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Posted by Kathryn from Halifax:
Fluevogs rock.

Just wanted to share my thoughts on my amazing Arresto boots that I bought about a year and a half ago. They are best, most comfortable boots EVER and everyone asks me about them constantly when I wear them because of the design and color weave. They also have a bit of a wider calf than some of your leather boots so fit me better. I cannot find them on your website anymore but love them so much I had to comment. Please make more boots like these!!!! P.S. I do have 6 other Vogs and I love them all!!!
Posted by Kitty May Calhoun from Austin TX:

Put a store in Austin!!!! or at least plan on putting one up in the next couple of years. The people of Austin TX would welcome you with open arms!
Posted by joanne from detroit:
Id really like to see some very soft chukka boots in soft material-- like the clarks desert boots. For women of course. I have your shoes and boots from the NYC store and always pick another pair. Keep the sales coming bec im more apt to get a new pair
Posted by Misty Brunton from New Zealand:
I have been searching for the right pair of boots for ages! I saw them on your website and knew immediately they were the ones. It is always a risk buying shoes online, but after some fantastic service from your girls at the Portland store and very quick delivery I could not be happier! They fit perfectly, are very comfy and look great! Thanks so much.
Posted by Don from Farinda, Kansas:
Ebay Treasure

I was looking for Motorcycle boots on Ebay and I came across my first pair of Fluevog boots. They were baby blue and I fell in love. I lost the auction but scanned Ebay for the next two years waiting for another pair. I bid and won a pair of Angel boots and I love, love, love them.
Posted by Suzanne from Minneapolis:
A true Vogger wants DOLLFACE back

I love DOLLFACE. It is a must have and seeing that I have been introduced to Fluevogs since he came to Minneapolis I missed out. I don't care what color John reintroduces them in, they will be mine. Is there a possibility we will see DOLLFACE again? Drooling over them in Minneapolis. Oh, and by the way, I met John at the grand opening of his new store in Minneapolis. What a charming man, a rock star, a class act. Lovely party and fabulous store. I own 14 pairs since December 2012. I am a true Vogger.
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Posted by Sylvie from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec:
I just received my Arabella shoes and I am already in love. Thanks to Dominique, from your Québec city store, who added a nice personal hand-written note in the box. Merci!!!!
Posted by pixelpop from australia:
lucky as

ohh i am so excited. i have just bought a pair of Lover boots for $75 on ebay, worn a couple of times only! i don't have them yet but i am already drooling. this could be the start of a dangerous love affair - sounds exciting!

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