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Caravaggio (Burgundy)
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Caravaggio (Burgundy)
Caravaggio (Burgundy)
Caravaggio (Burgundy)
Caravaggio (Burgundy)
$159 USD
Reg $289
Baroques | Caravaggio [Burgundy]
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The Caravaggio is a heel as lavish as the Italian Baroque painter it was named after. He was famous not just for his dramatic work and use of chiaroscuro lighting, but also for his tumultuous life that included jail, murder, and exile. True to his art, Caravaggio was vulgar, sacrilegious, and always looking for a decent fight - ultimately leading to a murder charge and death warrant on his head by the Pope. Now that is drama. The Caravaggio you see here is built on an exquisite Louis the 14th hexagonal 3" heel with luscious satin bows threaded into the t-strap, and two adjustable buckled straps. This extravagant heel will be your palette on which to merge your dramatic artistic lifestyle. There's no fashion like old fashion. There's no fashion like old fashion.

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From the fit experts:

Karen from our San Francisco (Union Square) store says:
The Caravaggio runs a bit long and has a generous room around its width.

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Posted by Kat Ferneyhough from Canada:
Don't shelf the Caravaggios!

I'll be honest, I don't own these. I own 12 pairs of Vogs (SO FAR), but these ones slipped past me before I had the opportunity to pick them up. Yes, they are still available in paisley, but it's a bit too light of a look for my taste. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE produce these babies in a gunmetal grey, or shiny silver, or cherry red... or even a much darker paisley! These are too gorgeous to finish production so soon. (also, a favourite-ing system that emails you when your ideal style/size/colour is on sale or nearly sold out, like modcloth.com has, would be AMAZING on fluevog.com - I expect it would even increase sales.)
Posted by Donna from Seattle Eastside:
Reimagining Myself

When I saw these in the solid colors last year I was totally 'meh' about them. Then suddenly this girlyromantic/Edwardian phase hit me, and I went downtown last week to try the Brightmans, the paisley Caravaggio, and the turquoise Mollie Johnson. I bought these. They are so secure on my foot! I own more 'sturdy' Vogs like Luxon and Serene and Guide, but these are the only ones that I would try to run in. The paisley is beautiful, and looks grey from normal viewing distance. I swapped out the black ribbons for some grey ones and they are beautifully neutral and work with all kinds of flouncy stuff now. There is always something to help me reinvent myself at Fluevog. Also, Willy is still a saint!
Posted by Adin from Kamloops, BC:
I just got these yesterday, in the burgundy. I've been contemplating them for a while; the first time I saw them (in pink), I thought them too fussy. But something kept pulling me back to them, and once I bought the Baroque Reubens, I knew I needed these too. The heels are sufficiently modest for a tall woman like me, and they're quite comfortable. I'm now planning what skirts I need to sew up to show them to best advantage.
Posted by Veronica from Sydney, Australia:
My 10th pair!

Yes, my 10th pair arrived Sydney yesterday! I bought this in burgundy, sz 7. It fits me perfectly even though I did not try it on before since there was no size for me to try on in the Gastown store last Aug. I tried other similar styles and was told that I should fit in sz 7. With faith & memory, I ordered the last pair of sz 7 in burgundy so that I could enter the competition of 10 years of free shoes as there is no Fluevog store in Australia. And I won't be in US until later this year. I don't think there is a Fluevog store in the city that I will be going to. So praying that I will win! Looking forward to the paisley pair. I already got the boots last Aug and am now striding them in Sydney lately due to cooler weather. John, please consider opening a store in Australia, preferably in Sydney. If not, I will fly there, still closer to US or Canada. Very Happy with my new shoes. Can't wait to wear them!!!
Posted by Theresa Wells from Fort McMurray:
Going for Baroque

I admit it. I bought a lot of the new spring line this year, but only because so many of the new designs and colourways spoke to me. This one in particular caught my eye as I have boots in the same pattern, and the compliments have been endless. The pattern, the bows, the style - soft, sexy and edgy at the same time, just as all my Vogs are. No wonder when I want to impress the politicians, musicians and celebrities I meet in the course of my work I wear Vogs, because they never fail to be noticed!
Posted by Gin from Twin Cities:
Life is short, buy these shoes

I had my eye on the burgundy caravaggios for ages, and since there is now a Vog store in Minneapolis I figured I might as well take the plunge. I was worried about the fit because I have tiny feet and so some heels are just not meant to be - I usually wear between a 5-6 in womens, or (according to the army) a size 3 wide in mens. At the store I made a quick prayer to every deity I could think of and tried on a 6 since that's the smallest they run, and they fit like a dream! They are super comfortable and I knew at once that they were mine. I bought these in the paisley and I still can't get over these shoes and how adorable they are! The cute bows, the funky heel... I haven't got a chance to wear them out what with all the snow we just had, but I've been wearing them around the house since I can't bear to take them off. These are my new favorite pair of heels, hands down. If you're wavering, just give them a try! I'm sure you won't regret it!
Posted by La Taosena from Taos NM:
Ooh La La!

I bought the Baroque Caravaggio's in paisley, (my third pair of Fluevogs), and they are the coolest, most comfortable shoes ever! I ordered them over the phone, and Anthony in Denver advised me to go down a half size - a 6 rather than my normal Fluevog 6 1/2, and he was spot on. I'm wearing them next week to my great nephew's wedding. I'm wearing a short, full, midnight blue dress, and the paisley shoes will be the only print and the focal point. I just hope I don't upstage the bride!
Posted by Sooska Vrabel from Pittsburgh, PA:
Baroque Caravaggio's: FABULOUS, DARLING!

I saw these shoes online and after reading the reviews on various Fluevog styles, I still had no clue what size to buy. I needed Sherlock (Cumberbatch-version.) I was a bit put off by the return policy and rather time shortened guarantee on a designer product, but in the end, though, I couldn't resist the funkiness and was determined to make it work, like Tim demands. I typically wear an 11 medium width in most non-designer casual or dress styles, or a 41 or 42 in casual Euro styles like Mephisto or Dansko. Even within a brand my size varies. I called the DC store and spoke to someone there who advised that I order the 10.5 since it runs "wide." Since I sometimes find designer shoes are very narrow for my average width foot, I was a little leery of that advice, given the higher heel height. I ordered the 11 and subsequently received an email from the Denver store which had the caramel Caravaggios I ordered. They advised the 11. I bought the 11 and am glad I did. The 10.5 would have been too narrow and too short. I just received them today after about a 2 week wait. They seem very comfy right out of the box, something that never happens with my shoes. They're slightly loose in the heel, but on the whole they fit beautifully. My toes are slightly cramped when walking or standing, but I am not used to wearing heels higher than 2 inches (these are about 3-3/4) and I rarely do that any more. I am practicing daily to learn to walk in gorgeous heels again. Just to be thorough regarding sizing, I have to buckle these babies in the 2nd to last (loosest) hole on the 2 straps. Pulling tighter would be too tight. These could be boxy, or designed to be too pointed but the angled toe box is both comfortable and very flattering. Makes a bigger foot look smaller (remember the big feet on Cinderella's stepsisters? That would be me, except I am nice, despite my big feet, and would never treat anyone like they treated Cinders.) I will buy more Fluevogs. They are THE very thing I was looking for to go with a very classically styled, but asymmetrically modern dress for my son's wedding in March. The Caravaggio's are feminine with the bows, unique, glamorous, fun and totally different. These are perfect to make a contrast in style in a neutral color. No one else will have these shoes. They are fabulous, Darling! They should have been delivered on a satin pillow by a footman.
Posted by Katie from United States:
Awesome Sauce

I bit the bullet, bought these shoes in burgundy for my wedding, and I love them so much, I can hardly stand it. They're GORGEOUS, they're the perfect heel height, and they're also incredibly comfortable. I love them so much, I sing lullabies to them at night. They're so awesome, I set a place for them at dinner. I'm not one to rave about shoes, but I have a serious crush on them.
Posted by Gina from NSW Australia:

I am an expat Canadian living in NSW Australia. There are no Vog outlets here unless I travel to Melbourne Victoria. So I peruse the Vog site regularly and put an order in with my father. He then goes to either the Gastown or Graville stores, to try these shoes on for me. If they fit him, they will fit me! How AWESOME is my Dad? He was worried a bit about these, but they are a perfect fit! My only complaint is the length of the ankle straps. I have to put in another hole and the strap is gonna be short! I have a wider foot and these are just beautiful on. I get compliments galore when I wear them. I bought the burgundy colour and they are divine! Love these Vogs!

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