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Posted by Ardeshir Baiki from Vavuniya, Sri Lanka:
Love my Fluevogs

In my line of work, I have worked in some difficult places, have been in the cross fires of civil wars... but nothing has compared to being in a hut in the jungles of Sri Lanka, turning to the door... and seeing a dog grab one of my John Fluevog boots and taking off into the jungle. I gave barefoot chase and got my boot back... that dog will think twice about taking such action again!
Posted by Valerie from Iowa:
So happy to have found you :D

I was in Portland this past weekend...and I was eating lunch at a cafe. I asked the waiter "what is that place across the street?" He had a smile from ear to ear and said it was the best place for shoes...very unique ....I couldn't help but finish quickly and run across the street. I was helped by two wonderful women there....I had so much fun and walked out the door with my first pair of Genevieve in black. They feel so wonderful on my feet and I just LOVE THEM :D I will be back for more. Thank you for letting some of the fun out that I had inside....shoes are wonderful at expressing the way I see the world....and at times when the world seems a bit dull ...I look down and smile... Thank you :-D
Posted by Heather from Victoria, BC:
Adriana Luna - Size 12 PLEASE

I have impossible long skinny feet. I found the Fluevog store in Vancouver and tried on these boots. They are PERFECT except that the 11 is a little bit small. Please make them in size 12! If your shoes fit me, you'll have a Fluevog customer for life!
Posted by Randee Laikind from Massachusetts:
please make me more shoes!!!

So I love Restraint Donald ( Is that a message for Donald Trump to show restraint?)and Twin Turbine but I am a female. Why can't john make these in smaller sizes too. I would really be sooo happy if he did...please..
Posted by LM:
I really wish

That the Velasquez still came in burgundy!! (:`(
Posted by jao from nyc:
your "generic holiday message" made me laugh out loud (admittedly, thanksgiving left me pretty punchy). thanks for being so super, guys.
Posted by chris from st. catharines, ontario:
Boot Caddy from Boot Bag!

I just got the Adrian Lunas and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. To keep them is great shape, I used John's boot bag (lovingly sent along with the boots), and made a boot caddy! Check out the instructions and photos on my blog! Feel free to do the same for your boots! www.chrisseamscreative.blogspot.com
Posted by Valerie from Washington DC:
always ever

www.fluevog.com: while I have always been a shoe lover, I have never ever just browsed a website over and over. I don't get bored looking (art!) and when something new appears, it's christmas. and now you've come to DC. Pinch ME!
Posted by Kate Smith from Connecticut:
If I had one wish...

it would be that the Countess Olivia boot came back. In pink. I could die happy then! Considering putting Fluevog in my books so I can claim them as a tax deduction! Thank you for footwear of such fabulosity!
Posted by Eric Aaron from New Jersey:
The Hell with the Rest.....

Been rocking Fluvees for years and will never give them up. Just get better every year. Worth every penny! Fluevog 4 Life!!!

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