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760 Turbo
Men's shoes
760 Turbo
In the 1990s, John introduced his 240 Wagon series, providing stylish and sturdy footwear for all weather conditions. 20 years later, John decided that the 240s needed an upgrade and set his mind to redesign an already time-proven shoe family. Reminiscent of the reliable Volvo John bought for his young family in 1985 (still running!), John sought inspiration in the boxy and geometrically designed Volvo 760 with inter-cooled turbo.

Using the same tough waxy leathers from the 240s, a square toed last for a wider foot, and 100% vulcanized rubber soles, any style in the 760 Turbo family is all purpose and excellent on ice, snow, and slush. The 760 Turbo F-Sole even retains heat - if left in a warm dry area overnight will give you hours of toasty toes in the winter (don't get us wrong, they're wonderful in milder climates as well). These re-soleable, tough shoes will cover many miles for many years to come.
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