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Posted by Lisa Marie Lacoste from Montreal:
I finally bough my Fluevov shoes

Very excited, there are so many unique choices. I'm happy. I was looking for boots and got some sandals from clearance. Great website !
Posted by Sasha Gendron from Maine:
A distant admirer

Oh, how your shoes sing with personality. I love how funky and inventive the heel is. I only got to try a pair of your shoes when I was in high school at the Boston store, which was years ago. I hope to some day be lucky enough to have a pair. Your boots are amazing, I hoping to get a pair to wear with my wedding dress. I more excited in Fluevog boots then my own future wedding dress. Keep on creating those funky wonderful shoes. Hopefully some day I'll be, well when I'm a successful artist I will treat my self to some funky foot ware!! Sincerely, A long time admirer
Posted by Fiona from Toronto:
Amazing staff

Hi, I wanted to say that my visit to the Toronto store and purchase of a pair of boots for both my daughter and I today - our first - was the most amazing experience. Heather is a great ambassador of the store and now planning our next purchase!
Posted by Robyn from Manitoba:
miracles medugorge

So often you see a charity linked product where "a portion of profits" go to the charity. Here 50% of retail is promised! Impressive. Might have to buy a pair
Posted by Rosie Tighe from Boone, NC:
Love and a suggestion

I only have one pair of Fluevogs, but i covet so many. I absolutely adore the mini heel, but some of the styles are meh. How about taking some of the vintage styles you're using with the elizabeths and the kitchy kitchy's with a mini heel. I WOULD BUY THEM ALL!
Posted by Karrie Wikman from Florida:
Seattle Store is Stellar!

My husband and I visit the Seattle store, many times as a first stop on our Washington trips. Living where we do in Florida, buying my favorite shoes (works of art/conversation pieces) is difficult and I really appreciate the welcoming environment and helpful staff of the Seattle shop. Thank you!
Posted by Peter from London:

Visited your Toronto store while here on holiday. Loved the boots. When are you opening in London? Wish I had bought the boots I tried on......anyone any idea how much duty / tax I would have to pay to have them sent to the UK?
Posted by B Reece from Washington, D.C.:
Phenomenal service by Catherine Wemette

My husband surprised me with a trip to John Fluevog's newer store in Washington, D.C. I have particular feet (high arches, wide, and I have knee problems) and I thought there was no way Fluevog's would fit me. As soon as we entered, Catherine appeared and heard about my plight. She shared that we were "feet twins" and set about making the two-hour process of trying on pair after pair of shoes (some of my choosing, some of hers) a fun, fun, fun experience. She is so funny and so helpful. I hate to shop but I will be back. Oh, yeah, and thanks to her and John Fluevog (who makes amazing shoes) I walked out with three pair and my husband walked out with one.
Posted by G G from Vancouver Grandville:

I have purchased Fluevog's in Chicago, LA and Minneapolis and have always had great service. I went into the Grandville store twice on 08/16/2013 and was not approached for assistance either time. The store was not busy, just seemed the staff did not think I would be an actual customer. Too bad, not sure I'll be back to any store. I live in Winnipeg and I really enjoyed visiting your stores when I traveled.
Posted by Karen Pickard-Four from Santa Monica CA:
First Purchase

Although I have been in the store many times to look, I had never purchased. I bought 3 pairs today. My salesperson was fantastic! I must have tried on 30 pairs and she was patient and helpful the entire time. Kudos to the Melrose store for excellent staff.

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