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SP12: Memories Keepsake
SP12: Memories Keepsake
A pretty 5" heeled pump for special occasions.

Design Brief Detail

SP12: Memories Keepsake - A pretty 5" heeled pump for special occasions.

Recently, John was cleaning out the Design closet and found a keepsake from long ago - a single heel from seasons' past Memories. Finding this tall, slender heel brought back a flood of memories from when John originally designed the heel. Feeling inspired, and realizing how far he has come since first designing The Memories, John decided to revisit his drawing creating a taller 5" leather wrapped heel on a comfy platform. Feature an almond toe shape, soft veggie-tanned leathers in delicate pleating, and Attention rubber soles, The Keepsakes are both glamorous and understated. "My memories of Love are all of you."

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