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Posted by Christina Ageljic from Red Deer, Alberta:

I am sincerely devoted to your shoes I have been wearing shoes from your company since 1983 and I get positive comments all the time and asking me where are they from. I really wish you consider opening a store in Red Deer Alberta. I know that it would do very well here. Please come to Red Deer AB
Posted by Elle from Chicago:

Please make the future angel shoe for women. My friend at work is lucky enough to be able to fit a men's 7. Unfortunately, I am not!! Please consider making it for women, nothing else compares. Meanwhile, I will still be loving your shoes and will forever be envious of my friend at work.
Posted by Sadie from Richmond, VA:

Someone once told me, 'I could buy 4 pairs of shoes for the price of one pair of Fluevogs,' to which I answered, 'And then you would have 4 pairs of shoes, none of which are Fluevogs.'
Posted by Heather from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:
Whether you're in Dundas square, or on Parliament Hill, These shoes really look great. I've counted 6 heads turn already. Not including my own. Best buy ever !!!
Posted by Camis from San Antonio:
LOVE my AWESOME new ORANGE Prepare Volunteer boots

Got my new Prepare Volunteer boots a couple of weeks ago. The color is absolutely fabulous (it actually goes very well with a new hobo bag from another company not to mention most of my wardrobe). I wore them for the first time up to Austin to a meeting and could tell that all could see the power emanating from me. I planned to wear them to another such meeting in D.C. the following week, but lo and behold,the heel just plumb fell off the right boot. So, they had to stay home and go to the shoe hospital after only one wearing and missed a great time in our nation's capital. :-(. Even sadder, they kept company with an older pair that had suffered a similar ignominious beginning. Both pairs asked me to say, "Please Johnny, make our heels stick on better!! We don't like missing the fun!" I just got them back and we're going out on the town tomorrow. Flame on FlueVOGGERS and always VOLUNTEER to be PREPARED!!
Posted by Michele from Aiea:
Love the Marketplace

THANK YOU so much for creating the FlueMarket. I live where Fluevogs are not sold and cherish the Fluevies that I have picked up when traveling. The very best loafer for my foot shape (Hope, Bright Side) was discontinued (and sold out in basic black) before I had even seen them! My purple pair gets worn so much but doesn't always match my outfits .... Now after months of searching I finally received them in black - thanks to the market. The seller has been lovely and the shoes are exactly what I wanted. Love you, Fluevog!
Posted by Suzanne from Minneapolis:
Bring them back home

Oh my gosh, you must bring back DOLLFACE and ROCKABILLY. They are fantastic as are all of John Fluevog's unique stylish and "not vanilla" footwear. I am a vogger forever.
Posted by Lada from Seattle:
Whatever happens in life...

I am a long-time fun and used to regular compliments on my Fluevogs. The best one just came from my doctor (am 28 weeks pregnant) who spotted me in Mini's: "Those are awesome-looking, pregnancy-perfect shoes. Good choice, dear." You can expect me to show up for delivery in Fluevogs, too. Thank you, John and the team.
Posted by Help me from Alberta:
Hello fluvogaverse, Please ask the fluegod John to set his mind to the iPad. Look at all those ugly iPad cases, none of them match my shoes! It's terrible, my beautiful shoes matched with a lively Vog bag and out comes, well ugly tacky encasement for the other pretty, the iPad. Pretty iPad, splendid bag, stupendous shoes, crappertastic case. So sad. I think a lovely saddlebag leather case...just thinking out loud here. Please help us all to maintain the Vog look even after we open the bag. :-}
Posted by gina from USA:
Pope shoes??

Mr. Fluevog- I would pay the highest price for your version of the "Pope's ruby slippers"-Timing is perfect, no? ....go ahead, it would be the new WWJD bracelet, and maybe just lighten the mood, pop-culture, and historical time-line for a group of millions in the world-....refreshing, reverant humor and flattery are seldom rebuked- gina

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