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GOT SOME FLUEVOGIN' TO GET OFF YOUR CHEST? Here's your chance! Share your voice, speak your Vogin' mind, tell us how you feel, tell us how your pets feel, tell us how your Fluevogs feel and sign The Fluevog Guest Book (and, please, no vulgar language as Fluevogers vary in age and height).

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Posted by Lada from Seattle:
Whatever happens in life...

I am a long-time fun and used to regular compliments on my Fluevogs. The best one just came from my doctor (am 28 weeks pregnant) who spotted me in Mini's: "Those are awesome-looking, pregnancy-perfect shoes. Good choice, dear." You can expect me to show up for delivery in Fluevogs, too. Thank you, John and the team.
Posted by Help me from Alberta:
Hello fluvogaverse, Please ask the fluegod John to set his mind to the iPad. Look at all those ugly iPad cases, none of them match my shoes! It's terrible, my beautiful shoes matched with a lively Vog bag and out comes, well ugly tacky encasement for the other pretty, the iPad. Pretty iPad, splendid bag, stupendous shoes, crappertastic case. So sad. I think a lovely saddlebag leather case...just thinking out loud here. Please help us all to maintain the Vog look even after we open the bag. :-}
Posted by gina from USA:
Pope shoes??

Mr. Fluevog- I would pay the highest price for your version of the "Pope's ruby slippers"-Timing is perfect, no? ....go ahead, it would be the new WWJD bracelet, and maybe just lighten the mood, pop-culture, and historical time-line for a group of millions in the world-....refreshing, reverant humor and flattery are seldom rebuked- gina
Posted by Ginny from Melbourne:

A colour missing from the Fluevog repertoire is beautiful dark purple iris colour. Please bring back the Fiorenza .... in iris! Cheers!
Posted by JUDY:
I have worn your shoes for many years, but find many of the styles now seem too youthful for me. I do not want to appear like I am trying to compete with women half my age. Please see my design entered recently called celestial t strap. I still love fashion, but I wear my skirts a little longer these days.
Posted by Martina Kowalke from Houston:
Bigger please!!!!!

Dear John, I love you!!! since I bought first pair of your shoes 2005.The shoes are too small, but I never sent them back or sold them.Please think about us with big feet. I am 5'11" but still would like to wear high heels!!I would like to wear your shoes, not just look at them( like I do now :-(
Posted by Rita Batiste:

My boyfriend & I flew to Chicago last week and on my birthday Feb. 10th he hands me a bag...I open it...& inside are my first pair of John Fluevogs!!! He had packed them in his suitcase, I had no idea. I received a pair of 'Elizabeth' shoes. I am insanely and passionately IN LOVE with them!!! I wore them to the opera last night and I noticed people giving me second looks to my shoes. I do not want to be away from my Fluevogs & I am considering wearing them to bed tonight!!! Many, many thanks for creating such beautful shoes. Next on my list: the Operetta Malibrans in Wine & the Bellevues Etta Place in Black n' White!!! Can't wait! Much love!!! Rita Batiste
Posted by Anielle Bel Ange:
Guardian Angel Lucas

Merci for the Guardian Angel Lucas shoes. They will always be a reminder of your kindness and love for all humans on the planet, particularly us. Danielle& Michiel & Lucas
Posted by Catherine from Vancouver, BC:

Unemployed and blue, I snuck a peak at the webpage and ended up <cough> 'accidentally' ordering three pairs. Those arrived today, beautifully wrapped in bright blue paper which made it easy for the scattered post office to dig out of the pile ,-) Loved the bags that came with the boots and pumps, LOVED the handwritten note from Emilie at your Quebec store. You make me feel like a Queen!! ]:o) I want to take off my new prepare slouch/volunteer boots, but.. they're so comfortable. I can't!! ?:-) They're so comfortable. with these boots I'm close to 6'1 but have no problems walking at all! Yay!! <3 you guys, thanks
Posted by Karen from NYC:
My new Vogs!

Love, love, love my new Creepers!!! 45 pair and counting. I need no help for my addiction... :-B

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