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Seventh Heaven Angels M-6 / W- 7.5   -   USD $70.00
Green and Burgundy - women's 7 1/2
Posted by Sarah on 2014-Jul-17
Location: Houston, TX
I don't know when these originally sold, sorry. However, they're a gorgeous pair of Seventh Heaven Angels in great condition! They've got five holes and new laces. No major scuffs and they have the SuperVog cushion along the heels.

They were made in Poland and the size inside is listed as a 5. HOWEVER--I think the size might be a UK size, as the measurements I took do not coincide with a size 5. I can get my size 7 1/2 really-wide feet into them easily and I cannot get my feet (or any part of me!) into a size 5 anything.

Measurements are as close as I could get without taking the shoes apart:
Length, toe to heel inside shoe: 9 5/8 inches
Width at widest point inside shoe: 3 3/8 inches

According to the sizing guide I found online, these measurements put the shoes at the following sizes:
Euro: 38
US Men: 6
US Women: 7 1/2

Payment through Paypal. Buyer to pay shipping (no upcharge, promise). I'll email you with shipping options based on your location.

If you have any questions, please shoot me a message!

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