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Paris (Black Devilfish)
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Paris (Black Devilfish)
Paris (Black Devilfish)
Paris (Black Devilfish)
Paris (Black Devilfish)
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Reg $255
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Attentions | Paris [Black Devilfish]
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Since the invention of the very first tiny black dress (by the Queen of Marseilles in 852 BC), the classic pump has been the perfect accompaniment, and the combination even inspired the very first eyebrow raise from the Royal Court. John drew the Paris with an understated, timeless rounded toe with tunite soles and a sensible & elegant 4" curvy leather wrapped heel, complete with a small platform for comfort as you walk your small dogs down the Champs Elysees. Featuring leathers in smooth or faux-devilfish finishes, or in embossed patterned suedes, The Paris will attract unrelenting attention. Take notice, John brings back the true pret-a-porter experience!

From the fit experts:

Rebecca, Dustin & Laura from our Chicago store says:
Stunning as always, the Paris is one sexy yet easy to wear heel thanks to cleverly hidden platform and incognito rubber sole. Very true to size in length with a delicate toe box that will need to break in. Stepping up in size is not recommended.

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Posted by Erin from Toronto:
Getting Married In these beauties

Have the burgundy and they are the hottest, most comfortable heels I own. Fit pretty much true to size(I often have to go up a size in vogs), leather is very comfortable and the platform makes all the difference. They cost more than my wedding dress and are more than worth it!
Posted by Johanna from Gatineau, QC:
wicked stepsister moment

These shoes are absolutely gorgeous, but I had a wicked stepsister moment with ordering online. Usually 8 1/2 fits me perfectly, but sadly, these are just not working. Back they go and I hope to do better with a size 9.
Posted by Lisa from Brunei:

I have these in the green ostrich and they are gorgeous, though quite narrow at the front even in a 7 which slips a bit lengthwise. I couldn't resist the devilfish, too, and have just received them... wow, they are so much more comfortable and a much better fit - softer uppers which seem a tad wider and I have them in a 6.5 which fits perfectly. The sole also seems more flexible. they are astonishingly comfortable for heel of this height and the heel is very stable under the foot. Delighted with them :)
Posted by Elize from Seattle:
Too narrow

I coveted these shoes for a long time, so I finally broke down and bought them online. As i wasn't able to get to a store at the time, so I couldn't try them on. When I got them, I realized that although the length was good, they were WAAAY to narrow to wear. Very sad. If you have average to wider feet, make sure to try these on first as chances are they'll be too narrow. X-)
Posted by Zeepom from Winnipeg:
beautiful shoes, a pinch too high for me

Bought these shoes in the speckled beige to wear with a bright purple, turquoise and silver mermaid style gown on the red carpet at Cannes. They complemented it perfectly. These are the highest heels I have ever owned; I am 6'2" in them. They are surprisingly comfortable to walk in... however they become cripplingly uncomfortable to stand around in for a long time. Don't wear them if you are expecting a lineup. If suggestions are appreciated I would say put a larger hidden platform on these to make the heel a bit less extreme. I am forever thankful that these shoes are available in 11s though, as well as most of the Fluevog line. Cheers!
Posted by Anik B. from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada:
I love shoes and I love red...so how happier can I get than when I put on my red Attention Paris pumps? And it is the most interesting shade of red...Can't wait to have the chance to actually wear them in Paris (since they are so comfy)! :-)
Posted by Julia from Texas:
Sexiest Pump Ever!!

I'm in love again, true love for the 16th time. These are the most beautiful pumps I've ever owned. They are the shoes I've searched for my whole life without really knowing what I was looking for, the ones I should have had all along. I have them in Devil Fish Beige and they are simply stunning. Initially I ordered a half size up but they were too big so I exchanged them for my regular 7.5 and they fit perfectly. The round toe box has plenty of room and the leather insole is very nice. The gracefully shaped 4" heel is gorgeous and combined with the light colour make my legs look long and sexy. Nude pumps have been everywhere since Princess Kate started wearing them and this is the perfect Fluevog twist on the trend that makes them timeless. I usually wear Minis but I'm considering another pair of these beauties in another colour. Very, very highly recommended.
Posted by Donna from Ottawa:
Drool Worthy

Love these shoes! Whoever made these shoes knows what the deal is with pumps and what needs to be done to make them tolerable. These shoes are gorgeous. Am I going to gush and say that they feel like slippers on my feet? No. But they are the comfiest heels I've worn by a landslide. They are high though, so I had to practice walking around in them a bit, but the compliments are pouring in (devilfish). I'm a happy camper.
Posted by Kate from Columbus, OH:
Bought these for my wedding

In the end, they didn't end up matching my dress, but I've worn them all over town just the same. It's amazing- for such a high heel, they are very sturdy. I credit the design of the shoe- it puts your weight on your heel vs the ball of your foot AND the fact that the heel of the shoe flares out a bit, so there's more for you to stand on vs teetering on a small point- so I can go all day in these and not come limping home. I've gotten a lot of complements, I did size up a little bit- ordered a 9.5 instead of the 8.5/9 I would wear in other shoes- but that's exactly what I expected as all my other Vogs are similarly sized. Really, a great pair of heels- I will be trying to save up for other colors!
Posted by Sonomagal:
OMG! I'm 52 years old and can actually wear 4in heals again. These are the best design for a high heel I have ever had my feet in. First, I have a bunion and the round toe gives my crooked toes lots of space. The ball has padding, so the shoes are comfortable. And the red is amazing. It's a beautiful, soft, pinkie red which is great against bare skin. Soooo sexy and sooooo 1940's feeling in the red. I did have to go up a full size from my normal street size. So do size UP.

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