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Guide (Blue)
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Guide (Blue)
$299 USD
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Prepares | Guide [Blue]
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The original inspiration behind the Guide was from when John was walking to the Fluevog Design Studio for a meeting, and was confronted by a Girl Guide selling cookies. John, feeling generous (and hungry), decided to buy many boxes of the tasty delicious cookies (the number was never confirmed) to bring back to his trusty, hard working employees. On his walk, his hunger got the best of him, and he started munching happily. First the box of chocolate mints... then the box of coconut cookies... then another box... By the time John got to the Design Studio, he realized he had eaten all of the cookies. He discarded the boxes and removed any evidence of what is now referred to as 'The Great Cookie Massacre.' Unfortunately for John, his story came out in the meeting when everyone remarked on his cookie crumb tie.

Chuckling to himself at the invaluable lesson he learned from his experience, John drew up a sexy ladies shoe that featured thick, soft leathers with pebbled surfaces, custom Fluevog buckles, a 3.5" curved heel, and a 1.5" hidden platform of recycled cork, all on a tunite sole with rubber grips. The uber-modern mary jane Guide provides you with a firm foundation for the challenges ahead (like not eating the entire box of cookies at once without a glass of milk). Prepare for the Future, choose well today.

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From the fit experts:

Karen from our San Francisco (Union Square) store says:
The angle of the toe swoop makes them fit a half size smaller.

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Posted by Kim J from Riverside, IL:
dead & buried

My kids and hubby have been advised that when I die I want to be buried in these shoes! They are the cutest, most comfortable, and sexiest shoes I have ever owned. I would marry them if I wasn't married already.
Posted by Ginty from Port Credit:
Wild Shoes

I have these in the denim and they are quite the funniest shoes I've ever bought. Just recently, within five minutes of each other, I had someone say "I hope you won't be offended, but those are the ugliest shoes I've ever seen" and another say "Those shoes are AMAZING!" Both comments pleased me very much indeed, and I agree with both views. They're very comfortable and downright weird - I love them. @>- (8.5 to 9 in most shoe sizes with fairly wide feet, I bought these in a 9.)
Posted by Lizzy from New York:
Love Them

I just bought the yellow and pink Prepare. That makes number 6 and 7. These shoes are the best. I teach in them all day. My students think they are cool too. I was so happy to see the new colors! Would love to see a deep green color and a whitish suede pair would be great too. I can also imagine a purplish paisley pair too. Keep dreaming up new colors. :
Posted by Jezebelle from Los Angeles:
I must suggest that heeled boots would be a fall/winter dream for us Voggers in the Turquoise shade of the Prepare Guides. Those shoes sold out so quickly in that colour, and nothing brightens up a cold day like a happy & bright pair of aqua boots!
Posted by Miskitta from Canada:
Home run!

I live far far away from any store and take risks with ordering shoes. I have had some not-quites happen, but this shoe nailed it out of the park. It perfectly fits my criteria: comfortable, unique (without having that trying-too-hard-to-be-cool look), flexible with different wardrobe, and a little bit sexy.
Posted by Hazel from New Mexico:

I went into the Haight St. store in SF, while on holiday, to try on another pair of shoes I'd had my eye on forever but walked out in these pieces of sorcery. I have very narrow, very long (size 11) feet and when I saw these on-line I thought they would look clunky on me. In store, Monika said I had to try them on, and they looked just dishy, I felt like a Goddess (as usual when in Fluevogs). The turquoise color is just divine, goes perfect with jeans, bright dresses, and puts that bold spot of color into a black ensemble. They are also way more comfortable than they look (I can wear them through the work day) and I would tell anyone with larger feet to go for these shoes, you will be enchanted by them.
Posted by Lisa from Orlando, Florida:
I just wrote a review that I got an 8.5 and they fit great although I usually wear a 9. That was wrong! LOL.... I actually got a 9.5 and they fit perfect. So I went up half a size, not down. So sorry! I hope I didn't confuse anyone.
Posted by Lisa from Orlando, Florida:
These shoes are 100% amazing. They don't look like they'd be comfy, but I feel like I'm walking on clouds. It's so wild! Also... I wear a size 9 shoe 95% of the time, but I ordered an 8.5 in these (that's all that was left), and they fit perfect. The 9 would have been too big. Hope that helps when you're shopping. Get these! You won't regret it.
Posted by Lizzy:

I own all the colors of these shoes. I live in them. They go with everything and I always get compliments. I just need them to come in MORE cool colors! :-)
Posted by Mary from Atlanta, GA:
Not for the shy

If you're not comfortable having complete strangers stop you to comment on your shoes then Fluevogs are probably not for you. The vegan Guides are my first non-Mini 'Vogs and I couldn't be happier. I found them to be true to size (I'm a 9.5; 8.5 in Zazas, Elifs) and just funky enough to satisfy my shoe love. The true test for me is comfort, though, and these awesome shoes prove yet again why I keep adding Fluevogs to my closet: they feel great. I'm on my feet for five hours or so a stretch at work and they feel just as great at the end of the day as when I put them on. As eye-catching as these shoes are, they were clearly made to be worn. Yep, another pair is definitely in my future.

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