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Choice Hi Barbara   -   USD $100.00
Cream - women's 6
Posted by Jen on 2014-Jun-30
Location: San Francisco, CA
I'm super bummed about these. They're so awesome with their little heart heel and they are so comfortable (I've walked miles in them). The studs give them an awesomely edgy feel.

But (there's always a 'but'), they're a tiny bit too short (I really should go up half a size), plus there are shoes I want and would wear more, so on the chopping block they go!

Colour in the modelled photo is more accurate. The colour looks too pure white in the outdoor photos (at least on my screen).

I normally wear a US6 in Bellevues/Radios, 6.5 in Miracles.

Bigger pics on Dropbox! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/arq9ogu7q3j2dj6/AABcQ0cgQTZarVYbZaHVzshta

The price does not include tracked shipping. No Fluevog dust bag, no Fluevog box. I'll pack them in a non-Fluevog fabric bag and ship them in some other sort of box.

I only accept PayPal, or cash if we do an in-person exchange. :)

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