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Posted by Rob from manitoba:
Comfort for rockers

Just saw Fleetwood Mac. Awesome show. Stevie Nicks still has it in spades, but moving a little more slowly in her sky high heels. Couldn't help but think she'd be more comfy and still rocking it if she was wearing some Fluevogs!
Posted by Kim from Portland, OR:
European Angels

I saw the purple polka dot Angels in an ad the very day they came out in the store - I was soooo excited, ran to Fluevog to try them on and found out they're not in my size, which is 12. Please please please don't deprive us full-footed gals the chance to wear these amazing shoes! Any chance you could make a few pairs in a larger size..... BTW Crystal at the Portland store was awesome!
Posted by shelly from poughkeepsie ny:
fell in love

never had a pair but i happen to look down at my librarians shoes, this beautiful site caught my eye. I fell in love with her shoes the minute i saw them. I have been thinking about them since! Buying a pair soon!!!!
Posted by Dorisa Boggs from on line:
Your shoes run at least a half size small.

I am so disappointed with your shoes. I assumed they would run true to size, since they are so carefully made. I ordered sale shoes online. Big mistake! Now I can only get a store credit on shoes that I will never find in my size anywhere. Your return policy sucks and I will never recommend your shoes to anyone. Since I work in theatre, where your shoes would go over very well, you just lost a lot of business.
Posted by Barbara Guttman from MIAMI beach:
"Give me souls"

Please , MIAMI BEACH needs your soles,miss being able to shop at BOSTON and NEW YORK stores .
Posted by Nancy from Yellowknife:
Rockin' my vlogs in Yellowknife

didn't even have to break in my BBC radio's. Wearing them nearly everyday up here in Yellowknife as the snow struggles to evaporate (Apr 25 and it's snowing again!!). LOVE MY NEW SHOES.
Posted by Pat from Canada:
Too big!!

I have a pair of Bellevues that fit wonderfully well, and have coveted the Paisley boots for a long time. I was thrilled to see them back again, and went to the Granville St. store in anticipation. To my dismay, they are too big!!!! I wear a size 6 in my other Bellevues, and can't understand why these are so much longer. I need a 5 1/2, I guess--do you make them in 5 1/2?
Posted by Beverly from Downers Grove, IL. USA:
Love your Site

I just discovered your shoes via Facebook. I am looking forward to making a visit to your store in Chicago!
Posted by Kathryn from Halifax:
Fluevogs rock.

Just wanted to share my thoughts on my amazing Arresto boots that I bought about a year and a half ago. They are best, most comfortable boots EVER and everyone asks me about them constantly when I wear them because of the design and color weave. They also have a bit of a wider calf than some of your leather boots so fit me better. I cannot find them on your website anymore but love them so much I had to comment. Please make more boots like these!!!! P.S. I do have 6 other Vogs and I love them all!!!
Posted by Kitty May Calhoun from Austin TX:

Put a store in Austin!!!! or at least plan on putting one up in the next couple of years. The people of Austin TX would welcome you with open arms!

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