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Posted by Sonia:
Hi! I absolutely love fluevogs! Just wondering when you'll have more size 6 of the tomato coloured Guide heels. I'm a smitten kitten who can't stop daydreaming about them.
Posted by Marie Payerle from Canada:
Search engine

I really wish that when we put a shoe name in the search engine it would bring up more than just what's for sale now. It would be nice if it also searched in the Everyday Fluevog and FlueMarket so we could see what the older vogs looked like. Often I see older vogs mentioned on blogs and facebook pages and would like to be able to access pictures of them.
Posted by Kelly G from Long Beach, NY:
One Lucky Dog

I recently scored a pair of Margies in black and once I had them on, I didn't want to take them off. Well I did and a few days later, while I was straightening up, my puppy decided he loved them, too. He chewed the back and put a few holes in it. Yes, TJ Hooker is lucky that I love him. If not, he'd be panhandling by the pet store. I think the shoemaker can repair my little Margie.
Posted by tapemooch from U.K:
Desire Tutor

How about a men's version of the Desire Tutor shoe,was already to order when noticed it's women only or a unisex version eh,great looking shoe but give the other half of the population a look all the best to all concerned
Posted by Alina from Toronto:
Response Ask

I want to speak a word on behalf of the Ask Response clogs -- I would beg you guys to bring that model back - I've had strangers stop me in four different countries to comment on how amazing these shoes are. I've had people ask me for your website at the San Diego Comic-Con because they wanted those shoes! I was having them fixed and couldn't pick them up on time and when I did I was told that your salespeople had them on their desk so that they could admire them. These were the best shoes EVER!
Posted by Dre from Australia:
Sales :(

Sad day. Your website knows I'm in Australia, so I can't buy sale items. Your mailing list doesn't know I'm in Australia, so it tells me about your sales. Which I can't take part in. Because I live in some stupid country on the other side of the planet where people don't appreciate amazing shoes! Going down the pub for a stubby and a quiet cry now...
Posted by Sara from Toronto:
need some slushy action

Please, please, please and more PLEASE make the Postmodern Slushy with a lower heel!? would ya? huh? huh? please? I am so totally in love with this sandal but I just can't handle the height of the heel. How about a platform where the rise ends up no more than an inch? oh please. I'm actually begging.
Posted by Erik Tews from Santa Cruz:
cycling Fluevogs

how about collaborating with www.retrofitz.com to bring back the coolest pair of clip-in cycling shoes ever Fluevog Clippies!
Posted by Nancy McDermand from Bay Area:

I went to the store in SF to sign up for my free shoes! Remodeling in progress. Sigh. Then, this week in SF again, I went in to the newly remodeled space. Yes, I am not a "young" person (see me on facebook) but your clerks completely ignored me. I have the $$$, I can purchase (and have) your shoes, but I was ignored. There were 2-3 of them. BAD Customer service!
Posted by Shane MacNamara from Portland Oregon:

I've just purchased my first pair of Fluevog's and I'm absolutely in love. The Wagons Josh 8 Motorcycle Boot. They're gorgeous. I'm positively ecstatic. I fear I'm also hooked. I have a new addiction. Hugs~ Shane M~(Female)

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