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John Fluevog- Ken Rice 2002 CoutureVogs "Rio"   -   USD $355.00
Natural with handpainted accents - women's 7
Posted by Heather on 2014-Jul-09
Location: Washington, DC

This item has a listing on Ebay, Craigslist or similar

Handmade in Vancouver, Canada, these are a special couture line of Fluevogs that were briefly made in 2002 with John's old pal from the 70s, Ken Rice.

In the 70s Ken Rice and his few employees hand made clogs, sandals, and belts for John's newly begun shoe line sold at his shop in the Gastown area of Vancouver.

Still a shoemaker, Ken Rice operates out of Granville Island, where he is happy to hand make you a pair of clogs similar to these, for upwards of $700 Canadian.

Or there are these babies that need a good home!

Hardly worn, they have a Moroccan feel to them, giving an impossibly cool, bohemian, worldy vibe to any outfit. And they do that 'Vog thing for you, too!

The leather and the stitching show NO wear: the leather still looks brand new on the underside of the vamp, and is waiting for you to mould it to your foot. The liner shows the weensiest bit of wear (pictured), and the soles show less wear than that they would have gotten in one day of wear (also pictured).

Try to find another pair online- just try! These are so rare, and rarer still to find them in this condition. Fluevog offices have confirmed their authenticity, and said they are in amazing condition. No fading, no damage- all yours.

Also will trade for smaller 'Vogs, approx. true size 6. Whatcha got?

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