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Guardian Angel
Men's shoes
Guardian Angel
Over the years, John has received many letters of stories from Fluevogers detailing how their Angel Soles have saved them in accidents and mishaps. One hero in particular survived a bus accident, and using his Angel Soles to kick through the window to save the bus driver. Another Fluevoger wrote to John how her Angel Boots saved her leg in a motorcycle accident. John has remarked on these occasions, maybe... just maybe... The Angel Soles somehow enabled our Guardian Angels to do their jobs, and protect us from harm. Taking cues from classic styles, John creates a new modern twist by slimming down the classic Angel Sole, making it lighter and more flexible. Still made from 100% natural latex sole harvested from the Hevea Tree, the tough, resoleable Guardian Angels still recite the famous JF message engraved on the sole: "Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan."
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