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KCRW (Black)
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KCRW (Black)
KCRW (Black)
KCRW (Black)
KCRW (Black)
$249 USD
Reg $369
Radios | KCRW [Black]
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The KCRW channels a little bit of Amelia Earhart into a style fit for everyone. This boot is designed to accommodate the foot of any Fluevoger. The knee high lace up has an over-wide tongue that can be adjusted for an individual fit, and a hidden inside zipper means once you've found that perfect position, you don't have to mess around (but you can still mess around with other things). Just like the rest of The Radio Family, The KCRW features an upturned toe, a wider footbed and a tunite heel and sole. Finally, the weathered Atlas leather gives this boot a fun, vintage appeal. Tune in, Turn on, and Vog out!

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From the fit experts:

Alice from our Los Angeles store says:
The KCRW is a great fitting boot!

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Posted by Heather from Calgary:
These boots are wonderful. I admit that I bought a pair in black and another in brown, because, you know, it seemed like the thing to do. The fit is excellent - a typical Fluevog fit for me, which meant I went up a half size. The lacing is perfection. When I got them home, I unlaced everything, unzipped, put the boots on, and then laced them up to custom fit my calf. They look...oh, man. Like Little House on the Prairie met Hipster House on the Prairie. Very unique, very sophisticated, but also like you're rocking the rustic. I did find the zipper a bit stiff the first few times, but I swear that they make a sound like 'I love you' when you do them up. These boots. These boots! They are waiting for you.
Posted by Akiko from Calgary:

Absolutely love these boots. Usually take a nine had to go up to a ten for width but I'm finding that the ten is perfect, I'm not tripping over the shoes which can sometimes happen when I go up a size. Super comfy shoe, leather is super soft and supple and already conforming to the shape of my calf. Love love love.

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