price, was walking away.. my girl and her beau bought me a pair of the "Guides" for Christmas. Just wore them for my birthday, first time out in heels in eons..Love Love Love Now I want them un Turquoise!!!! :-D
Posted by Liz Goodstone from New York:
My Dream Shoes

I first saw these maryjanes in Canada, but they didn't have my size. Upon returning home I ordered the blue ones. Once they arrived and I slipped them on, I immediately ordered the orange pair. I can't tell you how many positive comments I get on a daily basis. I just ordered the turquoise color. I would love to see these in black and other cool colors. These are the best shoes. I teach and I can wear these all day and still look cool. The kids love them.

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