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GOT SOME FLUEVOGIN' TO GET OFF YOUR CHEST? Here's your chance! Share your voice, speak your Vogin' mind, tell us how you feel, tell us how your pets feel, tell us how your Fluevogs feel and sign The Fluevog Guest Book (and, please, no vulgar language as Fluevogers vary in age and height).

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Posted by Allison from Montreal, Quebec:
Digging the Bond

I just got my 1st pair of Fluevogs, a brown Bond Girl kickass pair of boots, and am loving them. So much so in fact, that I am sadly clicking through all these beautiful women's shoes I cannot buy...there must be more bigfooted chickies out there willing to buy shoes in size 13, such as I to expand a couple of more feminine models into this size? It's so cruel to see it all avail. just 1 size less than I can stuff my feets into. Tragic. However, you can bet that I'll be back for more bonding at some point in the future. However, a lady, even if she's over 5'10'' tall and such, does like to feel more like a lady once in a while and not a super agent :)
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It is a television show so she may have been more over the top then normal. Her wedding also did not look like a 150,000 wedding. Probably over 50 which is normal for the metro area. coach outlet http://coachoutletr.webs.com/
Posted by Brendan Mann from South Surrey:

So.....I have 10 pairs of Fluevogs, collected over time of course, so hopefully I am an official Fluevoger. Of the 10 pairs, 4 are from the Ronnie line and the Sigurd is the particular favorite (have the crackle boot which is beyond the coolest) I am officially requesting that there is a resurrection of that line because Ronnie can be a formidable force, along with the Angels or course, against Satan. Mine are perilously worn out and my shoe guy keeps looking at me with a "Really" look when I take them to him. If you do them again he will get a pair from me so he understands..... Please.
Posted by nichole from Westchester, NY:
Im a fluevogen and loving it.

I brought my first pair of Fluevog's and I fell in love. First the staff in the LA store hospitality makes you want to purchase more shoes. I love that fact that they carry size 12 and there sheek and stylish. My shoes caught full attention when walking down the street and in the mall. I just love the question "where you get those shoes?". FLUEVOG..... it just sounds sexy, just like my shoes. Already shopping for pair 2 and 3. IM A FLUEVOGEN AND LOVING IT.
Posted by Brad Maybee from Guelph:
Yikes! Not durable

Bought a pair of Television PBS boots in the fall and wore them occasionally for a couple of months. Started wearing them again in the spring and within a month the heels started to separate. Got the heels fixed by local cobbler and now within a month of fairly regular wearing the front part of the sole has worn out and the shoes leak like crazy in just a bit of rain. Too bad. I love the boots and got lots of compliments, but I expected Fluevogs to last longer and get a great patina in the leather. Oh well, lesson learned.
Posted by William Wiggins from Seattle:
Funky but not forgiving

Purchased my first pair of shoes at the store, tried shoe on at home walked around and figured, hey a little snug, maybe I will go a size up. The next day called the store to check to see if they had size up and told immediately no exchanges on sale merchandise for ANY REASON! but al is well I was made welcome to "purchase another pair and sell the other's online'. Needless to say, I will never darken the doorstep of this Nazi retailer again. But great shoe!
Posted by Michele from Cowichan Bay Vancouver Island:

All I can say is WOW. Once again I have had outstanding customer service. I ordered an amazing pair of Red Together Hi Mary Janes last week on Fluevog Day. They arrived in the mail on Tuesday and I LOVE them. Thank you so much. This makes my collection 9 pairs. I bought my 1st pair 20 yrs ago. Keep up the great work.
Posted by Aotearoa from Adelaide:
Love your shoes but your bags? Not so much!

I've never yet been tempted to buy one of the Fluevog bags - I've disliked them ALL ... yet I own dozens of pairs of the shoes. Fluevog elves why don't you check out the Deadly Ponies website in New Zealand? They actually make their beautiful bags (just as witty as Vogs) out of deerskin, and deer are an introduced pest in NZ. It could be a fabulous partnership ...... I mean, anyone who calls his bag Mr Flopalopagus has to be a friend! : )
Posted by Carli from Los Angeles:
Why not keep archives?

I just bought a pair of boots (my 4th vogs) on clearance and I wanted to post it on facebook, but can't find even a picture here on your website. I was lucky enough to get the last pair, but I wanted to show off to my friends with a link to your site and to my new boots. Why don't you have an archive of shoes and boots that are no longer available? It may be a bit of a tease, but it might also help show which might be worth bringing back one day.
Posted by Vincent V from Somewhere between Vancouver and Montréal:
Surgical Shoes

I bought my first pair of Fluevog's in Gastown about an hour before going to the ASC for surgery. I was so excited that I wanted to wear the shoes into the operating room. Of course, a pair of underwear and a hospital gown do not do a three-hundred dollar pair of beauties justice. My aunt suggested that she safe guard them until I was well enough to stand on my own after the drowsy drugs wore off.

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