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Posted by Robyn from Canada:
Bovine hair

How is this different from bovine leather?
Posted by Denise Scott from u.s.a.:

I was interested in purchasing the Desmond in spotted "painted bovine hair leathers," but am very much an animal rights person and am worried about the use of calf or "bovine" hair. I would like to know how Fluevog goes about obtaining the products, and whether any animals are mistreated in the process.. It would be in the company's best interest to pay attention to, and publically disclose, this information. I bet many Fluevogians would want to know.
Posted by Valya Kolesnik from Winnipeg, Manitoba:
"This is the least comfortable they will ever be"

I was walking around Calgary and I saw these very interesting shoes in a window. I couldn't help but drag my whole family of 6 in there just to look at some of them. I looked around, two store employees asked if I needed help and I refused thinking I wouldn't be buying anything anyways. Little did I know that there was a pair of Worlds Loafers hiding in a dark corner of a sale rack with my size! Those babies fit me like a glove; that's saying something, since I'm a size 10 and have a hard time finding shoes that fit! I have come up with a thousand and one outfits to wear with those shoes since last week when I bought them. Also the message on the bag that I got was very inspiring. The sales man (Sheam) said "Are the comfortable? Because this is the least comfortable they will ever be!" And I knew this wouldn't be my last pair of Fluevog's because if something that stylish could be that comfortable.... It needs to be in my wardrobe.
Posted by Sarah from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada:
I just found my new favorite brand

I just purchased the women's Swordfish boots and they are, hands down, the best boot I've ever owned. These things are INCREDIBLE. They are such great quality and so unique that I am surprised they are not listed at a higher price. This was my first purchase from Fluevog and it will not be my last. I want summer to be over so I can wear these all the time in the cooler season! I purchased these boots from Fluevog online and was also impressed with the fast shipping, reasonable shipping prices, and communication received from staff. Keep up the great work, guys!
Posted by Robert manion from Kingston, ON. Canada:

My wife and I were introduced to Fluevog shoes for the first time last July on a visit to Gastown. We fell in love with the design and feel of the shoes, we purchased four pairs and the staff was excellent. This year we drove from Ontario and accidentally came upon the Calgary Fluevog store. We bought three pairs and the staff was fantastic and up-beat despite the flooding when they were out of work for 5 days. When biking down Granville and I spotted a Fluevog store....I had to go in. When entering the young man with facial hair looked me up and down and, I presume, decided I was not worthy of buying because he did not address myself or my wife. The girl behind the counter did not even make eye contact with us. We have never had such a rude, pom-pus greeting in our lives...especially in a Fluevog store. I wanted to inform them of the number of Fluevog shoes we have purchased but that in a sense would make us like them. It was the morning of Tuesday, July 9th, if I recall correctly. Customer service is so important yet is lacking so often. Had this been our first experience with Fluevog we would never set foot in the store again. Hopefully these employees will be addressed on how to improve their sales skills and to never judge a customer by their attire (bike gear or the latest fashion). I operated my own business for 14 years and word of mouth is the best advertising. We love Vancouver and will return, overall a great trip.
Posted by Salome Qaunaq from Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada:
Thank you

Thanks to my wonderful Fluevogin' friend Terri 6 years ago for introducing me to Fluevog, I order at least 1 pair a year; I look forward to the beautiful personal notes from the shippers as much as the gorgeous shoes. Keep up the amazing work everyone <3
Posted by Tomi from Finland:
Resist Creeper

I really wish that you would make: "Resist | Creeper [Black & Red]" in size 10 (43). (and also: "Hitch Travel Lited Ring" too) Have a good one :-)
Posted by Devon from Nanaimo:
Boots that work well with motorcycles? Please?

I'd *love* it if you'd make some boots that work with riding a motorbike - soles that are sturdy rubber that won't erode quickly with the friction that can go with putting your foot down on pavement - soles that won't slip, and boots that at least cover the ankles... with a heel that's not that big. And ideally, boots that I could also wear both to the office & out dancing!
Posted by Shelley from Calgary, AB:
Love Vog service!

I just broke open my bday gift certificate for a wicked pair of on sale Daily Miracles booties. Store manager Tanya was awesome in her customer service, phoning to find me the right size. I told the staff as we finished the transaction that Vog people never disappoint and go out of their way to help. What a great customer experience! Can't wait to get my booties in the mail!
Posted by jan ween from Houston:
love my Bond Girls

got married in them. want a picture!?

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