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Posted by Sherri C from Near Philly:
You have SPOILED my feet!

:-O The numbers in my "collection" keep growing. I love the support I get from people like Ali in NYC to ensure I get the correct size. I noticed someone here on the guestbook was not happy, and I hope he let someone know what shoe made him so disgruntled because there are just soooo many fantastic shoes from Fluevog. I have to say, I have been very partial to my shoes made in Mexico (FRONTIERs), however there have not been any lately added to that family so I am now on my second F-shoes (Cece and Bing) and just love the bounce in my soul/sole!!
Posted by Janet from Phoenix, AZ:
Genevieve... you ROCK my world!

Ok. So this guy I work with turned me on to Fluevogs and I fell in love with the Electric Blue Genevieve and HAD to have them. They are mine now, and when I wear them I feel like a rock star... SERIOUSLY sexy, TOTALLY comfortable, and ALWAYS the attention grabber... these boots are heaven to my soul. And my soles are in heaven. Thank you John Fluevog. @>-
Posted by Robin from CA Bay Area:
Larger Sizes Please!

Like several others, I'd like to see some of these wonderful shoes in larger sizes. I'm typically a size 11, but notice that FV shoes run small. I've managed to squeeze into a size 12 mini lover boot, but really wanted the boom booms and a few other shoes. Please, PLEASE add larger sizes soon. Those of us with large feet still want to be fashionable soles!
Posted by Dave Hanson from Calgafry:
JF Shoes

These are the worst garbage shoes I have EVER wasted $300 on. I have $69 shoes from the Bay that lasted longer and felt better. Very disappointed. I hope you enjoy the money for the one and only sale you will ever have from me. what garbage!
Posted by Gabrielle from United States:
Ida Lupino

I just had a brainstorm that I have to share! I noticed that some are named after famous and infamous women so I'd like to nominate Ida Lupino as a future Fluevog heroine. She started out as a hard boiled B-movie actress then later became and early female director. I love your shoes and have more than i can afford but I still want more.
Posted by Todd from New York City:
Excellent Staff

Thanks to the likable and service minded staff at your New York store, I was able to find satisfaction with a beloved, but flawed pair of wessex boots. There was a squeak/quack-alien noise in the left boot that even an expensive overhaul by Drago's cobblers couldn't fix, and instead of deflecting the issue back to the customer, the gracious blonde rock star stood by while I dug my way into a size smaller version. (Not childbirth, but, whew!) Anyway, the shoe fits and is stealthy and catlike, not to mention fabulous, which is why I keep comin' back!

Got a pair of Future Angel Charles about 7 years ago from the Queen street store in Toronto. The service was great and the shoes are still fantastic. I wear them about 40 days every year and always get great comments from my co workers and freinds.Please add a retail store in either Burlington or Oakville as I cant stand the traffic in Toronto. ,-)
Posted by Celeste from San Francisco, CA:
Please make me an amazing grey boot!!

I love, love, love Fluevogs! I have 5 pairs of vogs and my collection is growing!! I recently purchased the black Hopeful Kanawas and they are the most amazing boot ever made. Would you consider making these in a grey leather or suede? I have been looking everywhere for an incredible sexy grey boot and there are none to be found. If Fluevog could make them I might faint!!
Posted by Suzanne from Minneapolis:
From one Vogger to another

Let me begin by saying that I LOVE FLUEVOG shoes. I am the proud owner of 8 new pairs since Christmas and still looking. Your new spring line is wonderful and I just bought the Bees Knees and Boom Boom LIZ is next. My comment is: I want the MINI DOLLFACE Leather Pumps in the worst way. They are stupendous! I found them on eBay in a 7.5 but I need a 9. Darn! Do you think they will ever come back, even if it is in a different color (although I love the cherry)? I would snap them up in a nannosecond. I'm an addicted vogger and never been happier. I have happy feet.
Posted by Carli from Winnipeg:
Oh fluevog, my fluevog...

I'm an addict. I met my dealer by accident, stumbled across the store one day and found my mecca. Now, i call her regularly to get my fix. I can't live without your shoes!

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